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  1. Yep. Works well for this as well. Guess they figure “ heck, Disney isn’t doing anything with it right now!”
  2. I still think they need to “calm them down” during the day more. Maybe a slower cycle of patterns or use the “squiggle” less. You can address each nozzle individually so it seems like they could some more “classic” looks until show time. That way you haven’t seen all the tricks earlier in the day. Even if they programmed 3-4 songs to do a mini show on the hour and rotate. And lastly I wish they would decide if the “finger jets” arch to the center or shoot straight up. They do a little bit of both and look a little sloppy. Personally I think arching more would look best and give another effect. Other than that I agre, they look much better this year.
  3. Surprised to see this. honestly I’ve been Beyond impressed with the choices mgmnt has made this difficult year regarding the operation of KI. I’m almost thinking we might have the strongest CF park right now.
  4. Love the idea. See my thoughts on the area as a whole in the topiary thread.
  5. Ahhh how could I have forgotten that authentic themed experience. STILL wish the entrance to Banshee was routed to that spot, slingshot moved to “action drone”, and the entrance path to Banshee themed (as it is, but with even more) to a European ancient cemetery. Then retheme Adventure Express to remove the “tropical jungle” stuff that is in horrible shape anyway and give it a haunted German mike vibe so the two thrill rides had a unified theme. There’s even a great folklore in the story of the Kobolds. These are little , nasty creatures (almost like gremlins) Kobolds who live in mines are hunched and ugly. The basic theming is there, just give it a freshening you. Add back in a few flats with flags and “festival” decor. Backstory that in this “quaint German village, the festival helps the villagers forget about the sinister spirits lurking in the woods just outside of town.” Maybe even have a village gate you have to pass through to get to the “woods” where Banshee and Kobold are located. Oh well, can dream!
  6. Love it. Saw it last night. Small steps in the right direction. Now if octoberfsst actually had more than a swinging shiny brown ship...
  7. I think the rain threat didn’t help. The “start” tine for storms just kept getting later and later. Earlier in the week it looked like today would be a washout. We even went yesterday instead of tonight because of it.
  8. Thanks for agreeing with me and restating all I said.
  9. On the Planet Snoopy thread, I think it would also be good to spread the flats and family experiences out more. Dollywood has done a good job of having (essentially now 2 with wildwood grove) family/kid areas, but then providing similar or related experiences for the Littles close to big thrills. Lightning rod is balanced by rockin roadway. Thunderhead and drop line are balanced by whistle punk chaser and lumberjack lifts. These placements provide milder experiences and thrill throughout the park and don’t make parents feel “trapped” in just a kiddie area all day. And a tether to camp snoopy would go a long way to strengthening rivertown and softening that whole area of the park with a more natural vibe. Our area has no cohesive theme other than concrete.
  10. They originally appeared at haunt with the various mazes featured in each around the tower. They’ve been wheeled out for carnivale AND Winterfest with different graphics in them. I feel like they look more and more like giant trash cans!
  11. Hollywood horror nights. Universal Hollywood’s Halloween event.
  12. But there won’t be any “renewal” incentive this year since all passes are good for next. There’s little to move the needle there once those payments for 2020 are complete. There really little incentive to buy a New pass for next year at this point when no one knows what 2021 will look like. I wouldn’t if I didn’t already have this years. I don’t know what they can do to stimulate cash flow once the current passes are “paid off” maybe offer 2 for 1 incentives for dining plan, drink plan? Continue with “bring a friend” deals? Not sure. Honestly if they’d knock 2-3 bucks off “meal deals” Or offer free drink (loss leader) when you buy a 14.00 meal we would eat there more. I think they need to get creative with ways to stimulate spending soon. They’re not even going to have as many days to get the $$$$ this year. Might as well get as much as you can while you have them in park.
  13. Since now Universal Hollywood, Disney World and Land have all pulled the plug on their Halloween events, smaller parks probably won’t be too far behind on that move.
  14. Universal, Disney land and world Halloween events cancelled as of today.i wouldn’t look for haunt this year.
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