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  1. Wonder why the impressive row of banners lining the front walkway have been replaced with dinky plastic flower barrels?! It was too good to last I guess.
  2. Wait??? KK has Dollywood cinnamon bread? I’m torn between ready to drive down, and depressed the uniqueness is gone.
  3. I hate when places *******ize their own event logo... badly
  4. Agree. I feel like each area of the park should have at least one water feature. We lost the waterfall in Rivertown, the fountain in front of festhaus, the fountains in the coney midway and even the theatre used to have an iron 3 tier fountain in front of it. The elephant from Hanna Barbera wound up at Jungle Jim’s!
  5. Even a coat of fresh concrete stain would’ve done wonders. Should’ve happened while the marble squares were out.
  6. Hopefully all the surrounding pavers get a deep clean. They look pretty scrungy. Would also be nice if they used the lighting rigs to actually focus light these.
  7. As much as I think the logo is a bit clunky and “inelegant” I like that they have been fully committed to it and really gone for the trim package.
  8. Oh, I agree. They did do a solid B in the eyes of the general public. Folks like us are a more select breed that can appreciate what is there while still seeing the little things that could’ve been done to make it much stronger. It’s a fun game, but I don’t let it ruin my days there.
  9. That’s the problem-1) it’s too convoluted to quickly communicate through visual clues and 2) the visual clues are all wrong. Is it a new building? Old building? The lights on the posts are weathered in the front of the queue, shiny and new in back. It was a nice effort, but it’s all over the place. And that’s BEFORE the Cracker Barrel lush Christmas decorations and a random black glitter disco Christmas tree show up! LOL.
  10. Wonderful detail. Wish they could communicate more clearly the “story” of the ride. The queue, while overall well designed, suffers from looking WAY to new. I never understood why all the mulch and minimal planting when they could basically over planted and let “weeds” take over the landscaping. The wood needed to be aged WAY more and the mishmash of “abandoned in the 80s” yet modern security patrolling it is odd. The “security camera” coverage makes it NOT seem abandoned. I think that tv (which is hard to even see) isn’t even needed and the “radio communication” works best when it sounds like it’s coming from urban explorers on the property. It seems like there are about 3 stories all going on and even the “monster” could be more effective if we never really saw so fully what it was. Projection mapping of vines advancing in the first part of the brake run would’ve helped and WAY more growth all over the entrance to the shed (instead of faded hobby lobby plastic ivy) would make the ending stronger.
  11. I wasn’t implying that things had to be kept “pristine” or never changed, more that with proper planning, a general theme can be maintained. Even Disney is (sadly) much less diligent about their careful sight line planning theses days, but at least at “ground level” there should be more thought out into things. I’m not asking them to play at the same level, but to at least respect some of the thought that went into the original development and design.
  12. That’s not spot on. You can have both with sound planning and creativity. The first few years of Cedar Fair ownership they demonstrated none of that. They were more focused on cramming the biggest thing they could in spots irregards to theme or appropriateness (much like their predecessors) They’ve shown in later years with Mystic and Orion you can have both modern thrill ride and cohesive queue and sighting that integrate into an area. I don’t think this is just “an enthusiast looking for anything to complain about” that’s a lazy place to put the blame. I think a “once a year” attendee would want the best, most immersive experience possible, and a huge steel coaster craned into a “riverfront pioneer town” with a horrible queue and crappy carnival games in its helix is hardly attractive to a “once in a lifetime” guest.
  13. Yeah. Paramount may have screwed up the story line and cohesiveness of the area, but Cedar Fair butchered it beyond belief when they crammed Diamondback in there with the laziest, poorest planning and site use possible. HATED those first few years of Cedar Fair ownership. They screwed up as much as they improved.
  14. Wait… so there’s a paint shop where it can be taken… on site… to be repainted? So why did it get to shape it was in to begin with? I know the “guts” needed to be restored, but there seems to be a need for more on going preventative maintenance on these things. Even if there are a few days during the early season that things are off live or down for a few more weeks of refurbishment.
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