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Thunderbird has launched!

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Front-row seat for the announcement. I'm on 3G and don't want to turn on Wi-Fi, so don't expect much posting from me until I get to my hotel.

Also, a deer just ran through the construction area.

Transmitted from Wild Space via my datapad's DROID brain

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Since HW is mentioning "New World" on the video, has anyone given thought to this being a $(?) mil coaster and $(?) mil ride upgrade to start a "New World" in Thanksgiving?

No. Holiday World said it was one attraction - unless I am remembering wrong.

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I'm confused. Is it 8:00, 8:15, or 8:30?

does it matter?

Yes, actually. I got it all set up because I thought it was now. Then I see 8:15. But I also see 8:30. I don't want to miss it.

8:15 the live feed kicks on with trivia, games, and no doubt a few speeches. Announcement to follow at 8:30.

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