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  1. I like having the times split as a parent. Both of my kids go and get their candies during the day, and being able to stay up late and see all the scary stuff is a special event for them. I will say though, I'd appreciate them throwing slightly more money at the daytime event. It's been on a downward trend since the first year. No more tiny pumpkins, less candy, the "maze" now takes less than a minute of an entirely linear path.
  2. This sounds delicious and I'm still not going to bother waiting in line for this. For those too lazy to look:
  3. They aren't at fault for the delays, but as the managing company they are responsible for notifying the potential customers. They had to have known it was behind weeks if not months before hand and waited until nearly the weekend of the original opening before they told anyone. Twice. If you don't know, you don't know that's fine, but the last month or so of a new place opening your should be training and doing final details and running soft openings with employees and families of employees. Two weeks before before opening there is still major construction, the gates are locked same most of the buildings are still being put together. They knew it was going to miss the date and sat on their thumbs. This is the issue I have this entire season so far. Pulling the reservations yesterday I doubt was a last minute "hey let's do this thing", they knew, they sat, they messed up everyone's plans. What makes this whole thing worse to add a cherry on top? They either did decide last minute and didn't have the staff to cover 3x or more visitors that showed, or they did know and scheduled it which means telling the employees a week or more in advance, OR they knew and didn't tell the employees or the guests and just clustered the entire thing.
  4. The most irritating thing is that was true yesterday. They pulled the reservations without notifying anyone that made the reservations and were already at the park expecting a smaller crowd and potentially safer visit. Cedar Fair has just **** the bed this entire year with providing information to just about anyone. This is getting very quickly to where I'm considering cancelling my passes after 8 years of having one. Between Camp Cedar, park closing hour changes, the reservation system changes, the park having signs up telling you information that isn't true anymore. How much more can they simply fail to update their customers. As KingDingDong had said in another thread, "they should they care, they already have your money". I feel the only recourse here is to stop giving them my money. Maybe it's time I change up the pace and start going to Coney Island
  5. I finally got around to the French Corner yesterday, they were out of 2 of the 3 Chef Croix options so I went with the required ham and cheddar croissant It is tiny, and it is delicious
  6. Park opens today at 11am and I've been informed that not all rides open at 11. Anyone know why they open at 11 then? The kiddy land swings aren't exactly an extensive checklist. Although I did actually say "Hi" to Chef Major
  7. My wife said the Facebook KI group said there was some "gang activity", someone pulled a gun in the parking lot, and a bunch of cops (20) showed up.
  8. Shortest line I've seen is 45 minutes
  9. Not a ride, but food lines are a joke. Nearly 45 minutes for everything I've seen. Heck even the Paradise smoothie place that I've never seen more than 0 people at has 10 people in line
  10. Invertigo still existing at this point is a nitpick for me. I swear that thing is broken more than running. It does have a nice entrance feel to it though.
  11. I am skeptically excited about this. Firstly, their chicken sandwiches have almost always been a bit of a let down. Secondly, I have long since destroyed my taste buds with spicy food and you need to start getting on the extreme end for me to even taste it, so I am curious if this thing will even register. I am not surprised at the addition however, with the "chicken sandwich wars" of Pre/Early Covid days, I expect just about anyone that has access to chicken and bread to have a spicy chicken sandwich on the menu at some point.
  12. I got stuck in front of one of the quick resetting targets
  13. I'd like it to open earlier than 5pm
  14. I also didn't realize that the OG Bat used The Vortex house.
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