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  1. Can you point out what you are seeing in this picture?
  2. Agree to disagree on both points. What CF is doing with all these projects you mentioned plus Adventure Port and Boardwalk is more architectural “themed structures” where are easier to maintain than theatrical effects needed to make a mad house interesting enough to “draw guests from around the world”. Got it-you want one-I’d like to experience one once, but just don’t see it being a solid investment for the park. I think it’s telling that there aren’t to a of them around outside of Europe.
  3. But why? If anything that side needs lusher landscape to make it less confusing. You want “the land formerly know as Oktoberfest” to have NOTHING to show for itself any more? Lol
  4. I don’t think it will ever happen. These depend on theming and story elements to sell the illusion, and 2 points to that 1) even though it’s way better than before, Kings Island has limited success in keeping theming functioning at 100% (see spotty MysticTimbers swinging lamps, flickering lights, Banshee flickering lights, Banshee lighting package, etc) and 2) these are so story driven that once you have experienced the story a few times, there is limited “re-ridability” which is critical at a regional park KI.
  5. That wouldn’t make sense as it isn’t in the same area. That “zone” seems to be staying a “German neighborhood” of IS with the pretzel building (can we PLEASE for the love of God get rid of Auntie Ann’s and instead do real, artisan pretzels with creative toppings and flavors) and Festhaus, the completely un-German, German food and festival haus.
  6. I like that this seems to clean up the mess that the biergarden patio had become where pergolas had been cut down, light poles added, railing tacked on where bridges used to be etc. speaking of bridges-wish that one came back to connect the food/bev location more directly to the other food location (festhaus). Now they just need to bring back the banners/streamers to the “German area extension of international street formerly known as Oktoberfest” to balance the colors. One side of the pond is looking bold and bright-the other is gonna seem a bit brown and dowdy by comparison. Even if they “absorbed” Delirium (renamed) into Oktoberfest as an additional ride for that area. It seems more like part of that area anyway with a minor re-route of the queue line.
  7. That’s the perfect description LOL. They are missing a tie-in at SweetSpot not selling “chocolate Viking furies”. It’s just sad when you see what the paint dept CAN do (carousel organ). Even if they outsourced the main body repaint and did the detail “in house” over time it would’ve been nice.
  8. Sorry, I think that’s a poor justification for cheaping out on a refurbishment. I agree with what another poster said that I honestly don’t think Adventure Port was on the radar when the boat was painted. I feel like that was a bit of a “oh crap we need an attendance driver that is more permanent than ‘festival or entertainment’ but doesn’t eat into our long term cap ex for Vortex and other long term projects”.
  9. Remember when the Viking Fury actually had detail? Wonder why the last repaint just stopped at shiny poop brown? Then they reattached the figure head as it had been so it almost looks worse with its aging against the shiny, one color ship. There are so many details that could’ve been easily enhanced (and maybe even added back on the mast, sail and lantern) but at least sone dry brushing of gold or a light brown would’ve done wonders. Oh well… guess that Viking ship has sailed!
  10. I feel if they wanted to offer a park-specific, one day option. With more value, they could offer the Dollywood “limited” timesaver option with a set number of “rides” that you can use on different attractions or all on one attraction, but each time, the card/wristband/lanyard whatever is punched. They even made “top tier” attractions one and done by printing those specific rides on a set number of tabs.
  11. Wonder why we only got this one year. It’s really developed a lot more and would be a great “early season” driver. So much of the content has already been produced for Knotts and by a lot of it being character driven, it’s mostly voice dubbed. Wish we brought this back and expanded it to this level for a month or so when the park is open just weekends. weekends, then an early summer Carnivale, late summer BBQ, craft and music fest, then haunt. With Winterfest, we could have a solid season long festival focus to drive attendance. https://www.micechat.com/345229-a-rocking-peanuts-celebration-2023-at-knotts-berry-farm/
  12. I didn’t say they were. I said “personally” as in my opinion. But still they can make changes to any program at any time (so says the fine print) lol
  13. Personally I’d be fine with a higher price as it would reduce overall demand, then maybe limit the former “plus” attractions to one Fast Lane ride each if they want to differentiate somehow.
  14. Agree on new (old) theme. I’d go one step further and call it Miami River Water Works using an old “ghost sign” with WaterWorks overlaid in new font. Play with the idea this is the old “water works” along the river that brought water to the KingsMills area. Keep bold, bright colors, but maybe have all the supports more industrial iron look. Love the more “steam punk” idea and get away from the tired, ineffective “beach” idea. It isn’t fooling anyone. Dollywood Splash country works because it leans into the natural landscape and feels more organic to the area.
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