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Cedar Point to remove Disaster Transport & Space Spiral for B&M Wing

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Terp, while I agree most would be huffing, puffing and snickering. I am still not the a fan of parking lot coasters, i.e. Intimidator at Carowinds (I do like Dominator at KD), I feel that Gatekeeper will give a better experience than the typical parking lot coaster. Gatekeeper, will make riders feel like they're going somewhere, passing the beach, passing over the main entrance, close to Blue Streak, etc. where as the typical parking lot coaster wraps just around the parking lot and the returning track passes by the same track the riders were just on. I know that Gatekeeper will do a little bit of both, but feel I think it'll be a much different experience having the fly-throughs and inversions.

Might I also add that they are actually putting GRASS under the ride.

But then again, those were just renderings...

From what I was told when I did a construction tour , there will be grass in the areas that were not in the parking lot portion (over by the old premium parking area).

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I don't like the monolith, hopefully it will look better in real life. Also, that new plaza will be quite toasty in the summer.

Reminds me a bit like 2001: A Space Odyssey

But it's really not hokey at all - it's very elegant!

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Gatekeeper is a parking lot coaster!!! Kingda Ka has grass under it, and a phenomenal parking lot view on the way down.......See also Steel Force and Afterburn.

--Beatle, avoiding any discussion of Indiana Beach.


This is a parking lot coaster.


Gatekeeper is not even comparable to bland, un-original coasters, like this.

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If CP does it the right way, GK will not be a parking lot coaster as accurately defined in the pic above.

But we really will not know until June. New landscape projects similar to what is needed for GK are almost certain to die if done prior to Memorial Day on the southern shores of Lake Erie.

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Gatekeeper may fall into the category of a "Parking Lot Coaster" but it's the most absolutely stunning Parking Lot Coaster I've ever seen. After seeing some of the most recent pictures showing the completed Key Hole Loop I'm certain that choosing this specific coaster and incorporating it into the front gate of the park will prove to be one of the best decisions made by the park in years. With the lift on the beach, the flyover through the keyhole doubling as the entrance to the park, and the grassy tree lined turn around, it's really not much more a Parking Lot Coaster than say Magnum or Gemini.

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