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So I bought Platinum Passes Instead of Gold by Mistake


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So, I flubbed up hard and take responsibility, however I wondered if this ever happened to anyone before, and if anything could be done to change. 

I bought 4 season passes to KI, and made the huge mistake buying Platinum instead of Gold.

I don't know why I didn't catch the difference. I think it was because I was paying via PayPal and got myself frustrated signing in. 

So my fault. However, has anyone ever done this before? We are new passholders.

Their policy on no exchanges I find a little harsh if it is in within like 24 hours. 

I planned to call customer relations tomorrow and ask, however I wondered if anyone did the same before.

I would be okay if they even did everything themselves, as in they just knock off the difference each month per the payment plan, or just exchange the difference for a drink plan or something.

I'm not trying to be difficult. I JUST ordered the passes like 10 minutes ago. 

By the way, I did make sure to contact CR via the online form so they can at least know I just did this.

If we planned to go to other parks, I would be okay with the Platinum. I don't want anyone to think I am being shady. The passes are for me, my husband, our 8-year-old and my 75-year-old mother who lives with us.

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First off @Shackles2garlands welcome to KIC!

Here is hopefully an answer for you.

You cannot downgrade a pass once purchased, it can only be upgraded (ie: regular to gold or platinum or gold to platinum) if you did not process the passes yet, or use them for admission, which it sounds like you have not, you can contact the call center (open 11-5) and place a new order with gold passes and then they can refund the platinum order. It will need management approval to do so. I hope this helps!

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I don’t know where you live, but your mistake may be a blessing. Cedar Point is a wonderful park as well, and you can now access their beautiful beach, and other areas. Also if you’re planning any vacations near a Cedar Fair park you can stop in for a few hours. We’re planning on going to Virginia Beach, and King’s Dominion is on the way. 

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IndyGuy4KI was correct! I got an email from Angela, one of the customer service supervisors, and she said just to buy the Gold Passes and call them, and they would refund the Platinum. 

I just did this now and it was easy as could be! 

Thank you for the help! They were so nice about it! And I want to stress by no means was I trying to be difficult. I knew it was my fault. I am just glad they were so nice to help me fix it!

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