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Member of the week/month

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Here was what I was thinking when I posted this topic, The staff would pick a member on PKIC that posted alot that week, Did not go against any of the Forum rules, Was kind to others, Helped out by sending news to PKIC, ECT. Once the staff decided a winner, The winners info (on the left side of their post) would be updated. It would have a new info section below the joining date info that says something like, "Member of the week". After the week has gone by and another member becomes the, "mow" the previous winner will have a new update on their info, replaceing the area where it said Member of the Week, it will now say something like, "Member of the Week: 3 times". This is my idea of doing a member of the week.

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I like your idea but then its soley up to the staff to choose the members and not the community of PKIC. I still think there needs to be a poll. Also I think that altering someones info thing on the left would be too much strain on the PKIC staff unless they got someone to help out. So if they do that it need to be member of the month and not week.

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