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  1. 1 hour ago, cdubbs727 said:

    But I also think PT was a much more imaginative ride than people gave it credit for. The fact that someone cared enough to write a whole show about it almost 30 years later speaks to the fact that it had some real nostalgic appeal. And there were characters that people remembered...as opposed to Boo Blasters, which is just...Boocifer? 

    Spot on and well said! Couldn’t agree more. 

  2. I think the merger (should it/should it not go through) will have a serious effect on any new, major additions. That being said, Six Flags’ newer track record with dark rides is actually kind of impressive. Something like Pirates of Spleelunker Cave gives me hope that CF/SF hypothetically has the ability to create a really special updated PT or other new dark ride. 

    But do I think they will? NOPE. But between CF/SF, they have the ability to do things the right way. It’s just up in the air on whether or not they do. 

    Regarding the PT effects, a large scale Pepper’s Ghost scene featuring an entire theatre, stage, performers, balconies, and audience members/was is incredibly impressive for a seasonal park outside of Cincinnati. And to say that the effect was a “copy” of the Haunted Mansion is kind of a flawed argument. 

    1. The Haunted Mansion at the Disney parks is literally one of the top tier attractions in the history of the industry. Emulating that is a good idea. 

    2. The Pepper’s Ghost effect isn’t even a “Disney” thing. It’s been around for hundreds of years: 


    That all said… To be honest a lot of the animatronic effects weren’t that terribly intense. That’s not to say the ride experience, atmosphere, and story were weak. But many, myself included, tend to look back in time through rise colored glasses and align PT with Haunted Mansion in terms of their effects. 

    But for what PT was, it was beyond impressive in my opinion and certainly has earned its spot in the history of well beloved dark rides that really deserves to still be around, should the park have taken care of it appropriately. It was a perfectly level of tech/effects for a park like KI and there’s a reason there’s such love for it still. 

    I think one of, if not the, most major hole in the parks lineup is a great dark ride. Boo Blasters ain’t it, kids. At this point I’d be excited for any kind of dark ride update/addition. I’d love that to be PT, but like others have mentioned, it would probably be more in vein of the new Berry Tales at Knott’s. Which would be a bummer. 

    Prove me wrong, KI! 

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  3. 3 hours ago, kingsislandfan1972 said:

    Thank you! :) Also I was really thinking maybe the old (surviving) PT animatronics could be used on display in the que, for nostalgic purposes maybe not moving but they can be there just to look at. I do also like the "Happy Feet" idea.

    Love the idea! 

  4. I unfortunately think most, if not all, of the original animatronics are long gone. So that unfortunately wouldn’t be an option. 

    But I love your ideas and I’d love to see them come to fruition. I also think there’s a spot for “Happy Feet” to be incorporated into the score of a new potential PT.

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  5. And so it begins. For those of you have shown your love, passion, and support: thank you for trying to preserve an important piece of Cincinnati history.

    For those who of you have loved to spread your contrarian opinions for the sake of garnering attention to yourself: I congratulate you on your victory, though I’m dismayed at your ability to actively fight against the preservation of industry history on a forum dedicated to celebrating a shared love of amusement and theme parks. History will certainly look upon you comedically. The loss of Coney Island and Sunlite Pool will be detrimental to the history of Cincinnati and I hope you find peace within yourself as to not celebrate the destruction of what so many loved. 

    For those who’d still like to fight for the park, reach out to those below: 




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  6. Sure has for me.  I’ll be 32 this summer, and the vists my wife and I do typically consist of 1-3 rides, dinner, drinks, shopping, and maybe a show. We just enjoy taking in all the atmosphere. My enjoyment of the park has evolved a bit and I really love it. So, even if you’re unable to handle the same consecutive rides as you did in the past, you can still have a great time. 

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  7. You may also want to check out the cabins/cottages over at Camp Cedar. Really affordable, nice, and (I think) they offer a shuttle service to the park. My wife and I have stayed twice and had a great time. Plan on going back this summer. We’ve never paid more than $200 for a night. 


    You can see more about the cabins here: https://visitcampcedar.com/cottages/

    These places can sleep quite a few, so you have plenty of options! Have fun wherever you decide to stay! 

  8. On 2/9/2024 at 11:16 AM, teenageninja said:

    I don't think I could even do 10 days in Orlando, much less 10 at CP.

    I’ve always said the same. My wife and I just got back from Orlando (Disney). But I think you can totally do 10 days if you take things slower and work in “rest” days. If you do mix in other parks it would help. But I think it’s doable. 

    Doable is one thing. Affordability is another. Haha. 10 days is still too much for me in that regard. 

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  9. 16 minutes ago, BB1 said:

    It has a pretty small taproom, but the mead selection is amazing. The beer is typically solid, I enjoy their Pilsner but they have a lot of exotic beers like milkshake IPA’s that I’m not a major fan on. It’s a perk to have a brewery/meadery this side of the river and the location is close to work to stop off on Friday evenings too.

    Definitely going to check it out!

