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  1. Actually, I find them good roasted as you would a turkey. And it's odd that they're protected there... Here in Canada we hunt them in the fall, open season is start of September to mid December, daily bag limit of 5 a person.
  2. If one has purchased it in advance, where can one redeem it?
  3. In other corners of the internet I'm seeing a lot of "Great, less people in line with me" posts, but aren't some of those people going to end up being the people who don't get to attend???
  4. Fantastic!!! I really, really like these...
  5. Very glad to hear this!!! Always nice to see a "last-of" get a new life
  6. This hits the nail on the head for Wonderland... Thanksgiving is the 2nd Monday in October... The demarcation line for the start of the 'Christmas Season' in Canada is the day after Remembrance Day. Play a carol before then and people lose their minds, but after November 11th, everyone shifts to Christmas mode... That and the first year Wonderland did Winterfest it was way, way, way more popular than anyone expected, so after being shut down for May and June, they weren't going to miss the chance to make some extra money in November...
  7. If you want a Gerstlauer Sky Roller, there's one in the chain that will wouldn't be missed if you relocate it, it's one of the least popular flats they have...
  8. A Mondial Top Scan would be great... And a Huss Jump^2 would be nothing but a constant maintenance nightmare... It's a fun ride, but the existing one is down for maintenance more than it's working, and to try to reduce problems, some of the gondolas don't spin anymore and the ride cycle has been repeatedly nerfed... I think a Gerstlauer Sky Fly would be fun...
  9. The park is removing the seldom used Kingswood Music Theatre, the 15000 seat music venue that sits empty most of the time. Was very busy with good concerts (and some big names) back in the day, but the opening of a similar venue more conveniently located to the population of the city pretty much rendered it obsolete. It's a nice chunk of land between Behemoth and the parking lot. Currently has it's own gate that they only use for cultural/school events in Kingswood itself. Nothing official (lots of speculation, mostly of the "I think they're getting a (insert posters most-wanted coaster)" variety... Anyway, they've now got a nice chunk of land to plan for going forward...
  10. I'd like to a coaster done with that glow-in-the-dark paint...
  11. They could be very, very uncomfortable... I learned on the TOGO standups, the 'seat' shouldn't have been used to support weight, if you used it as a seat, the ride was going to be like getting a prostate exam from a bicycle seat...
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