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  1. There's a Sandusky Register article up now. http://www.sanduskyregister.com/article/5926601
  2. I loved Steel Force when we went to Dorney Park in 2010. The trains are gigantic and so comfortable. Seriously.
  3. Malem - thanks for the responses regarding children under 13 - no disrespect, but I am looking for a moderator to respond. Straight from the TOS - "Children should always get permission from their parents before sending any information about themselves (such as their names, email addresses, and phone numbers) over the Internet, to us or to anyone else. We won’t knowingly allow anyone under 13 to register with our site or to provide any other personally identifying information. If you’re under 13, please do not provide us with any personally identifying information about yourself (such as your
  4. I had the boys (14 and 13) choose usernames, registered them on the forums, then sent Don one email with all the information. Was that okay, or did I just break the rules?
  5. Is Gatekeeper rough?? Not been on it yet. Hoping to go September 28th It's not rough at all. In my experiences there is just a slight vibration at the bottoms of hills and elements, especially in the outer seats, but I've bared even noticed it. Some people claim they get a splitting headache after riding, but I find it to even be smoother than Millennium Force. It isn't rough at all. It's boring (in my opinion) and the restraint hurts my collarbones.
  6. We are planning on coming to celebrate KIC's birthday! Can't wait!
  7. I don't know for sure about those perks in particular, but we have used some of our perks (free funnel cake, etc.) during Haunt. You could call the park to be safe, but I imagine those perks are still valid/
  8. Just a quick question for someone that is more observant than myself: Do they still have a woodshop at Kings Island? My husband swears they used to, and I never really paid much attention, but we were wanting to get my husband's grandparents one of those wooden plaques that says the family name and Est. whatever year, for their 70th wedding anniversary next week. (That's not a typo, I said 70th! ) We were thinking we would go over there and get one this weekend (if the shop still exists, LOL) because we don't have time to wait on shipping if we order one online somewhere. Thanks so much for y
  9. I'm not saying that they don't have plans for the land where SOB is/was, but I don't really think they are taking it down "quickly" nor do I think they are taking their sweet old time on the demolition. Tearing this coaster down is going to take as long as it takes. No more, no less. If they needed the land to start construction this fall or winter, they would have likely started demo sooner. I don't think the speed at which the coaster is coming down has much to do with the current plans for the land, or lack thereof.
  10. I've never noticed Bavarian Beatle's return to the park having any real effect on the crowds. Maybe I will pay closer attention tomorrow when we head over there, see if a group of people follow us around. I kid, I kid. Really though, I have to agree with Elkman. The typical park-goer doesn't remember or care when used to be there, they just want to ride the biggest, fastest, etc. New attractions will bring in far more people than bringing back the old.
  11. My son was diagnosed with a peanut allergy earlier this month and I was pretty bummed about it... UNTIL NOW! (Still pretty bummed, but I can drown my sadness with chocolate covered peanut buttery goodness.)
  12. While I see your point, it is also interesting to note that Pointfest (Cedar Point's version of SS) will take place at a stage set up in Soak City's parking lot this Saturday, not on their Luminosity stage. While it is a much smaller event than SS, Cedar Point didn't want to miss out on the extra money people will pay to see the concert.
  13. Removing TA does not mean another pay-per-ride attraction is in the works as the revenue generated by TA can be compared to a popcorn fart. TimberWolf, at one time, served a purpose. It has unfortunately fallen behind by the entertainment industry standards (lighting, compatability, electrical usage, etc.), thus why it has only attracted less than a handful of events per year. Luminosity on the other hand is fresh & new. It attracted Carly Rae Jepsen, by no means a main attraction, but bigger than Spirit Song thus it is easy to see KI adding a Luminosity type stage to attract other act
  14. Swine flu for the the kiddies!
  15. When I was pregnant with my son, toward the end I had a countdown to my due date on facebook. After I had Ben, Keith jokingly suggested that I do a reverse countdown of how long I hadn't been pregnant. My son will be 1 Tuesday, and I had planned on pointing out to Keith that it had been an entire year since I had been pregnant. I never spent much time with him at the parks, but every time I did see him, he was always very friendly and just a great guy. May he rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, especially his wife and children, and also with everyone who had the privle
  16. We stood and watched a skunk playing* on the rocks around Diamondback's splashdown on opening day of the 2011 season. It seemed unconcerned about the large, loud coaster immediately overhead. *It may have been looking for food, I'm not an animal expert.
  17. Wow... just wow. Some people amaze me.
  18. I was there last week and Tower Gardens was closed and there were some Haunt props inside. Looked like the tall crates for Cornstalkers maybe?
  19. Even if I were filthy rich with tons of land and the means to purchase Rollersoaker, I still don't think I would.
  20. I have requested that an on-ride photo be cropped to include only my niece and myself. The operator in the photo booth at Vortex was happy to do so. I have no idea if the cameras, software, etc at Diamondback are any different. Did you ask them to crop the photo?
  21. I've never seen one of the trash cans in the ladies restrooms filled to the brim, especially with "feminine waste." If I had to venture a guess, I would say that they were probably in the process of emptying the small feminine waste bins into the big trash can before taking all the trash out. Also, I was just in the front gate restroom last week and my stall door locked. I never noticed if there was a purse hook in there or not because I didn't have anything to hang up. You may have just gotten a bad stall. However, I DID notice that there was a sign with a number and a code to text if you fo
  22. I'm the only one in the household that has spent any money on my pass. I have 7 visits, am 61.67% to the 3 star level and have redeemed my drink wristband. My husband has 2 visits and is 25% to the 2-star level. One of the kids has 6 visits, the other has 7 visits and has also redeemed his wristband, and they are both at 50% to the 2-star level. Not sure if that helps anyone, but there it is.
  23. How many of us purchased a season pass after FP was announced? I know I didn't. We purchased 4 of them after FP was announced. We would have purchased them even without the perks program, but I will say that we will occasionally spend money in the park that we otherwise would not have spent without FP.
  24. Thanks! I'm looking to see if I have any more that might be unique to share with you all. Edit: Ta-Da! The group shot from Ride Warriors (2009 I think?) And one of a snow covered Kings Island (Sorry, I couldn't find the original file, so you get the edited black and white version.)
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