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  1. If anyone cares to do some reading there are some really good articles from the New England Journal of Medicine regarding the difference between prolonged indoor exposure to Covid-19 infected persons vs. casual outdoor pass-by.
  2. So in this age of Covid-19 and "defund the police", you arrived here tonight---at KI Central---to say the park should not be open. And furthermore if they are open, mere associates must be "militant" about mask-wearing? This must be the Twilight Zone, no?
  3. I'm retreating to my basement and welding the door shut. Maybe that'll work. ;-) (I was actually trying to move this thread back onto topic. Oh, well)
  4. What do ya'll think about this chart: What's interesting to me is amusement parks and going to a sports stadium (without differentiating indoor/outdoor) are a "9". Most of these places have been closed for months. How do they even know this? Or is it just, "well, it's probably dangerous, so give it a 9"? Is Kings Island a 9? Is Indiana Beach? IB has been open 3 weeks---there's been no spike in NW Indiana in the counties around the park, nor the one it is in. That could change, but until it does I'm skeptical. I just find it really frustrating that as cases spike in FL, TX, etc....they aren't really telling us WHERE people most likely got it. That data is hidden from us. Were they at work? Or were they at an amusement park? Because I'm betting they were probably inside at work or a club, etc.
  5. I went ahead and bought the all-season last night for our crew after hearing this. We haven't gone yet this year, and it's probably going to be a couple more weeks, but so looking forward to it. As we don't have to renew our season passes for 2021, it made the price for FL $100 cheaper (kinda) for everybody considering it applies to next year as well so that helped. And I hope it helps the park throwing some stimulus $'s their way. We live far away so we're not going to be abusing Fast Lane as we don't get there enough to do so. But it'll be great when we do.
  6. According to the dictionary they should just shoot out of you quicker with increased thrust, but cannot confirm.
  7. As it currently stands, if you have all-season Fast Lane do you need a voucher for Orion? Or do you just get in line and hop on? And repeat, if you want?
  8. Walk it back a bit...that's good. :-) We're not going subpoena thousands of people though. You know that. I know that. And the whole "boots and badges" thing just...bad timing. You know. ;-)
  9. LMAO. I've had some really good laughs tonight. Thank you for topping it off! Don't forget folks, "The real measure of a man is how he scrounges for basic supplies his wealthy nation can't provide."
  10. Boots, badges and subpoenas. Sounds intimidating. And we're just not China. Or Asia generally. You're not snooping through my phone. And I think the American populace agrees with me. It's not happening. Move on.
  11. LOL. Of course. After boots, badges and subpoenas comes...wait for it..."civil fines". Do you hear yourself?
  12. Your exact quote was, "contact tracing is boots on the ground with badges and subpoenas." Do tell us what happens after the boots, badges and subpoenas take affect. Let people wander around?
  13. Why are the same people wanting to lock people up "with boots and subpoenas" actually going to Kings Island, and/or even posting on this forum when the park is open. I find that hilarious and 100% oxymoronic.
  14. This is why Dr. Fauci, the Pediatric Association, etc, want schools OPEN. More kids are going to suffer if schools are closed. They are the experts. Which expert advise do ya'll choose to listen to?
  15. *Shrugs.* 2.8 million people died in America in 2019. If this keeps up we're going to see a spike in hunger, abuse, heart attacks, blah blah blah. 160,000 meh. Not worth destroying lives of the healthy for.
  16. The April spike in cases corresponded almost exactly with a spike in deaths. That is NOT happening right now.
  17. I'm not on team lock-people-up to stop the spread. I'm just not. I can tell you the daily number of deaths has been plummeting nationwide on a sharp downward line.
  18. Well, that's how the Chinese Communist Party does it anyway.
  19. Agreed. Most citizens want the beaches OPEN. Where they can socially distance, outdoors.
  20. Would you like to expound on that? A joke as in not needed, or a joke as in should be mandatory?
  21. We live very close to Indiana Beach, and had friends make the long trek down to Holiday World this past weekend. Parks are hopping, and our numbers are "okay". So far.
  22. I think if the park got rid of mask requirements and reservations they'd be packed. Or at least makin' money. Just an observation based on pics of beaches and such. A VERY large segment of society is not interested in masks especially outdoors. Sucks for the park. If they eliminate mask requirements DeWine will certainly shut them down. Gonna be a short season I'm afraid. *Not exactly helping it's like 800-degrees this July*
  23. So unfortunate, but saw that coming. It's not right.
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