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Cedar Point to remove Disaster Transport & Space Spiral for B&M Wing

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^ Being official "first riders" isn't going to mean as much, then, since anyone can join a coaster club and ride it even earlier.

The proceeds from the "first riders" go to a good cause, and means much more to the beneficiaries than most of us can probably fathom.

Of course it's great that charities can benefit from the "first" seats. Hopefully the "open" media day doesn't reduce enthusiasm for that auction.
It has not reduced enthusiasm in the past, I doubt it will now.
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Here are the pictures and quotes from the blog on Cedar Point's website.


The oval in the center will contain the Gatekeeper sign as well as plants and seating around it. Sun shades will also allow you to relax and enjoy the view of the beach, Wicked Twister and of course, that big, new coaster to the right. ;)

But let's fly above...


This view shows you the general entrance area. You'll enter the ride on the right, and follow the queue along the beach. You'll see more sun shades over that queue line as well.

And as we fly a little higher...


Now you see the overall plaza. More sun shades near the food stands (we're finalizing what will be there) and the ride's exit/gift shop are now visible.

While renderings always show us a preview of what it will look like conceptually, the real thing is ALWAYS more breathtaking.

I'm glad there will be true sunshades over Gatekeeper's queue, unlike Firehawk's solitary triangles that offer very little, if any, shade. Also note, there will be a gift shop at the exit of the ride.

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It said in the Pointcast that they have the slow wheels on right now and will switch them out later. I don't know how much of an increase in speed that will result in, but it will be going faster when the season starts.

Also, I thought it was really cool how Gatekeeper looked when you are looking straight at Pinks. I wonder if they had that in mind when they chose the restaurant location? :)

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Posted on Cedar Point's Facebook page today:

"Good morning! Today's fun fact: Gatekeeper does NOT go backwards. ;)"

That is correct - but someday, some company will design a racing coaster with one side going backwards, and they'll brag like it's totally new concept that they thought of - forgetting poor King's Island and the coaster that re-ignited the interest in coasters, and the times once side of it traveled in reverse.

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