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  1. If they could purchase one more park. I'd go for Fiesta Texas. Cedar Fair would do well to have some representation in that part of the country.
  2. I really like Airtime thrills and eltororyan
  3. I'm in Rivertown so it's good to hear we put in some good work! What made it good?
  4. I was looking at most of the promotional images for Orion and noticed Vortex is mostly absent. In some it appears to be there, but very covered up. In some it should be right there by WindSeeker, but doesn't appear to be there at all. It would be a good comparison to show Orion's height. The Orion logo to me looks to be in similar style to The Vortex logo as well. I think they knew for a while. I don't post here much any more, but I had to for this. I don't feel the park will ever be the same without it roaring through the inversions right by the midway. I'm sad, but will look to the fut
  5. Perhaps the 6919 is the date construction will begin for a 2020 opening?
  6. ignore... Post duplicated
  7. There is also announcements made over the loud speakers advising parents of when Halloween Haunt creatures will begin to take over the park.
  8. I can agree the lines and crowds were managed efficiently... Though I thought the ice cream lines needed some kind of temporary queue! There was quite a cluster!
  9. I'm genuinely excited for this addition to the lineup! I'm hoping they break the height record again! I doubt it'll happen looking at the plans, but I'll continue to hope. On another note, at one point the park boasted about having the most wooden track at a park... Did they lose that with the demolition of Sonny? If so, wood be nice if they got that back too! See what I did there?
  10. It has been a while since I've posted, but I visited Carowinds for the first time yesterday. While I'm totally on team wooden, it isn't stopping me from trying to devise a plan on how to bring Fury back home with me! It was incredible and would be a stellar addition to KI! The only similarity it shared with Diamondback is manufacturer and restraints! It certainly is not boring and mild!
  11. There were rarely times when there weren't groups, at least in my room! Reset, wait, plan a scare with someone nearby are all options. Just keep a watch out for people coming we could often hear groups way before they got to us!
  12. I can't speak for the others, however I've busted my butt all year every year since 09. Be it Cut Throat, Tombstone, Roaming or now Blackout I've always enjoyed the fun I've had taking Haunt seriously. I started later than normal this year due to injury and was dissapointed to lose my position as a Rivertown Roamer. I got placed in Blackout and didn't know what to expect. Although, I missed the first weekend which had a few mishaps, we have improved week over week. This is the first house/trail I've worked in where I continuously hear people coming through my room audibly mentioning how mu
  13. I agree whole heartedly... I'm baffled by the fact that Soak City has operated so long with the concession options it currently features. The water park is too small for its own good. A ridiculously small Subway, Ice cream joint, and main stand is simply not enough! I also think what guidelines were set in motion need to be followed too. We saw several people leave with trays of pizza in Soak City after holding up the line and arguing. This isn't even counting the fact they were in not even said line for pizza, which is at the end of the stand. Waiting over a half an hour for two powerades a
  14. My opinion on the matter is that there is nothing wrong with breast feeding in public. However with that being said, it is still public so either cover up or go into a restroom. Don't have to feed sitting on the toilet. Also, don't need to have entire breast out while feeding outside. To me although inadvertent, it is no different than exposing another private part in public. Just my opinion.
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