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Look before posting, also coasterbob.


The topic is about youtube videos, not the people who made them

Really? When the sentence says who makes and the topic is about video makers? Hmm one wonders whats next on the excuse list.

I believe he meant that this topic is about individual videos, not the topic you linked to.

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That video had me thinking....with Don being such a huge Racer fan, having probably ridden it more than any of us, you'd think he'd have some leverage in getting that ride some TLC. Oh well, I'm sure its overhaul has been planned, and it'll look crisp and new within a few years.

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Coasterbob62 is one of my personal favorites, as he does mainly Cedar Point and Kings Island videos.

I also love that 25 Years of Terror video, if you will watch at about 9 minutes and 40 seconds in and wait for the reverse POV to come on and watch the guy sitting behind the people in the foreground, he literally almost comes out of his seat. I wish more and more everyday I would have gotten to either ride The Beast or The Racer with buzz bars.

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