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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I got stuck in front of one of the quick resetting targets
  2. I'd like it to open earlier than 5pm
  3. I also didn't realize that the OG Bat used The Vortex house.
  4. Way better, any donations needed for the purchase of the new theme?
  5. Ah yes, the 28 amendment to The Constitution. The right to practice all your choices no matter where you are located.
  6. Yeah, from what I've seen KI really took the approach of the most direct "half" and not the most efficient. Need some good ole gerrymandering on these rides. My examples being Viking Fury where they could have both sides start at the top of the ship instead of one side being tucked down 1 row from the end. Scoot them back one you'll have happier guests and you don't lose any capacity. Another being Boo Blasters, maybe this one has to do with cleaning but to run every other car, and at 75% speed makes this thing terrible to wait in line for. Also The Monster, why would yo
  7. It was impressive actually. Much higher crowds than usual, and I think KI stuck to half staff. The line for Space Buggies was wrapped around the ride and over to the exit of the flying eagle thing. Boo Blasters and Beastie was about and hour. All the restaurants were packed.
  8. Pretty light traffic for the last few weekends, but busier than most of the summer.
  9. They are busy today. Almost like a regular day opening. Almost every ride has about a half hour wait. I'm also very pleased with the new trick or treat setup. Way better than last year
  10. The brisket for the ghost rider menu at Coney BBQ, is hecka good. I don't want to say the best I've ever had, but it is crusty, juicy, and fatty. Everything you want a brisket to be except smokey. I drove back for dinner to get seconds
  11. Now to see if I can get my kids to leave me a meal so I can try this. Plantains are tasty is cooked through.
  12. More detailed listing here https://cdn-cloudfront.cfauthx.com/binaries/content/assets/ki-en-us/general-information/play/events/ki-trick-of-treats-fall-fest-tasting-menu.pdf 11 locations, 2 options each + 2 extra, so 24 items. 6 portions for 30 bucks, you'll need 4 go arounds to get all of them or 120 buckaroonies. I'm curious if any of these items will fall into the meal plan, and the tasting menu is kind of a special discount on top of that. I want to try a bunch of these, but since I already have the plan can I supplement 2 meals a day, and only need to drop the 30 bu
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