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  1. It was pretty bad last Saturday. I’d say this one will be the same or worse.
  2. I totally dig this idea. It would be such a logical flow.
  3. Oh i agree. The asphalt was terrible. Just miss the lamps and how it truly gave it a street feel.
  4. That overhead shot once again makes me question the paver design of the redo last year. I know actual curbs will never come back, but the Pavers could’ve been used to recreate this look instead of the “trees in the middle of a skinny road” they came up with. Also don’t understand why the lampposts weren’t returned.
  5. Right, that’s why I was asking the price. Sorry my wording was confusing. 13.99 -14.99 sounds about right.
  6. Anyone know how much if not on dining plan?
  7. So there’s been this thing called a pandemic???? It kinda hurt their numbers a bit this year and they might be scaling back on big spending.
  8. I agree to both actually. I think the goal would be better designed scare zones that can play both roles. I think pumpkin eater is a good example. During the day it reads as a pumpkin display but at night transforms. The Pirate ship could be the same if they moved it more where the Viking Fury is - during the day it could be "friendly pirates" that transition at night. Revolving panels, doors that flip open etc could be used for all of these to make more family friendly during the day. I think they've already moved more to that by eliminating some of the dismembered bodies and gore junk just t
  9. That’s assuming they did have limited time to plan. This may have been in the works fir a while and they just held off on marketing it until they knew the status of haunt and even their ability to do this event. I don’t think it was only planned as it was announced. also, we have no idea what may have been I. Store for Winterfest food-wise, and while I am bummed it isn’t happening, I think a watered down event wouldn’t do justice to that brand. I fear December’s outlook is very hard to guess right now with schools returning, flu hitting and people moving more indoors. But I do hope n
  10. This is why franchise agreements with national brands are bad. I’m sure they have to let auntie Anna and Cinnabon be the only game in the park.
  11. Isn't that basically what I said? And DisneyLAND does rely on APs a lot more than WDW. Many think to the detriment of the park. They have upped the cost and added the restrictions over the past year (not that those matter as much now, but...) but they still provide a source of lower, steady income. Sorry if I didn't phrase my initial statement well. I wasn't implying APs don't add to the bottom line, its just as you said at a longer term level. Thats why Im glad they are looking for a mixed portfolio of ways to bring guests back again.
  12. Totally agree, and they do make money off of them, but not the same way as the “immediate positive cash flow” as the gate purchasers. We AP guests are like a slow drip IV of cash (why the push the payment plan so much) and the family of 4 that buys tickets for a day, eats 2 meals in the park, snacks, games and souvenirs is like the jolt of caffeine. You couldn’t survive well with just one or the other, but for APs to feel like they should “call the shots” is silly. The park is (I feel) developing a well-balanced approach to driving repeat visits, increasing in-park spending, and maximizing Cap
  13. Right. Pass holders are a valuable customer segment , but have to realize they often COST more than they MAKE. It’s a balancing act keeping them happy, returning and SPENDING but also not having them flood the park, inflate crowds and create a bad guest experience (read “I’m not spending any more money HERE”) for people paying hate admission.
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