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  1. I saw some plastic flags tied to trees...
  2. Something i ran into but don't recall being on the list when i signed up is that the front of line passes aren't good for winterfest.
  3. I'm trying to go vegetarian, went to Hank's and got a bowl with rice, black beans, guac, sour cream and cheese with some hot sauce from Skyline. Probably one of the best items I've had from there.
  4. I also seem to notice that the VIP area is no longer behind the "adventure Freestyle" building Kill the fish and put dye in, you know everyone's favorite natural color, Kool-aid Blue
  5. Anyone else get the email about the prestige exclusive pass perk? Every visit, you're entered into winning a VIP Haunt Experience on October 23rd.
  6. I chuckled a lot seeing it at the Mason Heritage Festival Parade. Had about 8 or 10 of the parade dancers along with it.
  7. Yeah there's a lot of benefits to a general pass for KI thanks to my proximity, but this prestige pass is getting to be a slightly hard sell for 2024 for me. I got it mostly the FotL tickets, but it's already a pain. If my identity is checked when I get into the park and i only get a single pass why do i have to confirm my identity a second time. I was great to send the wife and kids off to get food while i could go get the passes. The VIP was nice to grab a quick snack for my picky kid, but that's done already. Let's see how the water park area works out, but so far the single ride pass isn't worth 150 extra per person
  8. Infused Skyline chili water?
  9. Has anyone checked to see if the Prestige Pass's "2 FREE Bring-A-Friend Passes Annually" count for this year? It is not marked as "next year only", and also does not carry the standard disclaimer that Free Bring-A-Friend passes are Friday/Sunday only, like the renewal ones.
  10. I might be over analysing this, but I see that the VIP Water Park area is now named "Reserved Water Park area". Probably now with even less stuff!
  11. Just to be pedantic, Haus means home or house. But that's not overly important, i agree with everything else. I was so excited when they did the German food in the German house in the German area with Carnivale. Annnd then it went back to burgers and pizza 2 months later. They have room in there for 3 different restaurants, why is the German spot American and Chinese, heck there isn't even a hot dog to vaguely relate to ein Wurst hier. Take one side of the half used cafeteria line and make it into at least a German restaurant or at least an international rotating menu. W├╝rste, Schnitzel and Kartoffelpuffer isn't a very difficult menu to keep up, heck they make half of that at Coney BBQ already.
  12. I've not tried it, though i did ask at Diamondback store because they sell passes there, but they said they can't do the prestige stuff
  13. The chips and drinks are just sitting out. I'm curious how they expect to limit it to one per person. (I see this is your prediction, yeah i can see this). Also this front of ride pass is starting to be a gigantic pain. I have to go to customer service after lunch since the fast pass kiosk is closed. I have to have everyone in my family standing there to get them.
  14. I mean, TBH I bought it this year because I expected this in 2024. The first season people will be skeptical, the park may be naive, but as soon as this is proven as a success to visitors or too successful to the park and stuff starts being restricted, just like the Meal Plan, I wanted to get what I can. If this pass causing things to get crowded the first time, it will only be worse the 2nd time. Though I hope, and doubt that maybe the park will offer a limited series next time IF this gets super popular.
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