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  1. It smelled really good as I was leaving today, unfortunately both the kids and wife used up my meal plan on skyline...
  2. That meal they offer sounds amazing. I'd pay for that even with my meal plan
  3. Too much fries, and the size are a bit too large to get a good "bite" bite. Everything kind of just sits on top and you don't get a good mix of flavors
  4. Finally tried the buffalo chicken fries. It was mediocre, and honestly the issue was the fries more than thing else. The chicken was cold too but hey. The issue is just the fries too everything else ratio.
  5. I'm way late to the party here, but they do ask for your season pass number when purchasing the bring a friend tickets. So you'll either need to give them the number, or buy the tickets for them
  6. I tried to get some other day and they were out. So I asked about the buffalo fries, they were out of those as well.
  7. Looks like something I'd be happy to try and throw away after a few bites. Good on them for making new foods, I just can't stand sweet chicken.
  8. That's the one, but I don't remember it being there before Nickelodeon's Splat City. KICs ride list says 1998 https://KICentral.com/rides/woodstock-whirlybirds/ I might just be misremembering, either way that's one of the few kids rides I won't miss if they removed it.
  9. Jimminy Christmas, 18 in 15 days? Well done! Glad you had a fun ride
  10. Honestly I feel like KI getting that Golden Ticket for nearly 20 years is mostly due to what Paramount set up. I don't think I can recall CF adding just about anything to the kids/family area since they got bought (my timeline might be messed up). I always just figure they keep coasting (*lol) but no parks have caught up yet so they keep winning. I'd love to see Boo Blasters re-done, and maybe 1-2 more mid-range full family rides. Honestly a teacup style ride would work well, and maybe something else. Then for the love of airtime, upgrade some of the older rides. That helicopter ride is t
  11. They used to have one of these on the pathway that Chick-Fil-A is at back when it was Hanna-Barbera land right? I remember walking through something similar.
  12. We were talking about this in another thread. Sounds like someone jumped a fence at Soak City to escape an accident. They locked down the park.
  13. If any of you are in the Mason Deerfield group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/145691058934939/permalink/1264087967095237/ Later comments say they found someone jump a fence near Soak City to get away from that crash, and they locked down to find the person.
  14. It is still on the app but without the reservation I don't know how they'll track it. I am not sure what it appeared on the screen when checking in to say whether it was actually completed or not.
  15. On my 3 visits so far I've seen most people wearing the masks and distancing "correctly". I've only seen one person blatantly not wearing it (around the chin), he was cheering for his kid on a ride and was way off on his own though so I didn't bother. Only actual problem I had was with a 6 year old girl that wanted to stand right next to me in line. Unfortunately the party behind her took the sticker spot behind me so she had nowhere to go, I guess they though she was with me and I couldn't really tell her to back up. She also spent her entire time in the line gnawing on her mask so it was now
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