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Decoding Episode II: Rivertown 2017 and the Falling Trees


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Sitting on the 2nd to last seat on the train and talking to the employee about the new coaster. She said "they said it's suppose to be kind of like SOB but shorter" then gave the zipping her lips sign. Who knows though lol. Just bummed I have to go back to work tomorrow night and will miss the announcement.

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There is no way every single one of these clues will make perfect sense once they announce the name. They are too random. I think they are stretching on some of the clues.

Look at Banshee for example; Scarecrows, owls, etc. Diamondback as well, with all the wild western themed things and how we thought it was going to be "Mustang."

I say very few of these teases will mean anything when it's announced in 25 HOURS AND 15 MINUTES!!!!

Well, with Banshee, there were 7 owls accounting for 7 inversions. Owls are nocturnal, and evidently so is our Banshee.

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Totally off topic but I was just over on the Cedar Point site and saw this................


Please note: Snake River Falls will close for the season on Sunday, September 7.


Now I know that its at the end of the season but  there is nothing saying Thunder Canyon is closing on a date......Anyone heard anything?


Sorry I am off Topic.

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The green stuff they have around the podium almost looks a little bit like the green stuff for Son of Beast' announcement. if you go to Son of Beast announcement on youtube and skip to 5:12, you'll see what I'm talking about.

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Sorry team GCI just leaked on fb that RMC is building this! So pumped! Barrel rollsssss it is! Woohoo!


I won't believe you until I get a link so that I can judge the trustworthiness and reliability of the source for myself.


EDIT: Yeah, what they said.

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