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Cedar Point to remove Disaster Transport & Space Spiral for B&M Wing

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A different video:

I concur with FTW. It was sad to watch, but on the flip side, at least it will be getting replaced. I wonder if anyone at the Point had a tear in their eye watching it fall.

I really would have liked to see the damage on the cabin and tower!

EDIT: Nevermind. The damage was in the link Maverick sent above.

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While I could tell it was an authentic video, I too was VERY surprised that they removed it that way. I thought they would, at minimum, disassemble the passenger compartment on the ground before dropping the tower... and I figured that would have been done with a crane and torch as opposed to a shape charge.

If you take took the passenger cabin off at ground level, you'd have the problem of the counterweight dropping from the top. By keeping the counterweight at the bottom (and the cabin at the top), they only had to worry about one heavy object falling to the ground during demo. Notice that the cabin moves upward and actually strikes the top of the tower, as it's still being pulled by its counterweight while it falls. Since they knew exactly where the cabin would impact the ground, at the top of the tower, they dug a hole there to soften the impact.

Removing the cabin/counterweight before demolition would have been dangerous work at the midpoint of the tower, 150ft up. I imagine it was much cheaper to simply drop it intact in a predictable fashion.

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Score one for those who don't want any family rides at CP.

What does that make Calypso, Matterhorn, Skyride, Carousels, Troika, Antique and Cadillac Cars, CP&LE Railroad, Iron Dragon, Giant Wheel, Tilt-A-Whirl, Dodgem, Cedar Downs, Ocean Motion, Scrambler, and Super Himalaya?

There are many more options than just Space Spiral and Disaster Transport. The rides listed above have better uptime than did Space Spiral anyways.

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I agree that the family rides are disappearing, but Cedar Point has to continue to upgrade their rides to be the best roller coaster park in the world. There are other parks that you can get the "family" experience.

One of the comments from the uploader of the "Best View" video. I guess he and other "thrill seekers" don't realize the families are the biggest revenue for the Point and big expenditures, especially ROLLER COASTERS, are erected via that revenue.

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That video was just great, and the soundtrack really brings out emotion. :rolleyes:(I actually want to watch it again!) Of course it's a ride I never got to ride, and my annual CP trip came a little late for that this year...although I DID go three days before the Spiral fell...

EDIT: The song used in that video (for the first half and very end before the credits) was actually the soundtrack that played on CP's WindSeeker when I rode it on 9/09! Go figure... :lol:

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