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  1. My cell number is .... Number removed for privacy reasons. Plus it's not needed anymore.
  2. Ill be wearing this so if you see me yell what im wearing
  3. I will be there but once again im shy around peeps I never met before.
  4. One postivie thing about fearfeast is that the coaster lines are deserted. Nothing like a midnight run on The Beast wiht no wait
  5. Yes I know it just hasnt seemed as it was in 1999. They let some little people on Drop zone
  6. This isnt on the Time line but you said TG has the longest que in the park but I would say it is White Water Canon
  7. I got to get a VCR so I can tape it. I only have DVD players
  8. Anyone have a cell so if i late I can call and find out where you are. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Anyone have a cell phone so if I miss meeting you peeps at the tower I can call to find out where you guys are. Im kinda shy though. Umm I guess someone should have a sign that says pki peeps here. Where at the Effil tower would we be meeting?
  10. I lost a hat on TG and I will be wearing a crappy hat on the pkic trip and see what ride a loose it on
  11. So 10 a clock bye the left foot of the effil tower I will be there but I will have to leave the group to meet my friend who doesnt like coasters so presser him on one please. Anyone have a cell so if i late I can call and find out where you are.
  12. 1. Dan 2. Italian Chef 3. Mrs. G 4. PKIlvr 5. Boddah1994 6. DanialRadsgrl 7. Coasterguy107 (Eric Gallagher) 8. The Rickster 9. Mailman 10. docdude316 11.DropZone265 How we going to know whos who if we never meet before?
  13. That good how does pki get the items. I dount the search the land for things. Or do you have to call and then te look for it
  14. Maybe it was just me but it felt like it was differnt. Flet like thre was a extra flip at the end. Maybe it was just a trail thing. Cause it did have a few break downs.
  15. It deffintaly was way different on saturday one more flip was added and the lava part and the ice part were different. The ride was different not all much, They could keep teh same sound.
  16. Yes I like Tomb Raider The Ride much better now with the new program but we are back to the old problem with breakdown. It had 2 of them why i was in line
  17. I was also there on10-4 it was a great time a got stuck on Deruim and TR:TR got a slighlty different prgram and the fearfest lines were horrible I didnt get on the rout 666 3 hour wait but out of the ones i did the egutains one was the best but dont do it if your fat. Nothing like a great beast run with no wait. Ride lines were short all day and it was a great time. Cept TR TR broke down 2 times while I was in line
  18. The new program for TR;TR will come sooner than you think. OTday at fear fest it was different in had one more flip and the flips were at different spots.
  19. I would play some better music. Like Slayer and rename The Vortex to bloodline and paint it red and black
  20. Yes plus it is supposed to rain and Im mising homecoming to go to fearfest tom so it better not be packed
  22. I wish they would have made some under ground tunnels. The only thing sob and beast have in common is that they are made out of wood.
  23. What about stkrikers groove it house 2 coaster and some flats and has free food.!!!!!
  24. Anything a hour or less isnt really all that bad.
  25. They could do that but build a smaller topspin some where else. I know it wont happen though
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