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Don Helbig Honored At Coasterstock

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Coasterstock started in 2015 and in 2023 will be its 8th year (no event in 2020.) Since its conception by Don Helbig (Area Manager of Digital Marketing at Kings Island) has been the person to plan, schedule, and make this event a success. Don’s inspiration for Coasterstock is it is an opportunity to unite/reunite with other amusement and theme park fans, have great camaraderie, and come together as a big family.  His inspiration has paid off, for the event sells out within minutes and has had attendees traveling from all 50 states since it started in 2015.

Over the years, Don has gotten feedback from attendees to make the event even better at the next hosted Coasterstock. Now that Coasterstock has been established in the coaster enthusiast community, it has become the GOAT of coaster events. Don has made this 2-day event a non-stop schedule of exclusive ride time (ERT), behind-the-scenes photo and video opportunities, catered meals, guest speakers, and fun contests. Coasterstock is very well received and loved by all those that attend.

Getting all of this organized is no simple task. The planning takes months. Don has to work with all the different departments from group sales for the shelter house, planning the menu with the food and beverage department, organizing the ERT with maintenance, schedule guest speakers. That is not the full list, just a handful of in-park organizing. Then there is ordering of shirts and materials, and working with IT to get the page and ticket sales up. You now get the picture of some of the planning that goes into making this event happen each year. 

Brad Perdue - Media Director for KICentral.com and Chris Hughes, owner from the Kings Island Season Passholders Page on Facebook honored Don for making this such and great event for the past 8 years during our lunch at Coasterstock. Brad Perdue presented Don with an extra-large card to show our gratitude and appreciation. He received a large round of applause from all of the attendees. Brad also brought markers so all attendees could sign the card to show their thanks to Don Helbig. 


Don's dedication and commitment to Coasterstock make it a very welcoming and one of the most anticipated enthusiast events year after year. Thank you, Don, for all the hard work you put into making Coasterstock happen. We look forward to many more to come, and creating memories with our fellow enthusiasts. We all really appreciate it!






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