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I think PKI's 35th anniversary needs to be very special. Recognizing its very existance serving families and all patrons for 35 years. Making a historical documentary of the park from its construction to present day, with all the feats of achievement for chili vision the park's closed circuit television network, maybe distribute individual copies to guests for personal viewing.

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Personally, I would like to see a documentary about the park`s history. They could maybe install some monitors in the Paramount Story and air the documentary. I still find The Beast`s documentary entertaining, and wish I could see more of the early footage of the park, construction and surrounding area. I know though, that the Paramount Story will stay the way it is, and that is perfectly fine too because it is a nice quiet oasis among all the other screams, laughs and cheers of the rest of the park. It is a perfect place to sit down with the sound of water and the Carousel and just relax for a little bit!

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Who made The Beast video? We could ask them the make a 35th anniversary video for PKI. One thing I think would sell very well would be a post card book of all the post coasts made from the park. They could be used or keep. If PKIC gets the okay from PKI I will help with the video.

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