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If KI had an infinite budget, but lost it if people got suspicious, how would they spend it?


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I think we have all heard the question, "if you had an infinite amount of money, but lost it if someone found out, how would you use it?", and I was wondering what KI would do in a similar scenario.


I think they would probably raise the wages of their workers to improve the already amazing service, and invest in places like restaurants and shops. They could use this as an excuse for any money that seems unrealistic when buying the first 500ft tall coaster.

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I would say they would make the exception become the norm. This year Orion is the big spender, last year it was Carnivale, a few years ago it was a restaurant. They would make incremental upgrades to everything every year. Eventually people would expect a new restaurant, new ride, new celebration, etc every year. 

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