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  1. I’d rather (personally) not pay more for the dry park to add more to the water. Not a big water park person myself. I’d say if you loose people, loose them, but improve it enough to make the add on price worth it. If it lowers overall attendance, but raises pr cap spending because it seems “worth it” then I would think it would be a win. I guess it’s just the way it is so removed from the main park that it seems like a different experience, and you could rework the entrance experience to wrap around to where the train lets off, push the “taps tiles” back even past the retail to allow for the inflow of guests.
  2. Just because of Galaxys Edge. Pics once seem rest of the park is pretty dead. EPCOT is really struggling.
  3. Park doesn’t seem “busy” but the big tide lines are long. It’s a great vibe if you just want to chill and snack though!
  4. Slow yes, but these are 30 years ago slow hours. With the loss of international tourists, and a lot of fall breaks from schools, coupled with dramatically lower than expected attendance post reopening, I’m Actually surprised we didn’t see alternating closed days for all the parks NOT Magic Kingdom.
  5. And the additional revenue could fund improvements, making it more attractive to pay extra for it. Positive round and round. I totally support a “nominal” add on for the water park to season pass, a nominal additional charge to add a second “day” to a purchased ticket, or a more “hefty” water park only season pass for the few people who would want that only. Even if they kept season pass costs flat one year (no cost increase) and made the water park add on about the amount it would’ve increased anyway might ease the blow.
  6. Be thankful for what we’re getting. Disney just cut hours beginning Sept 8. Magic Kingdom will reduce hours from 9am - 7pm to 9am - 6pm. EPCOT will reduce hours from 11am - 9pm to 11am - 7pm. Disney's Animal Kingdom will reduce hours from 8am - 6pm to 9am - 5pm. Disney's Hollywood Studios will reduce hours from 10am - 8pm to 10am - 7pm. the mighty are falling. Our 11-10Pm doesn’t look too shabby.
  7. That’s a lot of infrastructure and liability expense to replicate an event that already exists. The goal is to reduce operating expenses.
  8. I think it’s just the unknown of what things will look like in Oct and Nov. as of now... they could maybe pull it off, but if things get worse again... I think it’s just too big of a gamble with the fixed costs of mounting these if they have to cancel last minute.
  9. I’ve not seen it at all this year. Maybe it’s got corona?
  10. Yep. Works well for this as well. Guess they figure “ heck, Disney isn’t doing anything with it right now!”
  11. I still think they need to “calm them down” during the day more. Maybe a slower cycle of patterns or use the “squiggle” less. You can address each nozzle individually so it seems like they could some more “classic” looks until show time. That way you haven’t seen all the tricks earlier in the day. Even if they programmed 3-4 songs to do a mini show on the hour and rotate. And lastly I wish they would decide if the “finger jets” arch to the center or shoot straight up. They do a little bit of both and look a little sloppy. Personally I think arching more would look best and give another effect. Other than that I agre, they look much better this year.
  12. Surprised to see this. honestly I’ve been Beyond impressed with the choices mgmnt has made this difficult year regarding the operation of KI. I’m almost thinking we might have the strongest CF park right now.
  13. Love the idea. See my thoughts on the area as a whole in the topiary thread.
  14. Ahhh how could I have forgotten that authentic themed experience. STILL wish the entrance to Banshee was routed to that spot, slingshot moved to “action drone”, and the entrance path to Banshee themed (as it is, but with even more) to a European ancient cemetery. Then retheme Adventure Express to remove the “tropical jungle” stuff that is in horrible shape anyway and give it a haunted German mike vibe so the two thrill rides had a unified theme. There’s even a great folklore in the story of the Kobolds. These are little , nasty creatures (almost like gremlins) Kobolds who live in mines are hunched and ugly. The basic theming is there, just give it a freshening you. Add back in a few flats with flags and “festival” decor. Backstory that in this “quaint German village, the festival helps the villagers forget about the sinister spirits lurking in the woods just outside of town.” Maybe even have a village gate you have to pass through to get to the “woods” where Banshee and Kobold are located. Oh well, can dream!
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