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  1. Thanks - was just going to highlight a few of those things - Would those keep an out of towner here to visit KI a few more days? Maybe not, but it 1) there was better PHYSICAL connectivity between Cincinnati and KI to get people into the city easier, and 2) better coordination around events in Cincinnati - such as an "All American Reds BaseBall" event in the Coney section w Reds players and memorabilia, a "Game Day Tailgate" (kinda did this one) around big football game weekends, Maybe try to coordinate something around Carnivale with the art museum to highlight International art from the countries represented by the festival... I don't know - there are lots of other events that they could even do ticket "bundles" with such as the Zoo - or now that the rides are gone and they compete in different segments, develop a relationship with Coney mgmt to highlight the "Birthplace of KI" and give a discount as an incentive t extend your stay in the "Beautiful new Kings Island Inn" for an extra day to visit old Coney. Again, it doesn't seem like an avenue they want to go down right now
  2. I think that’s a fail on KIs part in that they ARENT marketing the whole region more. There’s the zoo, pro sports, great urban dining and exploration, great theatre and cultural experiences. I’d venture that If they WANTED to they could bring back that “destination” mentality with a “Disney Springs” style development, more partner lodging and dining as well as cross promotions with other area attractions. I thought it could’ve been heading that way years ago with the movie theatre, but that didn’t really last. Even if they developed the water park into a real, stand alone attraction worthy of a second gate admission I think they could really develop the whole property.
  3. The idea that the want a sub-par product is just bad business. I think,again, that they are moving KI to a different target demographic-and you hit it right on the head-“scaled down family version” although I’d venture Orion is still pushing the “family” limits. It just makes sense to go after two different demographics. Based on that, I’m actually surprised there’s not been more investment into things like fixing theming on AE, creating more richly themed areas, bringing in more multi-generational flats, revamping the kids area into a true world-class destination, mixing more family friendly rides throughout the park (aka Dollywood) and even developing more lodging and on-property food and retail options. I think the general public is less moved by “stats” than enthusiasts like to think. I HOPE we keep seeing more dollars invested into overall experience and quit chasing after just the next world record height, speed whatever. Those can always be surpassed if that’s all you are trading on. and I SERIOUSLY doubt they would have approved the expense of demo fir Vortex, just to keep the KI down a few notches. Why bother if it had “years of life” still left?? Based in that, that’s why I wish the branding, logo and everything was totally different (like knotts) because trying to have corporate consistency only invites comparisons.
  4. So true, and further, if they are smart, they would intentionally make those decisions to differentiate those products. I wish ( and see it happening a bit more) that they would continue to move Kings Island more in line line with Knotts-more of a whole family theme park with some thrill elements, and have CP continue to push the thrill envelope. I appreciate that the overall budget for Orion and Mystic included reworking and theming the overall area. If there was more of that park-wide (looking at you Banshee that just got dropped in a concrete jungle) I don’t think people would feel as “short changed” when the pure thrill or world record stats don’t blow everything prior away. With Carnivale, Winterfest and, I feel a few more seasonal festivals, KI is on its way to becoming a bigger regional player that attracts a different demographic than CP.
  5. Also agree in the “shutting down” at 10. I think it’s a bit odd that essentially everything Winterfest ends at 10 and then it’s just a 2 hour dance party. Maybe if they also had a few other stages set up Coney by Skyline (stays open) with classic rock band , “A Rockin’Countdown” Rivertown at LaRosas (stays open) etc with country band “Country Countdown” maybe even Area 72 with dance music, then top 40 pop at bandstand (like a coast to coast NYE) show, it would spread people out. They could essentially rope off Rivertown at the arcade (kept open) and Coney at the big tree keeping arcade open there as well have only the loop around dodgem open to cycle people back to I street. Maybe even these mini concerts end at 11:30 to get people all moving to I street by 12.
  6. Great review, and I agree, the decor is over the top in a good way. It’s so well done that it’s a shame most of the great detail is lost at night. I wish they did more general low level wash lighting of all the buildings not on I street so you could really make out things like the garland on Skyline is trimmed in all yellow and blue, Subway has all yellow and green ornaments, Racer had a split red/blue wreath and garland, but then they lit it all white and you totally lost that. The trim is designed as much for day as night, but they open so late,that you don’t really have a chance to appreciate the details like the wheat and cotton in Rivertown decor.
