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FearFest Attractions!

King Bowser

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Here is a list of the 2005 FearFest attractions......

Curse of Sleepy Hollow


Blood Shed

Massacre Mansion

Scareamount Studios

The Psycho Path

Fear Zone

Fun House

Superstition in the FX Theater

The Hot Set

MTV Insanity Zone

Dead World.

I hear this years FearFest attractions will be more ''Hollywood'' and more like the first year when FearFest opened truth be told the past couple of FearFest have really gone down hill.. attraction wise.

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No House of Darkness, Curse of the Crypts, Maze of Maddness, or Circuss of Horrors? Cant beleive they would replace that many attractions.

I agree that Fear Fest has gone downhill, but to replace that many attractions and to keep Sleepy Hollow, which was very well themed, but not that scary. Just makes me wonder about this. Might we see the same houses with just a new name?

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Trust me on this folks.......you're favorite attractions will be returning, just with new names and some new features. The fact is big brother corporate got the hands on our event and wanted everything branded. The only attraction that will not be returning is the Curse of the Crypt

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The list is WRONG....that IS Canada........trust me....there are some changes but not all that were listed. Watch for more changes in the next 2-3 seasons.

Well Duh! I didnt list all of them but these are some of the FearFest themes that will be at PKI as well!

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Yes I know that some of them were the same names/themes as areas at PKI, so it could indicate some of the changes that PKI has in store. Someone said that Curse of the Crypt will be gone this year. I do believe that when i was there this past weekend, that I thought I saw the facade entrance to Curse of the Crypt behind the Maze of Madness building (by the exit to Maze of Madness).

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Where did you get this information?

I have my ways of getting the info I need biggrin.gif

Full timers also have ways of getting rid of employess who say to much and violate their confidentiality statements.

I never had any confidentiality statements tongue.gif I have many many ways of getting the info I need wink.gif

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Guest TombraiderTy


I loved that when I did that last year. I was the leader of the group and I accidently touched a scarers face. I think he was more scared then I was! Can any one tell me about some other old Fear Fest attractions, like Celebrity Slaughtering (I think it was called that.).

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