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Cedar Point to remove Disaster Transport & Space Spiral for B&M Wing

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It needs to be updated. Their season pass pictures are absolutely terrible.

Compared to my 6F thrill pass photo, my CP pass photo is way better. 6F used a monochrome image with what seems like six pixels per square cm.

Compared to my Dollywood pass photo, they are about the same quality. (CF and DW)

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I have a "...really?" look on my face in my current driver license picture. Probably wasn't too happy about being stuck with the inch-long gash on my forehead on my driver license until 2016. I forget what I busted my forehead open with, but I've always been a bit clumsy.

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Wingriders aren't objectively poor quality coasters. They're standard fare from B&M with unique seating. For some people, that is epic, and for others, it's not.

Wild Eagle isn't crazy intense (though the first drop and zero-G are surprisingly pleasant in the last row), but I personally enjoyed it, even though I'm rarely excited by B&M's. I'm not super psyched about Gatekeeper, but I think it'll be worth a ride.

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I like the pine tree tradition...

"The tree is the key symbol and it is not, as many might suppose, a holiday touch. In the high-steel trade, it announces that the construction has reached the sky without loss of life or serious injury. And it is meant to auger well for the future inhabitants of the building."

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