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  1. I see both sides to the argument. Smoking isn’t a right, but at the same time there is no reason why there can’t be one or two areas out of the way for smokers. As extra incentive to smoke only in the designated area they could eject people for not following the smoking guidelines. We all know how well people follow rules, so an extreme punishment for not following the rules would do the trick. That way the ones who want to smoke can without causing harm to others. I do smoke, and always smoked in the designated areas.
  2. My daughter made 48” at the end of last season. She finally got up the nerve to ride Vortex this summer. It’s now her favorite ride in the park. I know she’ll be sad if it goes. Even though it beats me up I would be sad too. I don’t care much about Firehawk. I think I only rode it once this season. But that’s just me. I’m sure it has its share of riders that would be sad to see it go.
  3. On Friday nights, I typically eat a meal nearby before heading to the park. Then the level of food service will determine whether I get the next meal inside the park or after closing at the McDonald's up the road. On a Saturday, I could, if timed correctly, leave in the late afternoon or early evening, eat outside the park, and return before the re-entry cutoff. Then my next meal would follow the same procedure as on Friday nights. And on either night, if sufficiently hungry and ****ed off, I can simply leave, forfeit the rest of the night, eat somewhere, and head home. I can use my season pass to return for another night (or not, depending on how ****ed off I was). In short, no, I am not a captive audience during Haunt. I can and will change my plans and/or leave the park early if the park does not give me good reason to stay and spend my money there. I've done the same. Typically on Friday night I will eat before I go. I didn't this time and went ahead and ate as soon as I got to the park. Saturday's I have my daughter, and she's not ready for Haunt so we leave when the park is changing over. I've had good experiences with the meal plan this year. Except for the pizza.
  4. I don't know if policy has changed as I didn't pay attention leaving the park last Friday. In years past though there was no re-entry after 7P.M. during Halloween Haunt. So in that sense you are a captive customer. I used my meal plan when I first arrived and had no issues with lines. However I did notice long lines while at the park though throughout the night.
  5. I must have come out of Slaughterhouse around the same time. The girl that was with them was yelling right in the Officer's face. I don't know what started it, but before I walked away he was put in cuffs, and the back of a Kings Island Police cruiser.
  6. People that park on the painted walkway in the handicapped section of the parking lot. Essentially forcing people to have to walk down the middle of the road. Basketballs. People that jump the little black fence by the entrance to Vortex and then look at you dumbfounded when you call them out on it. Final Destination references. Movie is an afterthought now. No one cares. This last one goes for any public place. I do not want to have a conversation with you while I'm in the restroom. Seriously.
  7. All I will want is when someone bumps into me to say something along the lines of "excuse me" or "my bad" maybe even "sorry". Is that too much to ask. I had a girl walk right into the back of me in line for Banshee. Her boyfriend even called her out on it, yet did she offer any acknowledgment of doing it other than to look at me like it was my fault she ran into me.
  8. I would love to see a Peanuts theme in there. While it is my 4 year old daughters favorite ride she would enjoy a Peanuts theme just as much I'm sure. Oh and not all kids are scared of the skeletons. She has been riding it since she was 2 and has never been scared. Everyone is different though. I think my collection of horror movies, shirts, and memorabilia has something to do with it. I caught her playing with the Chucky and Tiffany dolls I've had forever.
  9. I'm all for bringing back the Flying Eagles back. I remember waiting in line watching people to get the technique of snapping them down. I got quite good at it. My fondest memory was a lady coming up to me after I got off the ride and calmly telling me "I prayed for you while you were on there." That must have been one of my better runs.
  10. I entered the line right under the netting on the first drop of Diamondback.
  11. I waited in that line. It was my only reason for going on opening day. I was told it would be a 4 and a half hour wait. It was only about 2 and a half though.
  12. My favorite moments at Kings Island this year would have to be that my 3 year old daughter was 37" tall this year so she had more rides to choose from. The list would be. 1. Her first ride on The Great Pumpkin Coaster. 2. Her first ride on Race for your life Charlie Brown. Which I bought the on ride photo of because her face is priceless. 3. Watching her marathon ride Linus Beetle Bugs. 4. Marathon riding Boo Blasters with her. I must have rode that more than 50 times this season. 5. Trick or Treat with the dinosaurs and hearing her yell at the dinosaurs to stay away from her candy. 6. Howl-O-Palooza and everything it had to offer. 7. Riding front seat on The Beast on one of the last trains of the year. 8. Banshee announcement. I'm sure there is more, but those stand out the most. Oh and Halloween Haunt which is my favorite time of year.
  13. Why is everyone so down on Snoopy? Not only does my 3 year old love watching the Peanuts shows, but also loves the Snoopy theme at Kings Island. She has to give the photo op. Snoopy a hug and get her picture taken every time we go. Also the one with Snoopy and Woodstock on the bench. As for what ride I would like to see return. King Cobra was my favorite, but a more reasonable request would be a return of Flying Eagles.
  14. If someone wants to drink in the parking lot it's not really my business. However when I come back to my car to find a half full bottle of beer wedged under my front tire waiting for me to run it over. I'm not happy. In a perfect world though people would throw their trash away in one of the many trash bins.
  15. I'm always wearing my Pittsburgh Penguins hat.
  16. Would love to go. Haven't been to a KIC event since 2007. Unfortunately I work third shift and work Saturday and Sunday. Decision time. Do I sacrifice sleep and stay up for two days or catch the next event.
  17. My favorite ride as a kid was Smurfs Enchanted Voyage. I must have drove my parents nuts riding that over and over. I miss it and would love for my daughter to get to ride it. Ironically her favorite ride is Boo Blasters on Boo Hill. Must be something magical about the building.
  18. 1. King Cobra 2.The Smurfs my daughter loves The Smurfs and I'm sure would have enjoyed it as much as I did when I was a kid. Boo Blasters is her current favorite. 3. Flying Eagles 4. Antique cars.
  19. Slayer is always a good choice in any situation. And the scream at the beginning of "Angel of Death" would fit nicely.
  20. I hope the online store works out. I was actually surprised to see it. At the end of the season I went to guest relations and filled out a card asking them why they didn't sell stuff online cause I know a lot of people that would like to buy KI related gifts but the only place you can buy them is during the season at the park, and everyones birthday and christmas isn't during the season. I know I'm not responsible totally but it's kinda cool seeing something you suggested happen.
  21. I will ride The Beast first then make my way back to Action Zone riding everything in between.
  22. I'll be going. I already have the day off at work just for this reason.
  23. I like my jacket. I was happy to get one, I wouldn't pay 39.99 for one, but it was free. I will say this though they tend to run a bit small so while I normally get an XL I opted for the XXL to have a little room the sleeves are a little big but the jacket fits nicely.
  24. If I counted right I'd say I went about 32 times this year. I was there every Tuesday they were open except the one I went to Cedar Point. So I'm going to stick with 32 it's a nice even number.
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