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Paramount Park Design and Entertainment?


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I remember hearing a while back that Paramount Parks Design and Entertainment department was closed or scaled down. Does anyone else remember hearing this? As far as I can tell, PPDE is still in charge of the theming and design of new attractions. Or am I just simply thinking that PPDE is no longer in control of designing the shows for the parks because they now outsource that? The reason I ask is I interviewed an architect today, who helped design Flight of Fear (she helped design the station, the UFO and the inside of the hanger). Any way, she no left to pursue residential architecture, and she said during the interview that Paramount Parks no longer has an inhouse design team. Does anyone care to shed some light on this subject if you know anything?

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I must have been thinking about the entertainment. Don`t you mean that the entertainment is no longer in house? PPDE is part of Paramount Parks, so if they aren`t doing the shows, then it would be outside and not in house. Yeah, I guess they are still around, just not dealing with the shows and entertainment anymore. Technifex worked with PPDE on TR:TR. I don`t know if Technifex is involved with IJST, or if PPDE is, but it seems like it woould be since it is still around apparantly.

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