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  1. Last year, I went to redeem my free Fast Lane plus for my family. Gave them all 6 passes from my family at once and told them I wanted to redeem the voucher. They scanned them all and then asked us to hold our hands out. They didn't check each person one by one and we managed to get my Fast Lane pass onto a guest we brought (I was overweight at the time and didn't fit on half the coasters, so I was sitting out most rides to hold gear we brought). So it's definitely possible. However, I wouldn't count on being able to get away with this. They do insist on putting them on someones wrists at time of redemption. Used our vouchers this year at CP and noticed we could have done the same. They didn't check each person to make sure it matched each pass I gave them.
  2. My kids pointed out this year while riding WindSeeker, if you look down from above, next to the queue there's an area with stones that spell out 'Windy 2011', I think was what it said. Very similar to the stones under The Vortex queue. Also, maybe not an 'easter egg' but I love the "SHOOT a staple wherever you'd drive a nail!" poster in the Mystic Timbers loading station. Something about a being stapled, at a coaster loading station... yeah. Clever.
  3. I wonder how this actually works. Bought my Platinum Pass at KI last year. Purchased my renewal through CP. Hoping to get the FP at CP in a few weeks. We will see I guess!
  4. Well they want to give the impression it's going to end VERY SOON to pressure you into purchasing your passes NOW to get the freebies before they expire. However, the last few years they've done this deal it's been available until at least haunt begins. It might disappear Labor Day, but I wouldn't be surprised if it continues through September at least. There's really no way for us to know for sure when it will go away.
  5. #1 - If you go to KI website right now and click to buy/renew passes, it lists right there you still get the BaF and FP, so sounds like it's still valid. If it's like last year they'll continue that through the regular season this year. #2 - Both are only usable on Sundays other than 9/1.
  6. Been a dozen or so times this year to CP/KI and almost every day have seen one more people walking around with lit cigarettes. Wife and kids are highly sensitive to it so I actively watch and steer clear when I can. The worst was seeing 1 person this year in the water park walking around with a lit cig. THAT should be immediately bannable. You know people are walking around barefoot. Anyone who can't figure that out for themselves or care enough doesn't deserve to be in the water park, IMO.
  7. Or even walking around the park. I had someone's phone fall out of Max Air at CP while I was walking below. Phone hit the ground 6 inches from my shoe and exploded into many pieces. Glad it didn't hit me!
  8. My apologies, you're right. Considering the CP option from last year and what you get with this it's almost a no brainer to step it up. I'm just stewing because I'd love to get the FLs for myself, but can't NOT get them for the rest of the fam. =D
  9. $200 platinum pass $850 FL $130 dining x6 people in my family almost $8,000 after tax. OOOF. Even broken down to 12 monthly payments, that's a mortgage payment. Maybe if they operated more than just seasonally.
  10. We bought the drink passes 2 years ago for our platinums. Went to CP before going to KI (think it was the first year they did the disposable cups on the passes). It was early enough in the season that the workers had no idea what they were doing. By the end of our weeklong CP visit, one of our passes had something like 5 drink passes activated on it. We could go get 5 drinks at a time with the one pass. Was an interesting dilemma.
  11. Food/Drink passes for 2019 season did not work in 2018 when we bought ours platinum passes. I would expect it to work the same this year. You'll get free admission, but will be on your own for food/drink this year. I do hope I'm wrong though.
  12. Thanks! I'll have to remember that. I swore I had encountered them before, but not sure I've had the pleasure of using these this year. Unfortunately, when you have to go, you have to go, and can't always get to the other side of the park for this!
  13. I've been to KI about 10 times this year so far and I've always seen the restrooms in great shape. KI does an admirable job keeping them clean, IMO. CP wasn't too bad either this year. HOWEVER, after visiting Disney World, Universal Orlando, Seaworld Orlando, and BGT over the last 2 summers, I was reminded about one specific detail that absolutely ANNOYS me about KI bathrooms. As a male, having urinals without dividers of some sorts is a real issue for me. I simply cannot use "open" urinals and must enter the stalls to relieve myself. I don't think a single restroom in KI has dividers. However, every (and I do mean EVERY SINGLE ONE) restroom I visited in Florida (8 days in DW, 4 in UO, 3 in SW and 1 in BGT) had dividers, which seems so simple. However, it was such a pleasant thing to depend upon. Ugh I wish someone at CF would spent just a few extra bucks and give us some urinal dividers! /rant
  14. Wife got a 15% off one food/drink purchase. Seemed like a waste, but ended up going this weekend and splurged for some Auntie Anne's pretzels. They wouldn't accept the 15% off there. What a shame. Probably only valid at KI owned vendors.
  15. VortexJD

