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First Dive-in Movie at Soak City


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^^ Urine in a pool is hardly an abnormal event, and Tidal Wave Bay is huge. Most of it was apparently closed, so any increased "contamination" might have been offset by fewer bathers.

They take water chemistry seriously, for good reason. It's quite certain that it was within safe parameters at all times the pool was open - before, during, and after this event.

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I just put a TV on my sink and sat in my full tub pretending I was at the event. I even got out and was happy to find my space when I returned. I didn't see one unhappy customer either. Rocked back and forth a few times to get the waves going.

I for one...will be returning.

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Guest Department47

The idea was proposed to blow a whistle every fifteen minutes or so, cycling through the guests in the wave pool and replacing them with new ones. I feel like that would actually create a bigger problem and a worse public relations situation - guests go to watch a movie, and barely watch a scene or two before there's an obnoxious whistle noise, blocking out the movie's sound, and they're kicked out of the pool? That just seems like a horrid idea.

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