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The Scooby and Mr. Red pic and the Dynomutt etc. pic came from a flea market. I have other similar 8 x 10 press release captioned shots! The price sign is from my collection. That's me in the shots of the Caricature stand. Was an artist there for many seasons. The shot of the Octopus and Vortex on the film viewer was shot on Super 8 film about 2000. Was probably the first person to shoot Super 8 film at KI for quite awhile! Super 8 is still in limited use and I used to shoot a lot of it in the 90' and early 2000's. The shot of the characters on the EV lawn is from a set of Pana Vue slides sold at the park. Those slides are almost always very reddish, this shot has the best color I've ever seen for the Pana Vue slides. 

When I get my 2000 era KI super 8 film transferred, I'll share it here. I've got a lot of 2000-era 16mm too. And VHS.


Mike Warden

ki Scooby-Doo and Mr red.JPG

kings island sign 70s.JPG

mw and captain caveman kings island 1991.jpg

mw west side of int st.jpg

octopus ki circa 2000 super 8 film.JPG

slide of ki hb characters outside ev ride.JPG

ki Dyno-Mutt, QuickDraw and Jabberjaw at Kings Island.JPG

vortex ki circa 2000 super 8 film.JPG

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4 hours ago, beastfan11 said:

Wow. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Excited to see more!

Yes indeed; good stuff! I am also excited to see some of that 90's and 2000's stuff. Two questions though: What year was the red sign (with the old Kjngs Island font) at the park and who is the guy in the shades in the Caricatures pictures?

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