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  1. Being one of the few Gigas in the world, what are the chances that Orion doesn't win best new coaster next year?
  2. Got bored and found where to look up KIs food safety reports, luckily it looks like their reports generally are pretty solid. I can't link directly to it, but I'm sure you peoples can figure it up. https://www.healthspace.com/clients/ohio/warren/warren_web_live.nsf
  3. The tri-tip has been my go to all year. Get the corn and a little mustard, easy to walk and eat
  4. Mine were pale, cold, and dry. They were quite a disappointment
  5. The ones I got weren't smoked, it was at best roasted.
  6. Chicken Shacks smoked chicken wings are a joke. Also kind of annoys me that they just dump so the wings in the fries. Makes it difficult to share with my kids
  7. Probably early, but oddly enough The Monster doesn't have a height limit.
  8. I'm thinking I nailed it with my coaster story
  9. International Street Skyline has Extreme Habanero Cheese now.
  10. Big Dog from brewhouse was rather good. Though at 25 minutes to get it was a bit extreme.
  11. My family (34, 33, 5, 3) decided to go for early ride time before it got too hot. After getting our picture (funpix is totes worth as a parent) taken at the entrance one of the supervisors approached and asked if we wanted to open the park. Apparently they don't do the single family interdiction, they grab three families and do it as a group. We got to do a bit of a meet and greet with Snoopy and Charlie Brown, ride the Holly Jolly Trolley to the antique cars, as well as a free blue ice cream cone for each, and a one time fast pass for each of us. 4 cones are a bit too many and we actually gave 2 of them to another family in line for ice cream, and the fast pass only worked on Boo Blasters, so we gave that away to someone with kids old enough to get a big coaster. Overall a great time this morning, not crowded so we got a lot done.
  12. There was a maintenance dude hanging out at the double helix on The Beast when I rode it a few weeks ago. Figured he knew what he was doing, but I was surprised that anyone was allowed back there without a lock-out
  13. My buddy was the same way, I narrated the ride for him
  14. Is it me or did they change the roasting style of the chicken? The skin is paler and the white meat is dry as a desert. I wonder if they dropped the temp and increased the duration, it's not nearly as good as it was last year.
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