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  1. I like the name. The track element incorporated in the logo seemed a bit like the KICentral logo. I should sue them for taking my idea! JK! Neat logo, either way!
  2. What do you think about convincing them to let me make them a shirt for this ride
  3. Okay. Here we go! In this order I have got the following ordered: Once they're gone, they're gone. But if you need an "emergency order" before I pick them up next week, I should be able to get you another one. Small: 5 Medium: 14 Large: 7 X-Large: 14 2XL: 4 3XL: 4 Paypal is: shirts@KICentral.com $25.75 Shipped For S-XL $28.75 Shipped for 2XL - 3XL Subtract $6.00 if you're picking them up opening day. Please specify your size and whether or not you're attending opening day when you place your order! Thanks, LMHConcepts (Lee)
  4. I've contacted the company. I will let you know as soon as I hear something.
  5. I'm giving people the option to do which ever they find most convenient. Is it possible I could pick up mine in Indianapolis since I live close to there? Of course you can. I live in Fishers, Indiana (Northeast of Indianapolis) Still waiting on a response from him whether or not he wants to do that. But I'm betting someone near me will be going to the park. If he doesn't come through, I know I can figure something out.
  6. By the way. The first 30 people to order their shirts get a free KICentral bumper sticker with their name on it!
  7. I can't promise anything, but I can ask if they'll do a single black one for you.
  8. That's shipping, one at a time, to you. They are light gray.We only have fourty people ordering, that's not really "quantity" in the screen-printing business. It would be cheaper if we didnt have print on both sides, but with it being on the front and the back, that's where the price comes from. Price Breakdown: $19.75/Shirt Why you may ask? **Gray T-shirts cost more to screen because of the fact that they have to do a white base layer. **Gray T-shirts cost more than white. $6.00/Shipping In regards to opening day. I have someone from the Indianapolis area that is offering to take them up the park for opening day. If that pans out, those people will not have to pay shipping. IndyGuy4KI is the one who is offering to take them over. To be perfectly honest, they would cost more, but to keep the price down to you guys, I have ordered an additional 8 for myself in order to save you guys more money.
  9. By the way. I will be ordering extra Small through X-Large just incase anyone else needs one more. As of current, we are at 39!
  10. Alrighty! Just got back from the printers. The official prices are as follows: Small - X Larger - $25.75 shipped 2XL - 3XL - $28.75 shipped These shirts are silk screened. That makes them vibrant and durable. Outlasting the digital prints we did a few years back, 10 to 1. I will be placing the order by Wednesday. I'm relying on the numbers we have above, so if anyone needs to change them (or add to your order, please let me know ASAP). Payment will most likely be Paypal. Dane & I are discussing options right now.
  11. You guessed correctly. Dane's friend. Been doing the banners/graphics for the website for quite a while, just never really keep up with forums since I'm always working.
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