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Son of Beast roller coaster to be removed

Guest KingsIslandPR

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About #@$*(*& time. :P

The Wikipedian in me is mostly surprised that the Son of Beast Wikipedia article hasn't been overrun with vandalism yet. It has been edited only six times in the two or so hours since the announcement, and all of those edits have been constructive edits (one was me adding an additional source).

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I guess we all knew this was coming, The end of Son of Beast as we know it. Everybody did not want this to be done but Whatever is in the parks best interest is what needed to be done and what was done. I would like for Kings Island to give out (sell) peices of wood from Son of Beast, and it would give it's last supporting fans one last memory of the ride. As the curtains close and the wood starts to crumble there is only one last thing to say, That was a hell of an SOB and one hell of a ride. RIP Son of Beast.

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Seems like the old posts of people walking around saying, "That announcement won't be made for a few months," may have had weight to it.

I am happy that a decision was made, it will free a lot of land and will hopefully lead to an Action Zone revamp/expansion.

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I just hope Flight Deck isn't on the chopping block for this future expansion.

I hope the removal doesn't disrupt business as usual for Flight Deck or Adventure Express.

If the coaster isn't completely demolished before the start of the 2013 season, I could see it being an interuption towards Flight Deck/Adventure Express operation, But that would depend on when they take down the parts of the ride that come close to FD/AE.

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An interesting thought I had...

Kings Island, with Son of Beast, could boast 22,571 feet of wooden coaster track between Beast, SOB, Red Racer, Blue Racer, and Woodstock Express. This was a world record. Without SOB it is down to 15,539. I thought "does Kings Island still have this world record?", here's how some other parks stack up (most are known for their wooden coasters):

Kennywood, 3 woodies, 1 racing: 9,519 feet

Holiday World, 3 woodies: 13,284 feet

Kings Dominion, 4 woodies, 1 racing: 11,060 feet

Canada's Wonderland, 3 woodies: 8,334 feet

Six Flags Great Adventure, 2 woodies, 1 racing: 10,800 feet

Six Flags Great America, 3 woodies, 1 racing: 13,458 feet

Six Flags St. Louis, 3 woodies: 11,636 feet

Six Flags Magic Mountain, 2 woodies, 1 racing: 11,527 feet

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, 5 woodies (!), 1 racing: 14,562 feet

Well, I can't really think of any other park that has a lot of long wooden coasters, or a bunch of them (if you can, please tell me so I can look them up)...looks like Kings Island's world record remains so...just not nearly by as much as before. I guess when you have the world's longest wooden coaster (The Beast) and a long wooden racing coaster (Racer), you're bound to have a LOT of wooden coaster track, eh? :P

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