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  1. Agree. Weak offering. If I did t have a pass, no way I would pay to go. So much more they could’ve done (with no real extra staff or expense) to make it a stronger offering this year. If staffing was an issue, eiujdve been a great year to add effects or theming to rides to turn them into haunt attractions themselves. Weak “scare zones “. Couldn’t speak to the indoor mazes, cutting so many of them seem to make the waits for what was left rediculous. Seeing Tricks and Treats a few weeks ago seemed weaker this year as well. Wish they had just done that one event as strong as last year instead of spreading their budget across two weak events.
  2. From the “accidental” backwards printing to the “unintended” backwards image in the Orion art, there’s seem to be quite a few “mistakes” either pointing to a change, or trollling fans.
  3. I wish it would get a complete makeover to be used for Winterfest. Put a peanuts show there to better tie into Planet Snoopy. Not fully enclosed, but something better than just the fabric shade. Also take out some seating rows toward the back and make flat terraces with table seating. It’s rarely full with the bleachers. Might be a nice way to provide a better place than bandstand to do longer shows, but still have the option of eating while watching.
  4. It wasn’t used this year. Why put it up??
  5. Great. Glad that’s happening this year.
  6. Thanks for the enlightening info. Sorry I was happy to report something good. I don’t see where’s it’s been discussed at all.
  7. . I just checked with a pass on blue racer. Definitely Christmas parade floats. Might explain some of the haunt entertainment cuts. Gotta cover that extra expense.
  8. Really bad show. All you could come up were black trash bags to cover these? Ever since they started doing these I’ve loved the effect…hated the infrastructure. Don’t know they couldn’t do a big urn or something to hide the whole set up. Looks really bad during day.
  9. Has no one called out the fact that the Winterfest parade floats are now parked in the storage tent? Christmas parade anyone????
  10. Tastings are only for Tricks or Treats on Sat and Sunday just FYI and only until 10 on sat and 8 on Sun. Plan accordingly if heading out tonight.
  11. The map has hit social media and the GP has noticed the cutbacks in quantity without a cutback in cost. The danger in winning that silly “best of the best” USA today thing is that just maybe people who see that, expect the best of the best when they come.
  12. Why???? More chain food and liscensed branding??
  13. It’s been a great year if you ask my kid!
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