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  1. Flying Eagles, Enchanted Voyage, Rotor, and Bayern Kurve. That is what I would love to see back at the Island.
  2. Nice video. I did get to ride The Rattler this year, but did not stay long enough to see the amazing light show. Fun ride. Nice addition to the park.
  3. Last seat of the backwards Racer was my favorite (which technically was the front seat)
  4. Thanks.Does the high winds (at that height) affect the ride operation? For example: Down on the ground, the wind may not be that bad, but when I was on Eiffel Tower, the wind was whipping around pretty hard. (both rides similar in height)
  5. What was the competitor's version of this ride? What was the name of the company and did they offer a 300ft version?
  6. My first coaster was Big Dipper at Camden Park. My First major coaster was The Racers at Kings Island. First coaster with an inversion, Screamin' Demon.
  7. I agree, three hour is too long to get the riders down. I would love to see a video of a " WindSeeker" being cranked down. Does the crew take turns hand cranking it down? ( I think your arm would get tired cranking a ride carriage, 300 ft. down. My arm gets tired from cranking an old fashioned ice cream maker, LOL)
  8. I agree, The Timberliners are supposed to be the next big thing, but what is really going on? Is The Voyage really getting the new trains next year or what? The concept is beautiful and it looks to be a great idea in theory. Timberliners are only being used on smaller coasters (as far as I know) I am 6ft 4" tall and the Timberliners look like they may give someone like me a little more leg room. That would really help me on the comfort.
  9. Did anyone notice that no one had their hands up, especially during the "high five" element?
  10. It will never happen, but I would love to see free beverages offered at Kings Island. Darn you Holiday World!!! (How you have ruined me. LOL)
  11. I love Firehawk, but hate the lines for the coaster. It may just be me, but when it was X-Flight at Geauga Lake, the ride operators seemed to be faster. The loading and unloading ran smoother at Geauga Lake. I know the crowds are not the same that have been seen at Kings Island, understandably, that was probably a major factor.
  12. I am gonna comment on myself to complete my query. As my comment elludes, the wind is quite strong when I am on the observation deck, and WindSeeker is just about the same height as the tower.
  13. I have a question. How does the ride operate at such heights with the wind whipping around? I have been on the ground, then go to the top of the Eifel Tower, and the wind is strong, up the high, but down below on the ground, the wind is minimal.
  14. PKI rides? Well, not sure, but like the other comments about owning just one ride, I would have to say an old classic flat ride from the Kings Island of old. My choice is Bayern Kurve. (not a PKI ride, I know) It was my first high speed flat ride that got me used to bigger rides and coasters. I guess the ride got me used to lateral Gs. I rode Kennywood's version many years ago, and it was opening day, the ride operator left us on for what I would call, two complete ride cycles.
  15. I have read where some people didn't like this coaster. I thought it was a fun little ride. My problem is, I rode The Beast when I was around 12 years old, and I judge (unfairly) all wooden coasters to this. It is very hard to live up to the standard of a wooden giant, that resides in the woods of Ohio. I am now 44 and I try to take each wooden coaster for what it is, not for what it is not(The Beast) I just get into riding a good coaster, and it seems over way too fast. Grizzly at Kings Dominion, was pretty good, but didn't seem long enough for me. Yet again, I have The Beast to blame.
  16. So, do all or most rides operate, or do they have limited rides open? Sorry, I have never attended "Haunt"They way I understand rides/kids themed Haunt open @ 11 a.m. and go onto 6, then clear out the kids for the "real" haunt attractions and start @ 7pm? So, rides operate during the entire time or what goes on, I would love to know. Thanks guys
  17. I just hope a really nice attraction(s) are built where SOB is currently located. The park's skyline will look strange without Son of Beast standing any longer. The void can be filled with some fun and interesting attractions. We will just have to trust Kings Island to build something soon.
  18. I noticed on Visit Kings Island, and the park's operating hours for October 20th and 27th (Saturdays) Is 11:00am to 1 am (14 total hours?) WOW!! Is this correct? I have never been to KI during the "Haunt" event, and I have always wanted to go. My goal is to ride The Beast around closing time at 1:00 am. I am sure this is awesome. Any tips for the Haloween experience at Kings Island??
  19. I really enjoyed my first trip to Holiday World, glad to hear you had fun. I absolutely love wooden coasters over steel, but I would love to see HW, get a nice smooth railed "steel coaster". Do not get me wrong, Raven, Voyage, and Legend are not be be missed, but as I rode the coasters, I thought it might be nice to have a break from the "out of control" feel, that you get from a nice woodie. That being said, I rode Raven, then to The Legend, onto The Voyage back to back. By the time I got off the second circuit on Voyage, I thought to myself, "It would be nice to have a steel coaster to b
  20. I have never been to Kings Island so late in the season. Just wondering how are the crowds are for the entire weekend? Is one day better than the other? I figured that Monday(actual holiday) would be smaller crowds, due to famalies getting together for a final cook-out. Saturday, Sunday, or Monday the best day to attend during the Labor day weekend? Any help on the topic will be greatly appreciated.
  21. Not at all. The two young kids giggling uncontrollably made it fun.
  22. We were a group of two, and we were paired with a family of four. The ride was fantastic. Have fun on your trip, I had a blast at HW. The pizza is really good. I found at the Voyage gift shop, 1/2 priced t-shirts. Just look for them. I bought a shirt for $9.99(Voyage)
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