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  1. Though previously announced to be moved to another venue, Summerfair will return to Coney Isl… er, Riverbend Park. 



    Riverbend Park has now been changed to Coney Island per Summerfair and MEMI. Not sure if any of that is significant, but an update nonetheless: 


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  2. There was also, for a short time, and Indiana Jones knock off. “Secrets of the Lost Temple.” I enjoyed that one quite a bit. Wish that space was in use still. We need more dark ride/indoor attractions! 

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  3. 26 minutes ago, Taylor.B03 said:

    2024 is the year of the budget cut. Hours, PR (though it happened mid 23), Ambassadors, Events, Hourly pay. What's next?

    They’re gonna cut an extra 50 feet from the first  Orion drop to reclassify it as a hyper. 

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  4. Ah, somethings happening at Fort Cooper! Haha. Good times. Hard to believe how long ago that was. Firehawk was never the best, but definitely holds a special place in my heart as it was the first big installment of my enthusiast “career” and as a member of KIC. Great episode! 

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  5. 2 hours ago, disco2000 said:

    Did anyone complaining apply for the open position when it was posted?

    Anyone in the marketing industry who is familiar with the content they have recently produced would have no desire to apply for the position. Like the Camp Snoopy construction update “video” from the last day or so. Ha. 

    If you have a lackluster dinner at a restaurant and you have legitimate complaints about the experience, should we expect you to apply to be the new head chef? 

    Such a tremendously flawed argument that’s thrown around too much. 

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  6. Noasterstock 2024! 

    So, who actually thinks the event will happen in 2025? 

    The park doesn’t owe anyone anything, but this comes across as a slap in the face to many. It could’ve been a perfect opportunity to make a kind gesture to the enthusiast community that could’ve done wonders to repair the strained relationship between this/other communities. 

    Event aside, I’m just knocked out by the complete display of incompetence from Cha… er, The “Kings Island Team.” I work in a similar role/field and the type content and actions displayed would probably get me fired. 

    Just a bad look, dude. KI has the ability to do much better. And I know they will. I love the place and hate to be so aggressively negative especially after they’ve done so much, so well the last few seasons. Pretty disappointing. 

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  7. Couldn’t agree more! That era where the Nick and Hannah Barbara characters coexisted was pretty special. While I wouldn’t want the park to go “full Six Flags” when it comes to IP integration, but I’d love to see more characters utilized throughout the park. 

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  8. 16 hours ago, kingsislandfan1972 said:

    It's 2024, I'm surprised Boo Blasters is still around since I made this post in 2018, fingers crossed something new is coming within this decade.

    Fingers crossed it happens in the next two years. It’s waaaaaay overdue for an overhaul. The ride looks pretty terrible (effects, guns, etc.) and the park could do incredible things with that space. 

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  9. More info for those with unusable gift cards: 



    In an update, park officials said those with outstanding Coney Island gift card balances can attend an event at the park on Saturday, Jan. 20 to redeem balances for merch or get a refund.

    The event is not open to the public, just those with outstanding balances. Gift card holders will be required to show their gift cards for entry.


    And an incredible and honest opinion piece from the Cincinnati.com: 




    The news that Coney Island was closing permanentlyhit me like a gut punch. As most Cincinnatians know, Coney Island and Sunlite Pool have been a part of the fabric and character of this city − a place that helps to make Cincinnati wonderful − for 137 years.

    I heard initially that some development corporation had purchased Coney Island to develop the property into who-knows-what − pricey housing, an upscale shopping venue, or perhaps a deluxe entertainment complex. That would have been no surprise since development corporations often build whatever they think will make them money without any regard to what's really important to Cincinnati or its people.

    Who owns Coney Island?What to know about water park's closure

    When I learned the truth that the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra − another institution that is part of the fabric of the city − was behind Coney Island's closing, that gut punch hurt so much worse. Really? The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra? The symphony has been a part of the Cincinnati arts scene for 128 years, and CSO officials should understand better than most what losing a cultural gem that has entertained generations would mean to the community.


    Boycotts are being organized and the funds for a documentary are quickly being raised. Regardless of certain questionable opinions, people do, in fact, care for the history of the park and Cincinnati and would like to see it saved. Those online, across news sites, and social media justifying and/or celebrating the closure of the park are in an embarrassing minority. 

    Here’s to hoping for a brighter future. 

  10. 29 minutes ago, DiamondbackFan said:

    Your profile location says Northern Kentucky.  How are elected officials in Cincinnati your city officials?

    Yeah, and my AIM screen name from 2008 was on my profile until not that long ago. Doesn’t mean that it was up to date. 

    Get a life and quit being a creep. You don’t know where I live and it wouldn’t be any of your business anyway. 

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