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  1. Wow. Great job. Much better allocation of resources this year to create themed areas. Coney had the energy it was lacking last year. The passage around the tower “wintetfest way” has the more organized look if lacked last year. Just an all around great job. There were of course a few technical glitches like no moving lights in candy cane lane, but I’m sure they’ll be addressing all of that as the event continues. I’m still amazed at the detail they put into trim elements (decor in the wreaths and trees) that is barely visible after 6 when it’s dark. They certainly could open earlier and it would look great. It’s an event that is definitely NOT just all about lights like the zoo.
  2. Its so refreshing to hear honest talk about operational issues instead of cinnamon bread loving "I'll have great time even if it's closed" don't bash the park-res that populate TPR. A lot of people really love Dollywood and want to see success, but are honestly frustrated about the closures and question their ability right now to successfully deal with the situation. I for one thing DW is a superior park, but am getting a little nervous about what this situation is also doing for their long term growth plans, which Im sure were based on the revenue lift and attendance lift that this attraction would bring. Buying that Lighting Rod shot glass right now is a little like salt in the wound if you are one of the MANY that have not been able to enjoy it.
  3. I think at this point the public (those who don't follow forums like this and know the recall was for a cylinder for the restraint system, and the delays and recall were never for safety) don't know what the delays and closures are for are are starting to assume it is for safety reasons. I was at the park last week and - got to ride it during a few hours of up time, but definitely heard a lot of "you'd never get me on that thing - its not safe" type comments while people were standing there gawking during all the down times. The longer the park plays the "its just commissioning - technical rehearsal" card the more it starts sounding like they are hiding something. Truthfully at this point I think they should really explore the idea of PUBLICLY STATING that the ride - while totally safe is having serious operational issues, and that the ride will not open for the remainder of the 16 season so that they can readdress those issues and have a successful "relaunch" next year. The on again, off again operation certainly isn't doing anything for their marketing, merchandise sales, and must be playing havoc with payroll as you have ride ops and hosts show up to "maybe" work a few hours, then sit - wait - be redistributed to other areas of the park, be called back to LR - be sent home etc etc etc. Its a shame, because it IS a great ride. It COULD be an awesome calling card for the park, but the longer it goes on like it is the more damage I fear it is doing to the long term perception of the ride and the park.
  4. Its a forum to express opinions - Mine are expressed. If you don't like them - sorry, but I can still have them and express them. Im not negatively affected - I don't sit at home for hours as a pastime dreaming of Kings Island - I just see the potential in this park that would appeal to me.
  5. Oh and "moved on" from a Starlight Spectacular but left half of the lights hanging out of the half dead trees - Replaced it with nothing in the way of evening entertainment (except for the 5 min firework "spectacular" set to the oddest chopped up soundtrack I've ever heard. These have all been GREAT changes.
  6. and the "huge" Starbucks is unthemed to anything other than "Starbucks" and the petting zoo looks like a temporary event that just stayed. We also tore down a nonfunctioning waterfall and added MULCH to an area that looks disgusting with dead trees filling all the old stream beds and nothing but a few shrubs filling the "Tower Gardens" while the haze of smoke fills the air of this "relaxing spot" right next to the grand carousel with burt out light bulbs, chipping paint and missing wood detail.
  7. My point exactly - ONLY A SEASONAL AMUSEMENT PARK. It's just interesting the difference between the parks owned by the same corporate company. They know their "markets" and the customer base. I just wish we weren't that customer base. Kings Island - from the music, to the landscaping, to the ride theming is nothing special and getting less and less. Its clean, tidy and looks like an average shopping mall. I don't get the "see also Banshee"comment. What is the context and placement? A big metal coaster in an area of concrete, pavers and "sun shades"? Whats the theming? A few tombstones with lots of much and a few grasses scattered around. I guess the theme fits the overall theme of "slightly modern, minimal mall-ish look with easy to maintain shrubbery" That could be said for Diamondback as well. That goes along with the non-theme mall directory style "touch and go" maps throughout the park, the bad TV time infotainment all over the park and the sans serif metal lettering on the now painted over and unthemed german style "Festhaus". It just feels like there should be a Best Buy on International Street and a Hobby Lobby in Action Zone and we could make a day of it.
  8. Its sad (and amazing) that these two parks have the same corporate parent. Why can't we have even HALF of the investment in KI that Knotts sees? KI is a sad shell of what was once there - bland, shopping mall style landscaping and bad pop music blaring - heck the new area mall has better theming than this park. Just frustrating that our regional park is left to become an amusement park - nothing more. http://micechat.com/114489-knotts-berry-farm-ghost-town-75th-anniversary-celebration/
  9. I don't think having a huge building on a main artery of the park closed the majority (all of the regular) season counts good use as an attraction. Haunt is a seasonal "extentsion" and as such should use temporary structures or at least not tie up major structures that that be used for full season attractions. If there REALLY is no plan for the space that fine, but to say its in use isn't really a fair statement. If the building was a main season attraction then received a halloween overlay, then that would be better. Even the action theatre is not as bad since its basically hidden and hard to get to unless you really need to get back to it. The only thing helping the TRTR (crypt) issue is that the landscaping has finally grown in to look the way it was intended to from its opening day of a tomb deep in the jungle and it hides it better.
