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  1. I for one would be shocked to see year round operations. The climate / winter here is a whole lot different than that of Virginia and thr Carolinas. If we're going year round my expectation would be it would be for restaurants / shopping and maybe a dinner show or something in the festhaus and KI Theatre. Maybe something Cirque like? Our attraction lineup isn't well suited for winter ops in my opinion. I'm also not expecting any major new attraction announcement as there has been zero indication of ground clearing anywhere. I'm on the small flat / Waterpark announcement. Haven't had either since 2016 (unless you count auto's as a flat)
  2. I'm going to go way out on a limb here.... Lsm takes more space to achieve speed... but what if... We see a multi launch. Forward halfway up the tower, reverse through station (new spike near existing photo booth) and forward launch through existing layout (Maybe more layout added but highly doubtful)
  3. Maybe they are just relocating to a different spot in the park?
  4. Sure hope this isn't an April Fools joke! That PT show has potential but also sounds way more elaborate than anything the park has done before.
  5. I have a few issues with this. First and foremost, my cash says right on it "this note is legal tender for all debts public and private" What that means is they cannot legally reject my cash payment. Next, will everything in the park be switched to a flat $ amount after tax? I can't put an exact amount on the card at a kiosk. I don't think its fair to be forced to add $10 to a card for something that costs $9.75. Will there be ways to get $ back off my card if not used or does the park get to keep that? Worse yet would be the card issuer charging me for $ deposited that I can't use during the 4 months the park is closed. Winterfest ends, park doesn't open until spring... thats more than 90 days. Just a few issues I have with cashless.
  6. Great to see Chad / the park being proactive and acknowledging the situation.
  7. There is currently a post circulating on Facebook stating that 4 seats "flew off" Orion while testing. I find this very hard to believe as there is no evidence provided. Is the park or this community aware of this "rumor"? https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10105205443277136&id=39507173&sfnsn=mo
  8. i do remember the tennis balls stuck in the chain link! I didn't realize it was there that long!
  9. I just finished the action Park documentary on HBOMax. They talked about a tank attraction that shot tennis balls and it got me thinking... Does Anybody have pictures of the "Tank Boats"? From what I remember it was an upcharge attraction where two people would sit in a boat and fire tennis balls at targets manned by guests with cannons around the perimeter. I believe it was in the area now occupied by camp snoopy. It was near what was then the turnpike ride of memory serves me correctly. I was never able to ride do it as I was a small child. I believe it operated until around 1990. I remember watching my older brother ride and shoot the cannons.
  10. Sorry for the confusion. I was more asking if there is a single rider policy because I saw some without wristbands in the fast pass lane.
  11. Announcement just came through. Orion currently down.
  12. Currently waiting for orion. Started at Diamondback splashdown at 11:50. Made it to former Firehawk photo booth at exactly 1:50. I'd say about an hour to go so a good 3 hour wait. Side note, I have seen quite a few people without wristbands entering the fast pass line. Single riders??
  13. Thanks Indy! I closed and re-opened the app and that fixed it!
  14. Hey guys, just went to the health screening in the app... I'm unable to scroll or see other "symptoms". I selected no / no and done... but did not confirm if I had completed or not. Anyone having a similar issue??
  15. I just didn't know if places like KI and CP potentially had state licensed inspectors on their payroll or not. Not sure if that's even a thing. They could not legally operate the rides without state certification so they would not open without this. This could be the reason Stricker's closed. Maybe not worth the cost of inspection in they can't open until july and have to cancel the majority of their season. Only so many weekends for private parties to be booked.
  16. I work for a travelling amusement company here in Ohio. We do church festivals, county fairs, private events ect. We have been trying to get state inspections scheduled for our rides so we can be certified and ready to go when the time comes. We have been told the Dept of Agriculture has furloughed all state inspectors until Aug 1 and no inspection will be available before that date. Can anyone confirm? How would this affect KI if they can't get the attractions inspected or certified?
  17. Id love to think Zodiac was coming back because I never got to experience it... but I really don't think that the case. Skylab was a favorite of mine, but I dont see that making a return either. My best guess is Les' Taxi (the tiques) coming back as well as a complete refurb of The Racer with RMC Topper track (which is commonly red and would look very 75'ish with new blue rails). A little paint for Vortex and maybe a flat on the flight commander pad wouldn't be a bad thing either. My dream would be to topper track one side of racer and "RMC" the other making for two distinct experiences, but I don't think they will do that. The Racer is iconic and will never have its layout or concept changed (steel vengeance style) Topper track would give the same old ride a new smoother feel and a very welcome addition.
  18. i can see the marketing now... "Banshee and The Beast" two l"worlds longest" record breaking coasters.....
  19. so let me get this straight.... its okay to want a giga, or an invert, or a wing rider, or ANY NUMBER OF other things we have speculated this coaster could be in this thread, but it is NOT OKAY to want a stupid inverted wingrider that would be 100% new and unique to Kings Island, and one of a kind in the world? i'm not saying its what i want, i frankly don't care what we get. just glad we are getting something since there are parks and people around the world that would be thrilled with whatever we are about to receive... but honestly, its not out of the realm of possibilities at this point. i dont think its fair to call reasonable idea stupid... and as i said, this is 100% reasonable. it may not be this year, but i could see it happening sometime in the future with the evolution of coasters.
  20. i doubt it will be "The Bat" i honestly have a hard time believing that the park would go with another "re-creation" or use of a current or former attractions name. SOB was a PR disaster. i'm not saying this coaster would be, but their luck has not been great with this type of thing. just my two cents.
  21. i know its been mentioned before... but i'm betting on an inverted wing coaster. can't wait till thursday.
  22. Thank god! Only 8 more days of this stupidity... And bickering... And people claiming to "know" and "see things" then all ill have to read about is who hates it... And wishes it was something different, or who "knew it all along". he, I'm hoping for an invert by b&m. I've been hoping for one of those for a long long time... But truth be told, ill be happy with whatever they announce as clearly this will be some kind of coaster.
  23. you cannot see the north lot from the Soak City cam? can you? correct me if i'm wrong, but that camera is pointed at what i believe is kings mill way, and the traffic light at the Soak City exit... so those lights in the distance are pretty far off property. now if that camera were pointed to the right 90 degrees, we would have a pretty good view of a wide open... empty parking lot.
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