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Decoding Episode II: Rivertown 2017 and the Falling Trees


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Everyone skipped over me here. Could those I-beams be used for the station as well?


Could they? Sure, anything is possible.  It is likely?  I highly doubt it.  As others have mentioned many pages back anything that can be fabricated off-site is the preferred method from a cost/quality/control standpoint.  Raw steel work on-site is not ideal, usually that stuff shows up ready to bolt together.


Also, there would likely be different sub-contractors doing station assembly.  The chance they are sharing raw materials is slim.

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They've got a woodchipper in use, back by the train station. I'll get a few more pictures before posting. Currently waiting in the train station.

If any of y'all are here right now, I'm the the girl with a rainbow Kings Island shirt on, with a pink and blue striped backpack.

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It's also important to realize that the park's teasing is not solely a Don effort. His staff, other departments, are also involved. It'd be correct to say it's a collaborative effort.

Maybe he'd be more comfortable with "Kings Island, throw us a bone." At the end of the day, it's about marketing the park, not marketing Don.

See also Jeff Seibert.

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Everyone skipped over me here. Could those I-beams be used for the station as well?

I believe that all of the i-beams are for the retainer wall being built alongside the pond.

This new construction appears to me to be a path/road for heavier crane equipment to be brought closer to the woods.

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Here are the pictures I promised!

The woodchipper.


Some other stuff.


Some tree stumps.


The Cardinal Tree Service truck.


Big machine-y thing.


More machinery.




Some clearing.




More clearing.


The machinery from the WWC queue.


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Edit: Sorry to post so many pictures in one go.

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Since everyone is talking about the train spielers, my personal feeling is that I could do without them altogether. I've only ridden the train twice this year but both times it was excruciating to listen to them, just terrible. Cheesy, bad jokes, uninteresting (and misleading) statements. I got the feeling that the other park guests felt the same way. It really took away from the ride experience. Just play the music and blow the whistle every now and then. If you need to tell a story, play a recording.

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Official policy as printed on the park map and various signs around KI:

"Photos & Videos – The taking of pictures and video while riding any of the attractions except for the Eiffel Tower and K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad is strictly prohibited at Kings Island. Guests taking pictures or video while riding may be asked to leave the park with no refund and given a misdemeanor under O.R.C. 1711.551."

As for when it started... Dunno? 1972?

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