    Decoding 2020

    I had the pleasure of going here the year this opened and was really looking forward to this thing. Now mind you, the internet wasn't anything 20 years ago like it is today, but I don't remember ANYONE complaining about this thing being JUST shy of 200ft. This was also on vacation so this was my only time visiting this park. I remember only thinking this was Raptor on some SERIOUS steroids and I remember really enjoying it. I expect I'll feel the same about this KI giga when it finally opens. It will be awesome!
  16. VortexJD

    Decoding 2020

    Glad I'm not the only one who instantly thought of this.
  17. VortexJD

    Decoding 2020

    Well played. /slowclap
  18. VortexJD

    Decoding 2020

    Great question, I wish I had better info to share. All I know is what the ride ops told us when we rolled back. Blamed it on the cool, windy day we were having. They said the ride determined we failed to reach optimal speed and aborted the launch, slowing us down so we safely rollback into the launch corridor for another attempt. Was a great experience when I was younger.
  19. VortexJD

    Decoding 2020

    I experienced one shortly after it opened. It was a cold and very windy day, which causes havoc on the LIMs. I remember the launch was aborted and we were "trimmed" (not sure the proper term for what LIMs do) and we rolled back. Maintenance had to come push us back into the station where we held for a few minutes before successfully launching. Haven't seen/heard/experienced one since.
  20. Managed to visit KI today, opening weekend with 3 of my kids. Today was check-in day for me on my weight loss journey. A little over 6 months ago, I decided to make changes to lose weight for good. You see I haven't been able to fit on Diamondback, Flight of Fear, and Drop Tower in almost 10 years. Last October I weighed 295 lbs. Today, before heading to the park I weighed in at 254 lbs. I know I still have a ways to go but today was about celebrating what I've already accomplished, and enjoying the time with my kids on some great rides. For that goal alone, today was a great win for me. The weather wasn't ideal, but we dressed warm and had fun for a short while. A good intro to what should be an enjoyable season. Lines were short and the rides were fast. First up was the big test for me, Diamondback. The test seat was a quick victory as I was able to get the green light with minimal effort. I was a bit worried, having worn so many extra layers of clothes to stay warm, but all worked out in the end. The line was fairly short, about 10 minutes. The ride itself, cold, fast, and furious. Unfortunely, the rain forced us to cover our faces for most of the ride. However, we all exited the ride with big grins. Next up, Mystic Timbers. This was the shortest line I had ever seen for MT. Still waited about 15 minutes. This ride too was fast and fun, but the misting and cold air were relentless again. Especially in the front car! In the shed, the riders clapped in unison to the music playing on the possessed radio. What a great experience! The Beast line was oddly long, so we left The Beast for another day. Next was the Stunt Coaster. A quick 5 minute wait and off we went, zooming through the course. The warmth from the fires and explosions were wonderful! Sadly, the Arrows were closed today so no Vortex. My kids were surprised and elated to see the autos in action, but we weren't willing to wait in the incredibly long lines for them. Next were walk-ons for WindSeeker and Bumper cars. Always a pleasure on these rides. We checked Flight of Fear, the app reporting a 0 minute wait. No way the lines were empty on such a cold and miserable day. Sure enough, a 45 minute wait. We passed again on the long line. Next was another walk-on at Delerium. Again, we had to cover our faces due to the rain and wind. This caused a few of us to become a little nausious. But we pressed on. Next was a really short wait on Banshee, always a great ride with a reasonably fast line. I was pleased to find I could now ride in any row I want, not just the big boy rows 4-5. Another win for me. This ride also has a habit of getting you extra wet in the rain. As the trains tip up the hill, pools of water drop directly on you from above. Yuck! Last up, another test for me. A ride on Drop Tower with one of my daughters (the other 2 kids were done by this point). Again, no line for this one. Cold and windy at the top, but always a great drop, I really love this ride. At this point, everyone was content with what they got to ride, and after 3.5 hours we were done with the weather. A great first visit and a rewarding day for myself personally.
