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  1. I finally got around to the French Corner yesterday, they were out of 2 of the 3 Chef Croix options so I went with the required ham and cheddar croissant It is tiny, and it is delicious
  2. Park opens today at 11am and I've been informed that not all rides open at 11. Anyone know why they open at 11 then? The kiddy land swings aren't exactly an extensive checklist. Although I did actually say "Hi" to Chef Major
  3. My wife said the Facebook KI group said there was some "gang activity", someone pulled a gun in the parking lot, and a bunch of cops (20) showed up.
  4. Shortest line I've seen is 45 minutes
  5. Not a ride, but food lines are a joke. Nearly 45 minutes for everything I've seen. Heck even the Paradise smoothie place that I've never seen more than 0 people at has 10 people in line
  6. Invertigo still existing at this point is a nitpick for me. I swear that thing is broken more than running. It does have a nice entrance feel to it though.
  7. I am skeptically excited about this. Firstly, their chicken sandwiches have almost always been a bit of a let down. Secondly, I have long since destroyed my taste buds with spicy food and you need to start getting on the extreme end for me to even taste it, so I am curious if this thing will even register. I am not surprised at the addition however, with the "chicken sandwich wars" of Pre/Early Covid days, I expect just about anyone that has access to chicken and bread to have a spicy chicken sandwich on the menu at some point.
  8. I got stuck in front of one of the quick resetting targets
  9. I'd like it to open earlier than 5pm
  10. I also didn't realize that the OG Bat used The Vortex house.
  11. Way better, any donations needed for the purchase of the new theme?
  12. Ah yes, the 28 amendment to The Constitution. The right to practice all your choices no matter where you are located.
  13. Yeah, from what I've seen KI really took the approach of the most direct "half" and not the most efficient. Need some good ole gerrymandering on these rides. My examples being Viking Fury where they could have both sides start at the top of the ship instead of one side being tucked down 1 row from the end. Scoot them back one you'll have happier guests and you don't lose any capacity. Another being Boo Blasters, maybe this one has to do with cleaning but to run every other car, and at 75% speed makes this thing terrible to wait in line for. Also The Monster, why would yo
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