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  1. Not apples to apples by any means, but there's been a lot of chatter recently about thinning crowds at Disney parks this Summer, too. According to some articles this has even been acknowledged in their shareholder updates, and they expect the trend to continue the rest of 2023, at least.
  2. If your kid is under 48-inches they get measured and a wristband. Why can't we do this with people who are clearly not within the bounds of riding a Drop Tower? Instead of thinking up ways to zip-tie them to a ride they shouldn't be on.
  3. If the kids are innocent---and a one-year-ban suggests to me the park doesn't have much of anything specific on them---then that really stinks for the kids. I'm sure the park's decision is final though and must be respected. Sometimes things go this way, and that's really hard to explain to your children. The park has cameras all over the place, but sometimes things break, and you can't get footage when and where you need it.
  4. They were open Easter Sunday 4/16/2017, and our family went that day. It was not very busy at all.
  5. Fast Lane is a thing during Winterfest? Just double-checking. I thought that was a "no" in prior years, but they made sure to put the logo on the rides that apply. Edit: Guessing probably not. False advertising. Pretty sure the Fast Lane Season Pass specifically stated "not valid for Winterfest".
  6. I'm thinking guest safety must remain priority #1 vs. hurt feelings. Many of us have seen someone not fit on a ride after standing in line. I'm thinking better to address that before standing in a long line than after, but we are in the TikTok era so I know nothing.
  7. I get it, but it was still semi-popular especially for non-passholders. None of my kids have ridden it backwards, but I have. Maybe they need to offer it periodically. I bet it would bring a lot of riders when they do.
  8. What 6-year-old doesn't like a 110-foot free-fall into a dark cave? Said no responsible parent ever. YES, I realize the ride was not operated properly, and this should not have happened. However...
  9. I saw all that yesterday while riding Adventure Express. I couldn't tell for sure if they were parade floats or just decorations setup on wheels ready to roll out into the park---didn't get a long enough look---but you most certainly might be right.
  10. Few know history well enough to catch that reference. What's really shocking is that the Italian coaster company went with that name clear back in the 1960's. Ouch.
  11. "Stay in your lane. After I get done telling YOU which lane to be in." (mask up and stay home, please!) Swing and a miss there.
  12. It took 8 whole days for the media to find out a) her name, and b) she got hit in the head and is fighting for her life. Was that really worth them bending the park over a barrel for not releasing information? Maybe give the family a few days---dare a week---to collect themselves?
  13. Yes, the same parks that people are moaning and groaning about them being too busy, will be bankrupt within a year. Because Covid. Right.
  14. If she has a traumatic brain injury---and I'm only guessing she does---they probably put her in a coma immediately at the hospital and began all attempts to reduce brain swelling. She probably is alive. Alive and well? That's another matter.
  15. It doesn't seem right that Cedar Point would release her name. That's surely up to the police or somebody else. Did they check her ID before they put her on the gurney or something? Same for her medical condition...that's not for the park to say, but rather her doctors/hospital. And with the investigation into the accident underway, I doubt they're going to give much info on that until the investigation is complete.
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