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  1. I’m going to do a Tower Topics on this show, so I’m going to hold my opinion for the next few days; however, I would love to hear what you think?


    Did you enjoy the show?

    Did it live up to your expectations?

    Would you like to see it come back?

    I am interested in your thoughts. 

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  2. 23 hours ago, DispatchMaster said:

    I think you wildly overestimate how much profit they make on events like these. The ERT alone requires ~14 ride-hours of operation, with several employees staffed at each ride, all on overtime rates.

    LOL, well it's clear you don't have an axe to grind or anything. But out of silly curiosity, what are all those "countless other times"?

    Tony being dismissive of a rude jackass doesn't make the company look bad, as evidenced by the hundreds of folks cheering at the guy being chased out of there during his tirade.

    The official CP Twitter account has ~8 times as many followers as Tony does, so this strikes me as nonsensical as the other anti-Tony hysteria in your post.

    No axe to grind. Only met the guy once in passing over a decade ago.

    Once again, I’m not saying this specific exchange would have him escorted off premises. I’m saying that he has a long history of talking down to guests, coworkers, the media, etc. that wouldn’t fly with any other company. I know that the standards there are pretty low, considering the one who feeds you lines can get away with saying that guests concerns are, “as adorable as they are predictable.” Like I said, he wouldn’t make it a month working as a cashier at a Dollar Tree with the way he acts. 

    I am in no way justifying the way that the guest acted. He was way out of line. But I feel this was a symptom of that dude’s relationship with the guests. Could you fathom something like this happening at Holiday World? Dollywood? Kentucky Kingdom? I couldn’t. Of course, their relationship with their guests is honest and not averse. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, DispatchMaster said:

    This seems overly dramatic, to say the least. What did Tony say that was out of line? 

    I don't. CM tickets cost, what, $50? And for that guests got:

    • 1.5 hrs ERT on GK and MF
    • 2.5 hrs ERT on Magnum
    • 1 hr ERT on Blue Streak, Raptor, and Valravn
    • 2 hr tour of back-of-house ops
    • Dinner
    • 1 hr Q&A
    • 1 hr ERT on Gemini (and the kid coasters)
    • 1.5+ hrs ERT on Steel Vengeance and Maverick

    So, even if we omit concurrent ERT, people still got ~5 hrs of ERT on various coasters around the park, a backstage tour, and dinner. Sure, it's a bummer that the cruise was cancelled, but the event was still objectively a tremendous value! 

    The question was (paraphrased): I understand why we can’t do the boat tours, but couldn’t we do something else instead?

    The answer: The waves were too high so no tours. End of story. 

    This is in addition to the countless other times he’s been rude to guests who have honest questions. 

    I’ve worked in many low level jobs for retailers, fast food, etc, through high school and college. I’ve seen managers let go for half of what that guy has done, especially since coming back to the company. It’s very damaging to the shield.

    I’m not saying he would have been escorted off the premises after this spat, but what I am saying is that he would last about a month as a manager of a Sears. You can only make the company look bad so many times before the tolerance is lost. 

    My theory is that there are two reasons why he survives acting like this:

    1. As you have exposed to all of us, we know how some within the ranks feel about the guests

    2. If he left, he’d take his X followers with him


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  4. On 6/4/2024 at 7:20 PM, Tr0y said:

    For the first time this season The French Corner was open when I visited. Best believe at 86 degrees outside that I finally redeem a coffee with my drink plus plan.

    There are two options. I opted to get the French Roast. It isn’t Starbucks, but caffeine is always good. Their is half and half, sugar and or sweeteners to add at your discretion.


    They also have coffee in Graeter’s. I had it there, although they only had sugar to put in it. It would be nice if they had more options for creamers and so on if this aspect of the drink plan takes off. 

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  5. That dude was definitely a jerk and was out of line.

    But to be clear, if Tony worked for any other company and talked down to his clients the way he did here, he’d be on the unemployment line the next day.

    I’m embarrassed for both the enthusiast community and Cedar Fair.

    Of course, knowing what other people within the ranks say about you: the guests, I’d say his behavior is as adorable as it is predictable. 