  21. Thanks. Really appreciate the kind words! I'm trying to keep from being disappointed (MF and TTD are really high bars to reach, but last year I got 2 of the 3 clicks on DB, so I'm hopeful!). I'll be sure to post back once I get my first KI and CP visits in.
  22. Really wish more rides would have accommodating seats for larger people. I don't think it's too much to ask for just 1 row of seats that allow this. I was very pleased at the number of rides at CP that do this and disappointed KI doesn't quite have the same number of options. I realize most of these rides were built before CF bought KI, but still disappointing. For reference, 6'3" guy here. 6 months ago I was 295 lbs. Been eating more appropriately over the last 6 months SPECIFICALLY to lose wait for the upcoming KI/CP season. I want to be able to return to riding Diamondback/FoF/Drop Tower/Milennium Force/TTD with my kids. Even some of the woodies were super uncomfortable last year. I'm down to 255 lbs now and looking forward to opening weekend to see how much progress I've truly made.
  23. For reference, I'm 6'2" 285 lbs. KI rides I know I don't fit on: FoF and Diamondback. I rode Drop Tower last year, but the fit was so tight that I could barely breath. I use the big boy seats (red? belts) on Banshee with no issue. Racer/Beast are snug on my hips, but the restraint is fine. I also ride Vortex, The Bat, and Backlot Stunt Coaster without issue. I went to CP a few weeks ago and here was my experience. Wicked Twister - No way. Tightest restraints in the park. Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster - Belt on test seat didn't reach, so I didn't try to board. Gatekeeper - Only fit the larger seats (Row 4 I think it was) Valravan - Had to sit in the seats with Red belts (2 per row) Raptor and Rougarou - I barely fit in the normal seats, but seats with 2 belts were a more comfortable fit. Maverick - I don't remember needing a special seat in these. Definitely rode it MANY MANY times. Magnum and Gemini - No problem with belts/harnesses on these similar trains. Corkscrew - OTSR was tight on the top of my shoulders, but I was OK to ride. Blue streak - Didn't try, no interest. Kids reported this ride was SUPER ROUGH. Cedar Creek Mine Ride - I have trouble with this one due to long legs, so I didn't try. As far as I remember, there was a test seat located at the entrance to nearly every rollercoaster. Exceptions being Mine Ride, Blue Streak, Corscrew, Gemini and Magnum. You shouldn't have any trouble with those though.
  24. Was at CP a few weeks ago and ended up doing Slingshot with the kids. i got a kick out of the ride op there. Think combined we did 3 rides. Unfortunately, I don't remember what they said to me when I was launched, but the kids got: "So do you want me to countdown, or do you just want me to say..." -LAUNCHED "You guys are ready to go in 3... 2" -LAUNCHED I talked to the OP after I heard him and he said he had a whole heap of 'em for unsuspecting guests. He was definitely the right guy for the job!
  25. Just came back from a trip to CP. Bought my platinum passes with meal plans and the disposable cup drink plan. I had one heckuva a time with some employees understanding the drink plan on my passes. We had one person tell us we didn't have drink plans and needed to see guest services, had several people see "VOUCHER" on their register and asked if I wanted disposable cups or souvenir bottles, and other places in the park scanned and gave me a cup without hesitation. I think it was partially a training issue with some employees, and partially the fact that some of their registers are archaic and display information in a difficult to understand format. We tried to clear it up at Guest Services there (awesome people working at Guest Services there, BTW), but continued to have varied results at different food/drink stands. I will say, even the stands where they gave us trouble, in the end we always got the drinks we were expecting, so guess I shouldn't be too harsh on the employees. On the other hand, my Dad has a souvenir bottle and had zero issues getting it refilled (other than forgetting it when coming into the park!)
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