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Pink Floyd Laser Show!


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Well... just surfin the pki website and it looks like HOB entertainment is bringing the PINK FLOYD LASER SPECTACULAR to PKI on July the 3rd!

This is very exciting news... i am a huge PF fan, and since they no longer tour or anything this laser show is the next best thing to seeing them live. it is a very uniqe experience. i have had the pleasure of seeing it several times, however all indoors.... seeing it at timberwolf should make the whole thing even better!

check out the show's website for deatils!


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yeah... it was just here, normally it makes the rounds once a year or once every two years... doesnt make much sense to me either... while i'm excited to see pf again, there is one that is choreographed to classic rock hits in general... which would also be a good one to see.....

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I visited Lotte World Theme Park in South Korea back in 1999 and was impressed by their lazer show at the end of the night. It was really cool!

Perhaps Fusiondude can describe it after he visits Lotte World this year.

Have a great weekend!

Italian Chef


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Believe it or not, bought it at the park in the morning. Just $5 for a middle of the theater seat. An excellent show, plus a great place to view the fireworks during the intermission! Probably one of the best entertainment values PKI has put on.

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