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  1. The problem with the giga (Coney Mall) over there, its suppose to be a classic area [...]


    The people of Fort Kinzel AFB disagree with that statement. Also, the people who are now 11 years into filming the action-packed finale of the upcoming blockbuster film The Southwestern Ohio Job.


    EDIT: I am told the title of the movie has since been changed to Cincinnati Kids 2: Electric Boogaloo.

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  2. NBC/Universal already has DreamWorks characters in their parks. Stateside, the only DW-based attraction is the Shrek 4D ride in Hollywood and Orlando. Outside the US, however...Singapore has two massive lands devoted to both Shrek and the Madagascar franchises, with detail rivaling that of both Disney theme parks and Universal's own Harry Potter lands:




    - Far, Far, Away castle from Shrek 2 (image via Wikipedia)




    - Madagascar Crate Adventure (image via ThemeParkGuy.com)

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    Just remember, the time frame between Diamondback and Banshee was 5 years, what you guys are predicting is a 3 year cycle for large coasters. I just honestly cannot see Kings Island purchasing a large coaster like a Giga for 2017. It would make the skyline to the right of Kings Island look packed and it would feel awkward sitting next to another B&M coaster. Sorry folks, but I'm not drinking the Kool Aid, I just can't side with this. 

    Before Diamondback in 2009, KI got coasters in 2007, and 2005. Why do you suggest that 5 years is what the delay is supposed to be between coasters? If Cedar Fair says build a coaster, they are going to build a coaster. 


    Backyard Trick Ride was a roughly $15 million-or-so dollar attraction from one management company, and Red Hot Robin was a ride relocation which cost I believe $12 million from another (someone correct me on those figures). Diamondback alone had a price tag of both prior rides combined.


    Yes, Cedar Point has a three-year gap between Gatekeeper and Valravn. Cedar Point is also the flagship of the company, so of course their idea of a "proper cycle" is considered moot (especially after the six-year drought between Maverick and Gatekeeper) and they can basically add a coaster whenever they please.

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  4. I'd like to imagine that, if a coaster will indeed roll through the Rivertown forests next Spring, it would have a minimum height requirement of 48". The previous three installs were 54" (Blaze Cardinal, Big Red Machine & Flying Purple People Eater), and the last install at 48" was 2005's Backyard Stunt Coaster (not counting Spuds' Suds the following year). We really need another coaster that everyone in the family can ride with the same amount of thrills experienced on Diamondback and The Beast.

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    Keep watching these threads. It's just a matter of time until the 10th Wonder of the World is revealed.


    Well, there are currently 9 B&M Wing Coasters (counting the one opening in China next year), so a Wing Coaster at Kings Island would be #10



    There are two wing coasters being built this year in China (Wanda City and Hot Go Dreamland), so in reality it would be the 12th Wonder of the World.

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  6. Even though I am a massive Mass Effect fan, the franchise itself isn't family-friendly, especially when compared to Plants vs. Zombies, so I do not understand why Cedar Fair would even attempt to base an attraction around it. Most of the other games you listed are the same way, such as Dragon Age, Crysis, and Dead Space (although DS could definitely work as a haunted house).


    The only games I could see working would be Mirrors Edge (which you mentioned) and the Need for Speed franchise, both of which have similarities to previous Action Theater films from the past (007: License to Thrill and Days of Thunder, respectively).

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  7. It's a giga with 8,135 ft of track. Record broken.


    That would be one expensive coaster. Remember that Fury 325 (at just over 6,600 feet) cost Carowinds a cool $30 million, and she was erected on relatively flat, un-forested terrain. Most of Rivertown's topography has more hills and valleys than what can be seen even for split seconds riding either The Beast or Diamondback.

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    I would love to see this take place of the empty box we currently have. However, Universal have the rights(at least I think?) toTWD as an attraction yearly at HHN. Only certain people know exactly what that entails but my best bet would be it's more of a hassle than it's worth. Cool idea though.



    The attraction Universal has planned (for Hollywood at least) is a permanent walk-thru haunted house, similar to what they had normally set up during Halloween Horror Nights. The Sally Corp. attraction sounds more like Six Flags' recent Justice League dark ride installs, just with creepy cadavers instead of caped crusaders.


