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2019 Coaster?


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I'd say that Cedar Fair has a five year plan for what they are going to build and where. Does that mean that's what they end up building? No. Budgets, attendance, and a lot of other factors can change things. But I'd be surprised if they didn't at least have an idea what they were planning that far out. I would say that from the initial discussions with B&M to ride opening on a ride like Banshee there would have to be at least a 2-3 year period, so its not much of a stretch to say they'd know what they were wanting to do in 2019.

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The part of me that appreciates history says HECK NO! The part of me that appreciates thrilling roller coasters says maybe... But I think the part that appreciates history wins there. Thrilling coasters can always be built without harming the classics.

Either way, I think we could learn to take some of those changes in Stride. The coasters might even get a little more Soul.

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