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  1. I tried to take my daughter in for haunt Saturday after spending the morning there with the grandmother. I got turned away at the check in because it was "after 6". It was 6:01, I was in line before 6 and got stuck behind what seemed to be a family of 30 needing to get new pictures for their passes. Responses of "get there earlier" aren't very helpful when the tardiness wasn't really due to my own fault to plan as much as delays at every single point by staff. I was legitimately angry and my daughter cried, was a great opening attempt of haunt for this year.
  2. It is a great transitional ride. I only really have two qualms with it; 1 - It is stupid short. 2 - As a transition ride, riders that are finally at the height to ride can't actually see out of the car. I'd like to see them just re-do the theming, which doesn't make sense anymore. Also for a dedicated loading and unloading area, and only 6 cars, the cycle time is HELLA slow. What area is this ride even in really? Is it an odd off-shoot of Coney, or Rivertown? Theming could be redesigned to either a fair/festival style like Coney has, or continue the mysterious spoopy area that Rivertown is kind of turning into.
  3. I think I'm dropping one of my meal plans next year. This year's food offerings have been lackluster.
  4. So to preface this, I live 13 minutes from the park, I go weekly at worst, my daughter and I often go after school, ride two rides, get dinner and leave. For me, it is worth the 400 bucks (200x2) to not wait in line and not have to fight parking at 5pm when I visit. I am probably not the average user however.
  5. They have a new drink plan.
  6. They can't lose out on those half dozen people every year that try to cheat the hand-stamp and get into the park by inconveniencing half a million others
  7. I've started carrying my physical card again for these reasons. Not too mention with the premium parking it's easier for the guards at the post to just see the black prestige card and wave me in without needing to stand up. The cards are just better at scanning than the phone.
  8. Cargo loco has shade structure
  9. My kids are fascinated by Son of Beast, mostly in how people got injured, but also the whole scale of the thing as well.
  10. I got it a couple weeks back and just picked all the onions and peppers off. The sandwich itself was good, though soggy but that I think it part of the sandwich really. The au jus though needs a bit more reducing, it was more beef hinted water instead of beef concentrated water
  11. When is the last time you saw the Mystic Timbers shed use the black light? I was thinking about this last time I rode with my daughter, I haven't seen the black light since maybe the second year of operation?
  12. You mean the same 5 beats on a 10 second loop? Also as other have mentioned, they really need some thematic old sails put up as a canopy for shade.
  13. I mean if we are still going on about this, I still think Polaris was the better name choice, and the lift hill should have pointed at the North Star. They already themed the thing to be some kind of add-on to Outer Limits and Aliens, they could have used the Polaris system as the origination point for the spaceship.
  14. I noticed when getting my prestige FotL passes so the Diamondback store they rang up at 20 dollars single use fast pass.
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