    Speaking of which, the Flags may be the ones who will get these Walking Dead-branded attractions just so the chain isn't flooded with more DC-based rides. I don't really see the Fair opting for this, considering their gravitation towards Triotech (Iron Reef & WMG), and the brand may be too dark and mature for the company's clientele (the upcoming Mass Effect motion simulator attraction notwithstanding).

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  9. That's more than likely the reason why they chose it instead of, say, Madame Fatale's or Urgent Scare, as it requires almost zero setup for makeup and attire. It may also be because it's the most "family-friendly" maze in the park's lineup (CarnEvil being a close second with its lack of gore or otherwise graphic detail).

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  10. Coulrophobes beware:



    The scares with the strobe light and sound effects are the AATs MrBestDayEver is referring to, also known as Halloween Horror Nights' Bread & Butter scare. Because there is a literal conga line of people walking through the maze, they need a scare tactic with a super quick reset. Most of the animatronics and props seen in other haunted houses (see The Dent Schoolhouse or The Island Haunt) wouldn't work in these environments because they would be continuously running non-stop and break down more often.

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  11. If the story-line of the Fair's Amusement Dark attractions is to continue (consisting of lost worlds being discovered beneath the parks they run) and the Island is next up on the list, then they would be foolish to not utilize a former crypt-themed attraction with a giant cave entrance.

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  12. Banshee wasn't "very marketable like a giga", yet it was a big hit with the general public.


    Gatekeeper wasn't "very marketable like a giga", yet it was a big hit with the general public.


    The upcoming Valravn isn't "very marketable like a giga", yet it's on track to be a big hit with the general public.

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  13. 99% of park goers do not know nor care who manufactures a ride, and gigas are a massive hit pretty much everywhere you can find them. If you can build one with 4 rows across for increased capacity, even better.

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    If gigas are such a massive hit, why have only five coasters of that style been constructed in the sixteen years since their inception? And unless there's an exclusivity clause with the Fair (regarding Beemers), why did Six Flags decide against pulling a Batman by over-saturating the market with multiple giga installs?

  14. From my own experience, and commentary from others who I've asked for opinions, Wolf Pack wouldn't be tremendously missed if it didn't return.


    Seems to be the case with nearly half of the current lineup of Haunt attractions...


    As for the "land clearing", they've used that area to aid in leveling areas for both Diamondback and Banshee, so it would be of no surprise to see them doing the same for Project '16/'17.

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  15. Good thing Six Flags snatched up licensing rights with Tony Hawk before Cedar Fair's monopoly on everything "hawk" got out of-


    ...wait, what was that?





    [...]Six Flags also plans to de-theme the Tony Hawk Big Spin coasters at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Six Flags Over Texas, and Six Flags St. Louis, officials said[...]



    ...well, fudge.

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  16. Six Flags has a better time getting away with using the Scooby-Doo brand because of long-term rights to the Mystery Machine via Warner Bros. (who originally used to own the parks prior to 1998). Even then, only two Scooby-Doo attractions exist, with one at Fiesta Texas (Ghostblasters: Mystery of the Haunted Mansion) and the other at Parque Warner Madrid (Scooby-Doo Adventure). A third Doo-traction lies down under at Warner Bros. Movie World (Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster), but is based off the live-action film and has no shooting elements.


    Really, though, the Sally-Doo dark rides are just reskinned versions of the original Ghost Blasters dark ride design that the company is known for. That's why it was so easy for Cedar Fair to "transform" the iconic Mystery Machine into the amusement park equivalent of an unmarked gray van.


    As for the (no) shooting element, Tokyo Disneyland's Monsters Inc. Ride and Go Seek attraction is the perfect example of a more family-friendly "shooting" system, wherein guests have flashlights that interact with the environment:



    Use this system to install a Peanuts attraction where the Gang are searching for the Great Pumpkin with flashlights with hilarious hijinxs ensuing and you have a hit on your hands.

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  17. Compared to The Guardian of Wonder Mountain (at Nanook of the North's Winter Wonderland), it's a definite improvement (minus the coaster track and finale drop).


    Compared to Timber Mountain Log Ride and Calico Mine Ride's refurbishments (within the same Berry Farm as Iron Reef), not so much. 

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  18. The new soccer game is Super Goalie by Smaaash out of India.  They had this game at IAAPA in November.  It drew huge crowds to not only play, but just to watch.  It's VERY difficult to win, but it's a LOT of fun.  They're going to have a real home run on their hands.




    I also hear their upcoming chess and cricket-based carnival games will be nothing but net with the masses. ;)

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