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  1. And so it begins. For those of you have shown your love, passion, and support: thank you for trying to preserve an important piece of Cincinnati history. For those who of you have loved to spread your contrarian opinions for the sake of garnering attention to yourself: I congratulate you on your victory, though I’m dismayed at your ability to actively fight against the preservation of industry history on a forum dedicated to celebrating a shared love of amusement and theme parks. History will certainly look upon you comedically. The loss of Coney Island and Sunlite Pool will be detrimental to the history of Cincinnati and I hope you find peace within yourself as to not celebrate the destruction of what so many loved. For those who’d still like to fight for the park, reach out to those below:
  2. It pains me to see Sally do such incredible work while KI is stuck with Boo Blasters . So many possibilities!
  3. Sure has for me. I’ll be 32 this summer, and the vists my wife and I do typically consist of 1-3 rides, dinner, drinks, shopping, and maybe a show. We just enjoy taking in all the atmosphere. My enjoyment of the park has evolved a bit and I really love it. So, even if you’re unable to handle the same consecutive rides as you did in the past, you can still have a great time.
  4. You may also want to check out the cabins/cottages over at Camp Cedar. Really affordable, nice, and (I think) they offer a shuttle service to the park. My wife and I have stayed twice and had a great time. Plan on going back this summer. We’ve never paid more than $200 for a night. You can see more about the cabins here: https://visitcampcedar.com/cottages/ These places can sleep quite a few, so you have plenty of options! Have fun wherever you decide to stay!
  5. Hope this isn’t true. The show’s run has to come to an end eventually, but I was hoping for something of the same caliber to replace it. This sounds kinda lame.
  6. I’ve always said the same. My wife and I just got back from Orlando (Disney). But I think you can totally do 10 days if you take things slower and work in “rest” days. If you do mix in other parks it would help. But I think it’s doable. Doable is one thing. Affordability is another. Haha. 10 days is still too much for me in that regard.
  7. Totally forgot about that. What cool times. Thanks for sharing!
  8. I’m going to ride the Grand Carousel even harder this year.
  9. Definitely going to check it out!
  10. Ah, been looking to try that place. How is it? My off-season activities this year included a drip to Disney World. Just got back a few days ago, so my “itch” has been scratched a bit. I also typically dive into some RCT2 projects.
  11. What kind of hats, though? Like a fez or little boulder hat?
  12. Do you really have nothing better to do with your time than reply to every post I make in this thread? Seriously. If you have such an issue with this thread, myself, the park, and those who care to save it, then why not just stay off of this part of the forums? No one is forcing you to respond. Some people actually care and are enthusiasts of history, parks, the industry, and all that’s involved. If that’s not you, that’s fine. It costs you absolutely nothing to abstain from this conversation. We get it. You don’t care. Please stop and let the people who do want to do something have an opportunity to share their thoughts.
  13. Former ownership are cowards. They won’t say anything because their incompetence has been on full display for years. One embarrassing scenario after another. I wouldn’t expect them to say anything because they might be too stupid to know what to say. MEMI definitely deserves some blame. They’ve handled this horrendously. The extent of their communication since the purchase of the park has basically been, “change is hard, move on” which is a terrible way to treat your potential customers. Which is now having a trickle down effect on other organizations, like the CSO, who now stand to lose support. Which is tragic. But former Coney ownership are crooks. Selling 2024 season passes literally weeks leading up to the sale and then pulling the rug out from everyone. And now… silence. Again, cowards. Stupid situation that’s been years in the works. Totally avoidable. Who knows what will happen. Bricks are being torn up around the pool and then being returned to people, then they start replanting/maintains/regrowing the green space around the pool. Summerfair is forced to move and then… they’re allowed to host it at the newly renamed and unannounced “Riverbend Park.” And then, after backlash, “Riverbend Park” disappears and is replaced with “Coney Island.” To be honest, I believe we know just as much (or just as little) about the future of the site as MEMI does. They did not expect this type of negative attention and resistance from people. Their lack of communication displays that. I hope they make the right decision, but have little faith they will. Imagine announcing the largest expansion of your already-too-large collection of monopolizing music venues, only to have 23,000+ sign a petition telling you how much they hate that idea. Petitions don’t do anything, but the fact it’s been heavily promoted across social media, and circulated across online, print, and TV journalism. That’s a bad look.
  14. From Cincinnati.com: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/opinion/contributors/2024/01/26/its-time-to-boycott-memi-cso-to-save-coney-island/72317212007/?fbclid=IwAR1vsKlHh5At0S785Hffc4LBARxhWfGOMVgWhnLQhCVl3kPk0Fr5ecVkL-s_aem_AW4M5Er3yaJ0Ufe4oP1oUTm3EJHf-EHY4dfOeLnk0RTX0paZNYU0McNO-N59yDHqvOU#lrv5eim9jwmj0a60ix
  15. “Charlie Brown’s Rushing River Log Ride” sounds like a bathroom joke.
  16. Early 2000’s. I’m going to say around 2003/2004.
  17. Though previously announced to be moved to another venue, Summerfair will return to Coney Isl… er, Riverbend Park. Edit: Riverbend Park has now been changed to Coney Island per Summerfair and MEMI. Not sure if any of that is significant, but an update nonetheless:
  18. There was also, for a short time, and Indiana Jones knock off. “Secrets of the Lost Temple.” I enjoyed that one quite a bit. Wish that space was in use still. We need more dark ride/indoor attractions!
  19. They’re gonna cut an extra 50 feet from the first Orion drop to reclassify it as a hyper.
  20. As far as reaching the infamous end of service life, I’d say Invertigo. As far as new ride replacements, I feel like something has to becoming to the Boo Blasters space sooner than later.
  21. Ah, somethings happening at Fort Cooper! Haha. Good times. Hard to believe how long ago that was. Firehawk was never the best, but definitely holds a special place in my heart as it was the first big installment of my enthusiast “career” and as a member of KIC. Great episode!
  22. No wonder they have a waiting list for potential employees! They value their associates in a way that could never be expressed financially! Unbelievable!
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