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  1. Also,(sorry if it’s alright been suggested so far) , what if these posters are also hinting at a possible expansion to x-base after the 2020 coaster, maybe all of the extinct ki rides have something to do with the overall purpose of x-base, or maybe the coaster will be themed off of these extinct ki rides like zodiac and etc, the posters could be leading everyone to what the ride might be but what if it’s actually just hinting towards the overall theme of x-base as a whole
  2. Kinda late to the decoding party, but has anyone suggested a cipher or anything that might be in play for these posters, or try to arrange the posters by how many total “tests” were put in or something like that?
  3. “Kings Island, the home away from home.” (EDIT)*sorry for double posting *
  4. “Go where the thrills come to life!”
  5. I’m personally very excited for this as I hope to get into the whole monster jam driver /industry, I might be in an internship next year with one of the monster jam independent teams (bounty hunter/scarlet bandit)
  6. I was there for winterfest on Friday and I had an amazing time, even though fof had broken down and so had mystic later on in the evening, I loved the tree and the lights that were displayed and I also love the refillable hot chocolate mugs( not really mugs but it felt like a mug though)
  7. imagine if the name of the coaster was fear of flight
  8. yeah,but can we could both agree that the roughest/weirdest lift hill(s) are from AE as for what coaster i believe will be taken down, i hope its The Bat,I haven't rode Firehawk as much so id love to ride it a whole lot more.
  9. those footers are from the original bat in case you did not know about that small piece of Kings Island history.
  10. the other four could be the coasters in the kids area so that means they wouldnt be mature enough to join the funeral
  11. what was the 12th coaster at the park? just wondering because in an article it shows that there are 12 "grown up" coasters and there are only 11 chairs set up
  12. Another dumb thought,what are the chance that it’s not a coaster at all,what if it’s TR:TR building,think about it,they announce it near the closing date for haunt and that gives them time to take it down(including the haunt stuff inside of it
  13. Just a dumb thought,but what are the chances that on the other side of the tombstone in the middle would already have the engraving of whatever is going away any chances it could be Drop Tower,it too,has been through tons of downtime this season
  14. does this mean that some rides will be open to guests throughout the night?
  15. does anyone know what became of the old SOB crate,as for my opinion on SoB, I never got the chance to ride it,but i do remember the size of that thing up close while it was still SBNO,if they decided to keep it there a few more years maybe they would've considered making a RMC remake,but I am glad it was removed for Banshee.
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