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  1. It’s odd that you don’t really see that at all. Wonder if there is some issue with United features on the liscensing or if they just don’t see it as that important. It would’ve been a “natural” to have the gang in international costumes during carnivale. Why weren’t they going on a world wide trip? Such a great way to tie it all together. It’s be like peanuts really don’t have any purpose outside of their one area. Seems like a miss.
  2. There is nothing “innovative “ about the rides in wildwood grove. What nails it is the landscaping, the music, and the storytelling applied to off the shelf rides. Something that Cedar Fair is only starting to get better at.
  3. I couldn’t figure out why the other night something felt so different when walking through coney over to check out the dance party. Then I realized it was because there was a wonderful, jazzy INSTRUMENTAL track playing. No lyrics! No radio top 40. It was wonderful. I’m not saying that’s the best track for the entire park, but it felt so right for that walk. I loved that I wasn’t singing along, feeling like I was in the car.
  4. I think next time needs to be a blend of “best of” from this year and 2019. The lack of real “cultural entertainment “ was very noticeable this year. I didn’t like grouping everything onto the main stage and replacing Chinese acrobats and Italian opera singers with generic “carnival” acts, but I got it from a staffing and cost standpoint. It was easier to hire more “circus acts” that could cross over into the parade. It is more of a cultural appropriation fest than a cultural fest, but I think they can hit a better balance next time. The scavenger hunt did talk about facts from each country, but it was very hard to hear the video (with the Expedia ad that popped up first) and I don’t think they did a very good job of promoting it. next time I think they need to go back to small, authentic acts in each country, not “kids in costume” hanging around, do a craft or activity that actually teaches something in each country, or not promote it as a “cultural festival” since that sets expectations a bit high. Maybe an “internationally inspired party” is what I would’ve called this year.
  5. Well, that 5 minutes might be the highlight of some kids day.
  6. Finally caught BuskerJam last night in my “solo farewell to Carnivale” night. What a great show and what a bad venue! I felt for these guys trying to engage the crowd that couldn’t see for the throngs walking through. They definitely need to rope off a bit of the space to force the people walking through BEHIND the audience. It got better as it went on. I love these little “pop up” shows that they have gone this year (as well as brew beats) but I hope they develop these venues a bit more. Would be cool if they could integrate them into the area more so they don’t look as much like temporary trade show booths, and have better crowd control. Brewbeats is great in that it’s ON the midway without being IN the midway. I don’t think they need to be a “sit down in a theatre” type of setting, but a better placement would help the experience.
  7. 4th time. It’s BUSY, and I’m still walking around with a goofy grin thinking, “this is EXACTLY what this park should look like!” So much energy, so much “fun”. Seeing kids dancing in the street, drummers just randomly “parading” around, people chilling on sofas eating good food. It just feels “different” I’m alone tonight, and I’ve had great conversations with total strangers. Events like this seem to put people in a more “get along” mood.
  8. Sure! Glad you got that (I work hard to be subtle yet effective)
  9. Please, no… just stop with the gate coaster. It’s not needed at KI.
  10. Agree with what they said about removal probably stopped when pandemic shut down hit. These have been there since close of winterfest 2019 I’m pretty sure. There’s tons of stuff left up (too much if you ask me, it’s sloppy leaving all lighting of Charlie Brown trees lot up and unlit all the time.
  11. Most of the parade “cast” is out and about in character from 5 on. They are roaming their respective areas until parade time, then all assemble. The support staff (traffic control, safety etc) do have other jobs I believe (Manning info/craft booth, guest assistance, etc) but also join the parade at “go time”. They learned the choreography for the dance break, so it’s not like they just randomly grab associates and give them carnivale shirts. Not sure if people “signed up” to work the parade from other roles and are just trained in 1-2 practices and scheduled accordingly, but that’s my guess that only the “featured costumed performers” are actually cast by entertainment.
  12. That whole side of the park could flow beautifully with the right theming. River town into camp snoopy into a returned and renovated “KingsMills WaterWorks” water park with tall pines and lusher landscape (and ditch the fake tropical -beach theme)
  13. The booths (overall) seem to be staffed, there’s just so much you can do with some of the more “labor intensive” preps they are doing in “pop up” kitchens. Short of doubling up entire prep areas, I’m not sure what they could do to expedite. I could see maybe in future years splitting the sweet/ beverage and savory into two tents in some of the more popular areas.
  14. I think they could definitely tie many of the daytime trick or treat stations thematicly into night time scare zones and even try to better theme (location-wise) the mazes. Like the pirate treat station located by the set for the pirate scare zone with maybe even an indoor haunt in the area that ties in as well. Make the indoor the most intense, the outdoor still “slightly kid friendly” fir kids that want to stay after dark.
  15. This was discussed on NEXTDOOR where the parent posted the events that happened. They said the kids (attacked) were with the parents the whole day and had no issues. When they let the kids go off on their own, the daughter called within an hour saying they were being attacked for NO REASON. I’m certainly not saying violence should ever be the solution, but interesting that the attack was “totally unprovoked” yet the parents weren’t around to really know if words weren’t shared both ways. There’s often nuances to a story, especially when you are relying on kuds account, that get lost in the shuffle.
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