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  1. In time....they just opened a new coaster last year. And maybe it has nothing at all to do with our park. It'll be 2020-21 before we see anything like a giga. And if they do it right, it won't be until 2022, the parks 50th anniversary. But lets talk about the Antique Cars coming back! I was right there with Mike when he spoke about riding in them with the girlfriend, the wife, the kids...Love the nostalgia!
  2. Where has everyones patience gone? Today we could hear about a remod for The Racer and the reappearance of the Taxis. Maybe the penny has to do with a remod of the gaming area for Coney, the "penny arcades". We'll all know in about 7 hours.
  3. Another clue to the possible return of Lés Taxis...If you google the name, Meline Raymond, as seen on the clue page, you can follow it to a FBook page where, on Méline Raymonds page, you can find, well, Paris, France...Lés Taxis. Plus, on KI's own website from May 15, 2017, "Something Old Is New Again" they mention Les Taxis -A French Taxi car ride.
  4. And we can't forget about the old Action Theater....Every time I see that building sitting back there unused for most of the year. Carowinds re-opened theirs to the Plants vs Zombies attraction last year.
  5. I'm on board with this theory...Whatever we get in the distant future, will most likely go back in Coney. Draw your crowds into the park. plus it gets them out of the way.
  6. Maybe, they're giving us something now, to throw us off the trail (yeah, keep trying) of whatever the bigger announcement is, whenever the hell that happens. I hope that its a refurb of The Racer and the return of the Les Taxis. Whatever it is, I'll be happy with it...for a few weeks!
  7. I wouldn't call it a major announcement. They gave us 24 hours notice...lol...us. like we're important. giphy.webp
  8. CF and KI took a bit of a beating in the coaster enthusiast forums when they delivered MT, even though Banshee had opened only 3 years earlier. If we're starting to see some teasers, and I'm kinda believing that we are, then I would expect a whole huge 2019 season of teasers, media releases and maybe an announcement during Haunt. If you want to build a steel, you're only looking at 5-6 months (in this area, anyway) for build time. I would look for it to be going in close to X-Base/Coney Mall area, utilizing the wooded area alongside Firehawk, and the extinct Dinosaurs Alive location. It could run out to the front of the park, easily, just so it can carry some kind of nostalgic touch to SOB . I've been a lifetime attendee to KI, meaning the lifetime of the park. I've seen them come and I've seen them go. But where the coaster industry is right now, I think they're spot on with whatever they build. Anything we get, should be amazing! And you can bet it WILL be the biggest, highest, longest and fastest in the world.
  9. Easter Eggs, teasers, foreshadowing, call it what you will, we've got a crackpot, er...a crack team at WCPO talking about it now. https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/kings-island-teases-new-coaster-may-be-coming Also, just an observation from this past Tuesday, ride attendants, and I pluralize because more than one was heard saying it, personally, while they're giving their spiel as The Bat leaves the station, for you "to catch it while you can", and "catch it before its gone". I know that these people are following the rumors/leads/misdirections like the rest of us and why would a ride attendant have any knowledge that the ride may be leaving, or maybe they're being fed a script at this point? This all something to watch. Plus, it gives us something to talk about.
  10. I voted Vortex. The park seems to be letting it suffer its own demise with diminishing foot traffic. I know there are many of you out there that think theres diminished foot traffic at others(Firehawk, BLSC, even The Racer) But to increase foot traffic, it would only take replacing the headrests with something a little less brick like. It IS a great ride...its just too painful TO ride and I think we're nearing the end of it.
  11. Checking on this yesterday, there's a significant amount of land clearing underway...these dorms would be out of site and have easy access to the park via service roads.
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