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Does the Banshee rattle bother you?


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6 hours ago, MrSourNinja said:

Rode twice today. Obviously, it still has a rattle but it wasn’t nearly as bad as other visits this year. Might have just gotten lucky but darn did I enjoy my rides. Still my fav out of my 3 inverts. Banshee, Afterburn, Raptor

I agree!  My first ride of the day was blue train, row 3.  It was actually REALLY smooth!!  Second ride was teal train, row 4.  That one rattled me a little bit.  Something about row 4 is rough, because that’s the exact spot I was in when I rode it a month ago and it rattled.  I was glad to get two rides in a row with practically no wait before crowds picked up yesterday!  I ended up being able to ride all 3 of the B&Ms.  :)

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We had 4 rides yesterday with fastlane, 2 in row 1 and 2 in row 8. I found the rattle to be much less than I was fearing, a bit at the bottom of the first drop and at the bottom of the pretzel loop, but we loved all 4 rides. It's fantastic in row 1, very intense in row 8. Its among the elite inverts for me with Montu (#1), Afterburn and Raptor. Still haven't ridden Flight Deck or Patriot, however. I doubt Patriot would rank very high but a lot of people speak highly of Flight Deck despite how short it is. 

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7 hours ago, rhyano said:

Granted I have not been to the park this year, but in years past, it's always been teal train, other than that I'm not really bothered by it.

I can concur, it's usually teal train that hammers. The blue train seems to be the smoothest out of the three. Sadly, I almost never get blue train.

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