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  1. Labor, gotta wait for the kids to be out of school to have lifeguards and the season has to end by back to school.
  2. Some people with inside knowledge have said SS is a loss leader and only exists as it fits with managements personal and political beliefs. If someone was bored enough, you could always go look up political donations to the GOP politicians who have spoke at the event and similar in the past. Or the fact the park has hosted things such as Sean Hannity's Freedom Concert and when park officials introduced Sean, called him a "dear friend and real leadership for the country". But none of that proves anything, but the land clearing along with previous survey markers in the area does make you wonder now doesn't it?
  3. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) only covers workers over the age of 40. But that only pertains to employment. This is not a requirement of employment so the ADEA does not apply to the dorms. As a private business they can choose who to rent to and who to not rent to, the same way a hotel or car rental company can require someone to be over 21/25/XX years old. Someone could sue if they wanted too, but the case would be moot as the law doesn't support their argument and I would imagine the judge would dismiss the case "with prejudice" meaning it couldn't be resubmitted later. https://www.eeoc.gov/age-discrimination#:~:text=The Age Discrimination in Employment,younger workers from age discrimination.
  4. I have actually had this experience more then once, both hiking public spaces and exploring around a friends family farm in the hills of Kentucky. Honestly, I find them more peaceful then creepy myself, but I am intrigued by the history in them, who is buried, what is their story, etc?
  5. Please contact quest services at the park and let them know what you have going on and they will do everything with in their power to help you. I am sorry you have to go through this, but what an amazing way to remember your sister.
  6. Okay, its time for my review of Orion as I have somewhere between a dozen and a dozen and a half rides on her. I would rate Orion a 3.6, not great but also not terrible. It is an okay ride at best and to me that is a bit disappointing. If I had to choose Orion or one of the other B&M's in the park, Orion would be my third choice of B&M's in the park. This was a huge investment from the park, and I am incredibly thankful for the investment, but this is not a ride that people will travel for. Millennium Force is known as a ride to travel for, which brings new money to the park, I just don't see Orion having the same effect. Will I ride it again, of course yes! But I wouldn't wait more then a half hour to 45 minutes for it, I would rather spend that time waiting in line for something else at the park. Should you ride it? Again that is a yes, it has some fun elements, speed hill and turn into the brakes, even if others leave more to be desired, looking at you wave turn and turn around, but everyone should ride it and form their own thoughts on her.
  7. And you are no different then the person who hides a zombie bite. A vaccine is for herd immunity for those who can't get a vaccine for medical reasons. Let me tell you about my buddy from the preschool I volunteer at, his name is Buddy*. Buddy has had a heart transplant and has since started to reject it. He is on immunity blocking drugs and the common cold could kill him. Buddy has been isolated with his mother as he can't even risk having a family member expose him, which means the last time he hugged his father or sisters was early March. We don't get vaccines or wear a mask for ourselves, we wear a mask and get vaccinated for Buddy and everyone else like him who want to be safe but can't and are counting on us to help keep them safe. I support your right to not get vaccinated, but if you choose to not take others health seriously, then please stay home to help keep those of us safe who are trying and doing our part.
  8. Nice to see that social distancing isn't happening all while people wear their masks wrong. Can't wait till we all get locked down again. /s
  9. Well that is one possible strategy, goes against commonly held marketing beliefs and logic, guess we will see how it turns out cotton.
  10. My brother was at Disney World in late February and per his report most of the kids rides had you check in with a wrist band, and it gave you the time to come back. So they went to play until it was their turn to ride. He said they and other parents loved it and were raving about it. This was outside the FastPass stuff they had. He stated this was unlimited and they were able to use FastPass elsewhere.
  11. Exactly why the only solution is a virtual queue but doesn't look like Cedar Fair has chosen to not go that route. IMHO this is a mistake as virtual queuing is the future of amusement parks, case in point Disney was using it before the COVID-19 shut down and it was receiving rave reviews. Keep people out of cattle corrals where they can't spend money, and get them out and moving to places they can spend money, seems like common sense to me that they will pay for themselves in a short amount of time.
  12. Nope, looks like lines on the ground in the queue. But from the Worlds of Fun video it doesn't look very effective. They are good in front and behind you, but forget that you also need to worried with left and right as well.
  13. That is what I assume it to be as well but was trying to get a confirmation from an official source.
  14. What is the process for ride ques? Is Cedar Fair/ Kings Island going to use a virtual system or is the idea to try to maintain social distancing in the "cattle corals"?
  15. Be careful saying that on this site, anything not praising the park will catch flak around here. If you read the suit they filed, they said they were ready to open immediately, but here we are still waiting for them to announce a date in the future even though they have been given permission. This is nothing more then a publicity stunt and IMHO a bad decision by the park.
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