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  1. This is a New link about the “Giga” coaster that BGW is doing. At the bottom it has a nolimits model of what they think it is going to be.
  2. From the picture it looks like the front entrance ground is tore up. It looks like it is all dirt. Could be just the angle but looks strange. Edit- actually I looked at the drone footage and it looks like they have brand new concrete at the entrance.
  3. I doubt other engineers couldn’t figure it out. 10 years is plenty of time for innovation of a chain lift hill.
  4. Yeah. I thought I heard that some where too. Maybe they are counting all the land they had to clear before building the coaster.
  5. I would take a rail blazer type coaster any day. Wiki says it was built for 7 mil.
  6. I understand that but look at it from the Kentucky side. My parents didn’t like the drive up even if it was only 30 minutes from Coney. You spend all day and are wore out then have to drive an hour home. Which I am happy to do for my family becuase we love roller coasters but if you don’t I would rather have a pool then a wave pool. Coney has a niche as long as they continue to separate themselves from say the YMCA or even your HOA community.
  7. I think statements like these are ridiculous. When I was younger we had Coney Island passes and not King’s Island passes. We had the rides added too but never went over to the rides. We maybe went twice the whole year. The rides were nothing and not why you go to Coney Island. As long as Coney continues to improve and even expand. They need to figure out the parking lot and expand it into the rides area. That will give them room to expand the pool area into the parking lot. It all depends on how they expand and continue to grow.
  8. I am sorry but I disagree. My teenage girls actually would love this and enjoy it along with my younger son. I wish it was around when I was younger. I loved the deep end and diving boards but this would have been a great addition. Also I thought this was posted already but can’t find it now. They said this was part of a planned 5 year improvement leading up to the 100 year anniversary.
  9. That is what I was thinking when they cleared the land at the beginning . Now it’s harder to say but they definitely have plenty of space back there if they ever wanted to do something along the lines of monster trucks. That’s if they don’t use Vortex spot.
  10. Photo from the webcam looks like they are finally taking down the extra supports on the drop hill.
  11. It looks like they are about to lay more track for the helix. I am assuming they are putting the two track pieces together from the semi now. Edit: I take that back. Looks like they are double checking the sections of track on the helix.
  12. I hate how he makes it seem like it’s his photo. He kinda mentions Tony’s Welding but doesn’t actually credit them unless I am missing it. Great picture though they are moving along quickly.
  13. I know you do. Unfortunately it will never stop but not all coasters have to be big like fury either. This coaster can pack a punch and have grey out moments with the current layout. We have already noticed that the transitions on the coaster are different than the video rendering so it will be interesting how intense the ride will be.
  14. I second this. I think the Giga looks fantastic and is going to be a great ride. That turnaround looks crazy, the second hill looks crazy, the 85° drop will feel amazing. I think it is far from a lackluster out and back layout. Yeah sure it is short but I doubt that is going to matter. I think it will make you wanting more and get you to ride over and over again.
  15. Also the Dayton Daily News back on October 8th mentioned the same thing. They also mentioned that the 85° drop was going to be only 7 feet long which was mentioned in the other Orion thread. They interview Jeff Gramke.
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