  7. Totally agree that small steps are definitely being taken with the food. I certainly understand that it’s also a business balancing act when you are trying to be theme appropriate, yet sellable.
  8. Thanks. Some, with their passion and love for the park feel they need to negate anything they view as critical of the park, when it’s really not meant as a negative, but a wistful desire for things that you personally see as creating the “best possible guest experience “
  9. Agree, and honestly I’d venture that with the fountain renovation, they actually lessened the experience. Now, if the grand renovation on international street involved pushing the seating out closer to the fountain all the way around allowing for the seating to be further out, bringing back a true “street” hardscape and light posts along the building side to better define the “street”, hiding speakers so they aren’t just hung on the buildings, building out soffits to hide lighting equipment instead of having cords bundled all over the buildings, installing enough electrical outlets to properly light all Winterfest trim with out running extension cords that are left up all year, replacing mall food court options with true international foods, bringing back some compelling retail instead of a mall build a bear, and creating a program fir a show fountain that stays grand and refined through the day, then amazes at night…THEN I’d say WOW that’s the most impressive project they’ve ever undertaken. As it is, they performed needed maintenance with an eye toward historical references, replaced aging pavers and cleaned up traffic flow, and replaced aging fountain equipment that resulted in an overused, too thin spray “show fountain” that looses its impact by the time of its show by showing off all its tricks throughout the day. I know I’ll get the usual “why do you even come here because you clearly don’t like the park” line I always get, but it’s just that I feel they could’ve done so much more when they had the chance (which won’t probably come around again for a long time) and that’s BECAUSE I enjoy the park and hope it to be the best it can.
  10. based on what you said about being designed for the parade, it’s an odd layout they did in that the pavers could’ve been used to define the parade route and where peopke are to stand instead of having to use tape to create lines. As it is now, there’s NOT a defined “standing area” vs “parade area” with the pavers, so that’s a bit of a fail in the layout in my opinion. People seem hung up on the actual raised curb idea. I was simply expressing my feelings that the project as a whole stopped short of really bringing the area to the next level with lighting, hardscspe etc. It looks nice, I agree, but I don’t feel it’s the second coming like some make it out to be. It’s actually just reversing only some of the bad decisions made over the past few decades.
  11. I didn’t say I wanted a return to 1972, but I felt like there were elements of the original park that looked better (and some certainly didn’t look so great) Yes, there have been years of neglect, bad choices and odd design “add ons” that the park has done a lot to correct these past few years, but I still think there are things they could’ve done to bring more of a street scape to IS and the placement of trees in the narrow strip of black pavers to mimic a street was odd. It just feels like the tan “sidewalk” is too wide, and the third material by the fence is unnecessary. Wish the made the black wider in the center and edged it on both sides with the cobblestone. I don’t know, it just looks like half the tables and the trees are in the little “street” part.
  12. I think others have made it work quite well. And it’s not one matching surface it’s three styles of pavers that that seem oddly scaled in their application to me. This image is essentially all one level plane, but it looks like a street with curbs and brick sidewalks
  13. Hmmmm yet Disney, arguably one of the most commercially motivated companies out there seemed to survive with “mental barriers” blocking their stores. And I didn’t say it was a bust. I said it was a missed opportunity. You know, people can have different opinions without needing to put words in their mouth. And I disagree in that I feel like in it’s completed state it isn’t one of the best projects they’ve done when I feel like they stopped halfway, but that’s my opinion (which I’m sure you’ll tell me is wrong)
  14. I’m not sure if they are doing themselves a favor posting these historical photos that show how much better the park looked back then. Seeing these again illustrates to me the lost opportunity I feel they had when they “redid” I-street and did such a weird spacing of the paver “lanes”, trees and tables and didn’t put back the impression of curb and sidewalk with lampposts. Disney has redone most of main street to minimize the actual curbs as a tripping hazard but still look like they are there.
  15. Sounds like they are leaning and adapting. First year we got there at around 8 (to not have too much time to kill) balloons were down. As I said, we missed 19, do it sounds like it’s better timing. In a good way, the parade has probably pushed it even later this year. Did they do a later performance of Cool Yule or something else upbeat later I. 19? (although sounds like that’s out this year anyway) not heading up tonight, but hoping all goes well and it’s a fun night.
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