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  1. Other than improper mask usage it looks like most things are getting generally done correctly. I'm looking forward to my visit Friday then figuring out if taking my kids would be a "safe" idea. On the topic of everyone complaining of wearing the masks, I've taken to calling it "freedumb".
  2. I am excited to read about how OTHER people are doing during the first day
  3. reserved my spot for the 10th. I had no desire to go the first day while they try to actually figure out how to handle new policies. Hopefully a full week gives them time to settle themselves.
  4. Probably, but that will be because we ran out of O2 and our masks will keep us from going all OG Total Recall.
  5. With all the extra employees they seem to be planning on posting around, they could easily set up essentially a mask observer. Mask off for a long time, do one of those "stop sitting on the fence" things. Do it again, tell them they'll be removed. 3rd time, security can be waiting at the ride. Once people see they're serious, then others will listen. I am curious if they'll track how much someone reserves a spot and possibly give them a lower priority. I can also see them unfortunately doing a hard count on pass members a day. Extending the passes to next year is great, but they'll need money for all the extra effort and they'll only get that mostly from tickets and day visits, not repetitive member visits.
  6. Less capacity and higher costs of operation, and think of the insurance! Get rid of Boo Blasters, and bring Boo Blasters 2.0: AR Edition!
  7. ride operations are going to kind of be hilarious to watch this year. Please stand at a distance in line, so we can pack you closer together later on. Or will they just skip every other seat? Orion's line is going to end somewhere near The Bat with a 6ft distance between each person.
  8. I'll probably end up waiting till the end of June before I go to the park, seems like there will probably a lot off selfish people willing to put everyone at risk just so they don't have to bother with a mild safety request. Boggles my mind why so many always feel more important than everyone else. Smokers in line, people whinging about face coverings, littering. Just because you aren't at high risk doesn't mean you should risk everyone else around you.
  9. I got a feeling a lot of security's job this year is going to be escorting people from the park for not wearing masks. Maybe it will cut down on all the smoking people do in line too! I am excited and hesitant about going this year. Kids are big enough to get some new rides, they are happy to wear masks and ask to clean hands after touching a lot. My 4 year old loves calling people out for not having a mask on, which I find hilarious.
  10. Being one of the few Gigas in the world, what are the chances that Orion doesn't win best new coaster next year?
  11. Got bored and found where to look up KIs food safety reports, luckily it looks like their reports generally are pretty solid. I can't link directly to it, but I'm sure you peoples can figure it up. https://www.healthspace.com/clients/ohio/warren/warren_web_live.nsf
  12. The tri-tip has been my go to all year. Get the corn and a little mustard, easy to walk and eat
  13. Mine were pale, cold, and dry. They were quite a disappointment
  14. The ones I got weren't smoked, it was at best roasted.
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