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  1. Figured I'd weigh in and give everyone a nice visual of Diamondback's new color scheme based on photos we've seen so far. I really dig the chocolate brown support color. Fits Rivertown well, and helps the ride blend in with the landscape better.
  2. Note that the train isn't slowing down to a crawl at the crest of the lift like it used to. From this angle it's hard to tell if there are trims present on the first drop. However, I timed this video with another POV on YouTube, and both trains arrived at the top of the lift at the exact same time. Take that for what you will. I would just love to ride a Beast in which the first and second drops are untrimmed and have airtime lol. I was hoping this Gravity Group project would put some more speed into the ride, but so far that doesn't seem to be the case. I remember the first blog post specifically says the changes are not to make the ride faster, just smoother. I'm sure there's still a lot of testing left to do though so we'll see how KI decides to have it run.
  3. Thanks! It's a compilation of footage I shot all through 2019. The first long shot of the ride with the blue sky and small clouds was from Coasterstock weekend in May, and the rest were all from various Haunt weekends, all leading up to the last day of operation. The very last video shot was New Years Eve during Winterfest.
  4. Hey guys. I just finished up a Vortex video that's now up on my YouTube channel. I figured it would be nice to post a link in this thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVaPTHScQR8&t=119s
  5. YES! I get off work at 7 on the 15th!!! Can’t wait to join the party!
  6. Team 4 across for sure. Cars are shorter and can articulate tighter curves, and the shorter train length can help the ride feel that much more zippy. I really hope I'm not working on the night of the announcement! I've gotten to attend both Banshee's and Mystic's announcements. Would hate to miss being right in the middle of the crowd and watching the reaction!
  7. It's because the B&M gigas have at least 5 blocks, two of which are stacked together via their super long brake runs at the end. Our giga will be the same. 1. Station 2. Lift Hill 3. 1st portion of brake run 4. 2nd portion of brake run 5. Transfer track Also I believe Banshee's brake run is capable of holding all three of its trains, meaning it has 5 blocks too.
  8. I believe they are made at their headquarters in Switzerland and shipped over. Don't quote me on that, though.
  9. Whenever 2020 season pass sales go live. That's when the announcement will be.
  10. Y'all I rode Fury 325 three times tonight. I know this ride will be around 1,000 feet shorter length-wise, but still it made me PUMPED to have a coaster like that coming to Kings Island. It was in the low 90s today and Fury was FLYING. Just imagine riding our giga at this point in the season after a blazing hot day with the sun going down. I have a feeling that our giga will feel even faster since it'll be so close to trees/The Racer. Also, fingers crossed that this giga's airtime moments will be just as strong as Fury. =D
  11. Looks like I was also correct in my support color choice in my screenshot a few pages back!
  12. Honestly I have no idea lol.
  13. Here's a screenshot of my coaster with the updated track color just for kicks and giggles. =)
  14. @DustinTheNow 4th one is my favorite. If the theme of this ride is celestial I think it should resemble the night sky in some way. The dark blue track with the aqua bottom accent is perfect.
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