  10. just turn on the radio - there...Kings Island Playlist
  11. I think it should be good for ONE walk on for each of the rides - not unlimited walk on. OR go with the TimeSaver method that Dollywood uses where you reserve a ride time. then you can always reserve another ride time later. All this does is slow down the boarding process for the regular line. Overall lines would move faster if they weren't feeding in "Fast Lane" riders and I do think multiple rides - when they get off and get back on another time or two before you get on from the regular line even once is annoying.
  12. I think unless the music is incorporated throughout the entire experience it seems odd on just the lift - always has to me. I don't think in this case it adds a lot. I think it feels tacked on and unnecessary especially since its continually interrupted for the safety announce. If they had recorded that INTO the music then it would have been better - especially if there were areas throughout the ride that the music was heard again to "accent" what was happening - like the tunnels etc. But overall I won't miss it - It would have been better to have had themed music playing in the station instead of ONE DIRECTION
  13. Well, to be fair, there is only so much one can do with such a large are of Concrete and Pavers. One giant parking lot with some Trees here and there isn't gonna be much more than a Shopping Mall. One has to work with what they are given. Well, to be fair, there is only so much one can do with such a large are of Concrete and Pavers. One giant parking lot with some Trees here and there isn't gonna be much more than a Shopping Mall. One has to work with what they are given. No one doesn't have to work with what one is given when one owns the park and can change what is there when they so desire - IF they so desire and they don't. Yes the park was a mess from Paramounts attempts at "improving" it, but the infrastructure was there. CF has chosen to not repair, but remove a lot of it (clock on Festhaus, Water features throughout the park, Richer landscaping) in favor of easy to maintain "nice" shopping mall parking lot looking landscaping and details. I don't think it should look like a lush flamingo encounter at the zoo, I just think there are things that can be done that look better. In areas of mulch you can tell there used to be additional bushes are trees by the way things are spaced, but instead you get acres of much with one or two lonely bushes because the others died and they just removed and remulched. Again it looks NICE but thats about all it looks.
  14. I agree with the coney mall sign. It seems like - with all of the design of the new additions to the park - that they are moving away from themed areas all together and going for a generic - outdoor shopping mall modern look throughout. The new tv monitor directories - while "nice" look like something id find at my nearest "shopping village" advertising the sale at HOT TOPIC. I guess if you're going to play generic pop music everywhere theme be darned then why bother with signs saying your in a different area when it certainly doesn't look or "feel" different. I feel like Paramount totally muddled the themes - then CF just figured why bother. The new "shade tarps" are the same everywhere in the park - just different colors. The landscaping is essentially the same. the music the same, the annoying TVs playing the same loops, the directories the same, the uniforms the same etc etc. I think the themed area ship has LONNNNNNG sailed. Its amazing to me that Knotts and the other Cedar Fair parks are even run by the same company when looking at the changes to Knotts in recent years to restore theming and "immersive experiences" (Calico Mine Train, Timber River) and other CF parks are going for this generic "airport-office complex look" see the new entry complex for Carrowinds - YIKES Mall Modern! Its sad because I truly appreciate well themed areas and the variety of experiences that these give to a park, but I see more and more that I am not the KI demographic. AMUSEMENT PARK not THEME PARK anymore.
  15. what so interesting is that as much as CF (at least in years past) doesn't or didn't invest in thutheming, it still makes a difference. Last night (opening night) the park was packed and my two kids were tired of waiting in every line for rides. It was interesting while waiting for Backlot Stunt Coaster that my daughter (who was finally tall enough this year) said - we have to with all this time to ride this?!!?! to which my son replied - It's a long wait but its SO worth it because they built it so well (theming, police cars, explosions etc) now I WISH he could have ridden it during its first season or two when it actually had all that was INTENDED to be there, but even as minimal as it is now, just that little bit of story makes it "worth the wait"to him. Same with Adventure Express (sorry state of that theming as well) they love that its not BIGGER FASTER TALLER only. I hope that current direction can blend the two a bit. I realize we will never see a "DISNEY" dark ride (or even the level that Paramount did with TRTR) but when some of the infrastructure is still there (Adventure Express) or easy to incorporate, I think CF is missing an opportunity to connect with a market. I think Dollywood has done a good job of overlaying theme to "off the shelf" rides in ways that tell a story without breaking the bank.
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