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Drop Tower? (update: now open!)


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So a "Ride Associate" ( the source didnt want me to tell who he/she was) told me that before opening day, they had ordered cables for Drop Tower, but right before opening day, they had decided that they didnt like the cables. So, they decided to order new ones from a different company. So that took a long time. But yesterday, they had already replaced two out of the four cables. AND i figured out what the big whatevers did. They were the steel couplers or whatever you call them that held the cables to the catch car. (Shocks?) They were not the shocks under the gondola. But there were only two whatevers on the ground and two of them were holding cables! :) :) :) But of course, now its running, so i am a bit late on posting this.

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Not sure how I feel about them using non Intamin parts on Drop Tower if that's true. Sometimes its not good to use aftermarket parts.

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I'm not sure which part they replaced. The word on the street was that it was part of the motor, but it's also apparent that the cables were installed yesterday too. Regardless, I'm sure that they either used Intamin parts, or parts that Intamin recommended. You have to remember that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of parts to each ride that were not manufactured by the ride maker.

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