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Cedar Point to remove Disaster Transport & Space Spiral for B&M Wing

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Last night was probly the best night so far. I've never seen the park so dead (pun intended). Every coaster was a a walk on the entire night except for Dragster which was only a couple feet out of the station and Millennium which was at the end of the unload station. I walked right onto Maverick before closing. I rode Skyhawk and maXair several times without getting off. The haunt attractions were about 15 minutes all night.

The weather was perfect too. No wind at all so the fog stayed in its location all night and it was perfect hoodie and jeans weather without feeling too warm or cold.

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That area of the park looks great. I was there last night and its amazing how different it was. I never realized how much space Disaster Transport took up. It looks much better without Space Spiral too.

Speak for yourself! Some of us see an awkward hole in the skyline.

I walked right onto Maverick before closing.

How is Maverick with the pirates underneath it?

In other news Troika has been freed and is now operational.

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