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  1. What are the grave stones that are to the left of the first drop (as you go down) and behind the ice cream shop? They are fairly large but hard to read from the queue line. Were these some of the original ones that were on site with the ki moderators and such on them?
  2. I was at media day and went up to talk to Rob Decker after the presentation. I can not remember which of the 3 was there, but one of them was in line in front of me and he was talking to Rob about it. Right as he was this guy was leaving, Dennis Spiegel came up so I was lucky enough to meet him and Rob for the first time.
  3. So this sounds like the Dinos will be around for several more years?
  4. Anyone have the direct links to the cameras? My old ones no longer work and thinking they have changed.
  5. My first ride in the first year of Beast operation was with Carl. During running of bulls he said 'stick with me' We got the front seat and it was a great experience!
  6. Yeah, I was very surprised to hear KK installed a drop ride. I am sure many will remember and want to ride any drop ride there. Kinda a bad PR move from my standpoint. My kids even remembered the incident and were shocked they would put a drop ride in the park.
  7. ok, just got email CP did it but KI site not updated
  8. So the KI site says the Gold Pass offer is over May 29 but KD sent an email saying it goes till 6/2. I thought I heard 6/2 for all parks. So is that true?
  9. Can someone post the direct link to the waterpark and Diamondback cams?
  10. Yeah I just found that as well. Does anyone have the direct links for the Diamondback and the Splashcity web cams?
  11. Maybe they should implement a hotline you can text/call when in line and there are issues. They do it at many stadiums now.
  12. I rarely post images to forums, so found it funny after I posted my '3 train on lift' image I saw this as my only other image. (from media day)
  13. So optical illusion? I am thinking so but looks like 3 trains on lift.
  14. ok, so what site can I post a picture to so I can post here.
  15. Just looked at the Banshee Web Cam. Do I see all 3 trains on the lift hill????? I saved a screen shot to closer inspect.
  16. Yeah and it lists the ride as 2 min 40 sec when (if not mistaken) it really is 1 min 40 sec.
  17. Did you ever ride Son of Beast? That is the MOST awful and painful ride i have EVER ridden.
  18. Ok, rode The Beast on Sunday and I believe I did not see the updated logo on the front of the trains. Am I mistaken or are they waiting for the celbration in June? What day is that?
  19. I could swear I saw a second tarpy thing on about a week ago and now only one again. So what is going on there?
  20. Wonder if there is any chance they would ever fully enclose the helix as shown in original drawings.
  21. Yes, I remember The Beast opening, but that was 1979. This is 2014 LOTS has changed in policies/technologies since then.I have ridden The Beast in snow but not anymore. I went to the park years back on a snowy day (had a pass) and on the way out was given a Snow Day ticket for an admissi9on at a later date. I gave that to a friend to use the next year but should have held on to it as I have never seen one before.
  22. This is Cedar Fair talking about rides (coasters especially) running in rain? Last few times at Cedar Point, when it is just barely raining, coasters go down. Does KI have a different policy? I know it is Media Day however.
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