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Train Tunnel Remnants


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I was just curious as to whether or not anyone had information on the subject. I believe heard/read that the train tunnels from the original Coney Island & Lake Como Railroad are still standing. Is this true? I could certainly be incorrect.

If I'm not completely insane and just making this up, do pictures of these exist? Are the visible from the park today?



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Yes, the tunnels are still there.  They are actually more like bridges than tunnels.  If you park in the Group Sales lot or go to something at Moonlite Gardens, then you pass over these tunnels.  There is no track left, and security does park their bikes in them.  There is actually a third bridge/tunnel that carries the runoff from Lake Como into a creek.  There really isn`t much to see, and the tunnels are surrounded by trees on both sides, although they did just trim the trees back a little bit.

If you visit Coney, be sure to check out the new museum exhibit located by the Swing a Round ride.  Some very cool photos and artifacts in it.

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