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  1. They will usually email you when a payment is processed.
  2. Charlie Brown and the Little Miami River Run! That would be the Miami Lumber Company, Miami River Brewhouse, Little Miami Scenic Railroad, The Beast (who we all know is a non-fictional creature living around Peter's Catridge), and that Funnel Cake place who's name I can't remember. But yeah, I agree with most of you guys. Reds Hall of Fame did seem out of place, I stopped going once they got rid of the spicy garlic wing sauce, it was the only thing that saved that place from just being a unnecessarily large and comically slow pub. On hot days people would eat there just to get out of the heat, but the majority of times I walked back, half the place wasn't even open. They need to split the place down the middle and offer up two different styles. I am most excited to see the Pretzel, but since it is marked appetizer I am curious if it will also land on the meal plan
  3. Is that a new facade on skyline? Looks like a wall just resting on the railings
  4. The ride wasn't good. It was designed to be a record breaker. It had one loop and 4 helixes, that was it. No airtime hills, no wobbles, it was the most generic there and back that just happened to have a loop. You went too far and was too bouncy to be enjoyable. Heck even the landscaping didn't exist.
  5. I rode it once during Winterfest I think, ride got stopped for whatever reason, I got a working blaster, and I was in front of a target that reset a bit quicker than most.
  6. There we go, take it next level. Reface each building to a new international style, then plant trees in front of each "country" from that continent. Asian, African, European, and South American?
  7. You missed a real opportunity here to respond with "but you don't have to take my word for it"
  8. My kids really like Boo Blasters, it is an appropriate level of scary for them, and they get to feel like they are helping people by blasting all the ghosts. I'd like to see something new, I also think they could do good work making an Augmented Reality version of the ride, not full VR cause that is lame why sit in that tiny car just to watch a TV on your face. However setting up ride with the option of wearing a headset that adds to the ride would be nice. Heck they could even take it next level and let you pick your "scare" level if they kept the spoopy style.
  9. This for some reason reminds me of Reading Rainbow.
  10. a real glockenspiel with projected seasonal projections would be better.
  11. I wouldn't say it is Apples to Oranges, KI and Magic Kingdom. Yes Disney is open-year round, but I would argue that still many of their employees are still seasonal. Training is still a factor, getting a non-seasonal management team for a location would make a big difference but that is something KI would be unable to do, unless they opted to actually keep the manager of the locations on staff for the entire year and spending the off-season in seminars and cooking training. That only alleviates some of the issue. That being said, dropping any amount of money on food that has clearly been sitting a long time is disheartening. When I worked fast food, fries that were out more than 10 minutes needed to be tossed. KI does not appear to have that same rule, things only get worse when the fries are sitting on a steamer table, not a dry heated pan with a hot lamp. Being an armchair coach is easy however. Retrofitting all the food locations with equipment standard enough to use for seasonal changes, yet specific enough for keeping each item as good as it can be is expensive. Training is expensive. Everything is expensive, and this is at a scale I wouldn't be able to wrap my head around. I'll finish this up by stating, I do mystery shops. I do a couple each year at Kings Island actually, I have yet to see a shop for food. I know multiple companies run them in this area, so I might not participate in the one Cedar Fair uses for Food or they might not exist. I lean towards the latter, and if that is true, I think having non-biased standardized results can be helpful.
  12. I, for one, am looking forward to many new opportunities to try more versions of the same cold hamburger and new ways to say "why is this place closed?".
  13. Why can't Cedar Fair just install coasters in my literal backyard?!?!
  14. I am actually OK with Skyline being there, while it isn't international it is regional specific. We are used to it, but it is something unique-ish to Cincinnati for out of towners. Same for LaRosa's, it is a Cincinnati Pizza. Build-A-Bear can be found all over the country. The souvenir shops are at least somewhat specific to Kings Island so it sort of fits as well. Theme-ing wise International Street would look cool if each block actually lent itself to different regions, German, French, Italian, that sort of thing. Shopping wise I'd be happy to just see things that are actually unique to an area of some sort.
  15. I tried the Pig Pen Burger and got exactly what I expected. A cold burger, unmelted cheese, old onion rings, and some limp lettuce
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