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Poseidon’s Fury to Close at Universal

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  • BoddaH1994 changed the title to Poseidon’s Fury to Close at Universal

I'm heartbroken.

Poseidon's Fury was dated and cheesy, and the video projections at the end had laughable costumes, yet the experience was also very charming and family-friendly and had well-done set pieces and effects. It was a must-do for me every single time I went there. In fact, PF was the last thing I did on my last visit to Universal on November 25, 2019. I'd love to be able to experience it once more before it goes, but I don't think I'll be able to make it to Orlando within the next month.

The water tunnel will go down in theme park history as one of the coolest modern effects. I also remember being stunned at the disappearing and reappearing walls in the final room my first few times through, though I now understand how it worked. The queue and show building were also just GORGEOUS. The Lost Continent is (was?) my favorite land within IoA, and Poseidon's Fury was a big part of that. I totally understand removing it--I'm among the people who expected it to be removed sooner than it was--but it's still tough to see it go.

I really do think that it was a fantastic medium of storytelling that also was accessible to everyone without being a stage show or a ride. That's a very unique concept and accessibility to have combined in an attraction, even 24 years after its opening. For families whose children were picked by "Taylor" to be their helper, it made memories.

If there's anything to the rumor that a Legend of Zelda land will replace The Lost Continent, I'm gonna go ahead and get my hopes up that perhaps PF will be reborn as a Legend of Zelda-type walkthrough. It might be naive (read: it's almost certainly naive), but I'd just hate to see the walkthrough show concept go away. This has the same emotional impact to me as if Kennywood were to announce getting rid of Noah's Ark.

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