  10. 25 minutes ago, BB1 said:

    (And a few I need to go back to like Fabled) 

    Ah, been looking to try that place. How is it? 

    My off-season activities this year included a drip to Disney World. Just got back a few days ago, so my “itch” has been scratched a bit. I also typically dive into some RCT2 projects. 

  11. 3 hours ago, DispatchMaster said:

    This view made my heart drop. I know it's early in construction so things might change, but they absolutely decimated the ambiance of Race For Your Life Charlie Brown. Hopefully they'll replant a lot of trees, but not only am I not hopeful given recent budget choices, but even if they do it'll be another couple of decades before the flume will feel like a voyage through the woods. 

    Good grief. 

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  12. On 1/25/2024 at 1:00 PM, CorkscrewMcPuke said:

    I want a bunch of roaming baboons with funny, little hats to feed me blue ice cream.

    What kind of hats, though? Like a fez or little boulder hat?

  13. 23 hours ago, disco2000 said:

    23,000+ signing a petition in the Greater Cincinnati area of approximately 2.3 million people is statistically insignificant in the big picture.  No company can make 100% of the people happy.  Heck just look at this site and it appears most aren't happy with KI :P

    23,000 passholders probably wouldn't generate enough revenue to have even stayed open.

    More people from outside Greater Cincinnati will attend concerts than those from outside the area attending Coney Island. 

    A concert venue will have a bigger impact on increased revenue to the tax base, and a much bigger source of income to the local governments than a pool.  Granted the size of this would never be able to bring current day Taylor Swift, but ask Cincinnati how much her concerts here brought to the coffers of city hall ($1M), not counting all the private entities that saw a pay day from restaurants to hotels ($92M)...

    To many people this sucks.  But at the end of the day, if these people don't like it, take up a GoFundme and buy the land from MEMI.  As property owners, they have a right to do what they want on their property regardless of what others think and that includes selling it.  Further, as a citizen you have the right to not attend an event there and not give them your money.  But others will and in bigger numbers than Coney saw.

    The fact of the matter is the concert venue will do well even with a boycott and bring in far more revenue than the outcry of 23,000 people, many of which probably haven't been to Coney in years and many that are not even part of the tax base demanding the city and Anderson Township intervene....

    Do you really have nothing better to do with your time than reply to every post I make in this thread? Seriously. If you have such an issue with this thread, myself, the park, and those who care to save it, then why not just stay off of this part of the forums? No one is forcing you to respond. Some people actually care and are enthusiasts of history, parks, the industry, and all that’s involved. If that’s not you, that’s fine.

    It costs you absolutely nothing to abstain from this conversation. We get it. You don’t care. Please stop and let the people who do want to do something have an opportunity to share their thoughts.

  14. 7 hours ago, Oldiesmann said:

    And again silence from anyone who was in charge at Coney. They got their money and are all too happy to let MEMI take the blame for this.

    Former ownership are cowards. They won’t say anything because their incompetence has been on full display for years. One embarrassing scenario after another. I wouldn’t expect them to say anything because they might be too stupid to know what to say. 

    MEMI definitely deserves some blame. They’ve handled this horrendously. The extent of their communication since the purchase of the park has basically been, “change is hard, move on” which is a terrible way to treat your potential customers. Which is now having a trickle down effect on other organizations, like the CSO, who now stand to lose support. Which is tragic. 

    But former Coney ownership are crooks. Selling 2024 season passes literally weeks leading up to the sale and then pulling the rug out from everyone. And now… silence. Again, cowards. 

    Stupid situation that’s been years in the works. Totally avoidable. Who knows what will happen. Bricks are being torn up around the pool and then being returned to people, then they start replanting/maintains/regrowing the green space around the pool. Summerfair is forced to move and then… they’re allowed to host it at the newly renamed and unannounced “Riverbend Park.” And then, after backlash, “Riverbend Park” disappears and is replaced with “Coney Island.” 

    To be honest, I believe we know just as much (or just as little) about the future of the site as MEMI does. They did not expect this type of negative attention and resistance from people. Their lack of communication displays that. I hope they make the right decision, but have little faith they will.

    Imagine announcing the largest expansion of your already-too-large collection of monopolizing music venues, only to have 23,000+ sign a petition telling you how much they hate that idea. Petitions don’t do anything, but the fact it’s been heavily promoted across social media, and circulated  across online, print, and TV journalism. 

    That’s a bad look.

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  15. From Cincinnati.com: 



    MEMI, CSO must be punished with a boycott to save Coney Island | Opinion

    These business have decided that financial profits matter more than the desires of the community they operate in.

    This loss of public trust will then flow through directly to the balance sheet and income statement, exactly as it should whenever a company fails to listen to its customers.

    Despite widespread calls from the Cincinnati community to preserve Sunlite Pool and Coney Island, MEMI and CSO have willfully ignored the needs of the people through their silence and refusal to comment.

    Even after receiving multiple petitions totaling over 20,000 signatures asking to keep Coney Island open, MEMI has proven its disregard for the voices of everyday Cincinnatians by continuing on with its plans to pave over Sunlite Pool.



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