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  6. 8 minutes ago, brenthodge said:

    And wasn’t the tasting card cut last year? Or was that for tricks and treats?  

    They had it for Grand Carnivale. They had special food for Tricks and Treats but a lot was on the meal plan. The last year they had it for T&T it was astonishingly expensive. 

  7. 14 hours ago, brenthodge said:

    In “fairness” I had conversation with Koontz last year  during Carnivale expressing my appreciation, yet disappointment with the state of the event. He said it’s a conversation they’ve had many times with corporate live entertainment where they come out of the gate with all the bells and whistles, throw it all out there to see what sticks, and have way more than will be sustainable in the long run when it becomes the individual park’s responsibility to run the event with a positive ROI in the future years. KI being one of the first “test” parks you really feel the cuts more than those that come on line in later years with nothing to compare it to. 

    Yeah, I remember you posting about that. While I do understand the sequence of events, I still don’t think it makes much sense from a guest perspective. From the eyes of the lay person, all of Kings Island’s events get a little less spectacular every year. It’s going to make sustainability much harder as time goes on. This is especially true for a season pass-heavy park like KI where their goal is to promote spending within the park during these events. My fear would be the mentality of, “we did the tasting card last year. We don’t need to do it this year.” since things, especially the food, have been stagnant at best in a lot of ways. 

  8. On 6/7/2024 at 10:42 PM, brenthodge said:

    Looks great, but it’s more like a Wine and snack mini festival. I think calling it a “food festival “ is a bit of a stretch. The entertainment seems great and the decor looks very well done. It reducing the days results in a stronger event I’m all for it. I’d even be ok with Carnivale only on weekends if it wasn’t as thin and lane as last year. 

    Carnivale went from:

    - Opening ceremony, parade, walk around characters and entertainment around the park with several countries represented


    - Opening ceremony, parade, walk around characters and entertainment on the bandstand


    - Opening ceremony quickly followed by the parade 

    If this event returns, I’d imagine it’ll follow the same tract. 

  9. On 5/28/2024 at 11:48 AM, CoastersRZ said:

    Are they definitely going to be installing a parking garage?  I don`t know how they intend to keep Lake Como and not have a parking garage.  As it is, they already sometimes have to utilize parking from Belterra Park.  

    It is really a shame, the down fall of Coney.  The lack of investment in the park the last several years (even before the rides were removed) meant the writing was on the wall.  The place had so much potential, if someone had invested in the place properly and make wise investment decisions.  They never really did try and build on the foot traffic that was traveling through the park grounds everytime there was a concert.  I will always cherish my memories from working there over 20 seasons.

    I do know that Tom Rhein, who used to be the guy in charge of food service/Riverbend concessions is now working for the concession company that is operating the food stands at Riverbend.  He was a good historian on Coney`s history.


    Definitely? No. Someone I know who works at Riverbend told me that. It sounds logical. 

  10. 9 hours ago, DispatchMaster said:

    This seems most likely, given that the ride was testing for a couple nights, after which all activity stopped and there's been no testing since.

    I think, considering the wheel bogies were prototypes, and didn't fix the issue, there was no use in removing them. Presumably there were sensors affixed to them that gave them all the info they needed.

    Bummer for CM, but in a few seasons this will all be a distant memory.

    Unfortunately, it is likely that you are correct. Hopefully once this is resolved, I hope it’s a fix for good, not a recurring thing. 

  11. A couple of possibilities with this “no announcement announcement:”

    - “We know you know it’s testing. Don’t read too much into that.”

    - “This ride will not be open for Coastermania.”

    - “The fix didn’t have the desired results.”

    For the sake of both Cedar Point and Zamperla, I hope it opens soon. Additionally, for the same reason, I hope this doesn’t happen again. 

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  12. 19 hours ago, Stoan said:

    Oh mang, speaking of little things that would have been cool for a "camp" effect. Opening "wke-up" Bugle when the ride first open each day, camp announcement with Lunch and Dinner bells, and a "Lights Out" announcement for last rides.

    As for "Good Gravy", we actually just went to Holiday World for their opening weekend and I had this conversation with my kids. I think everything except the ride itself on Good Gravy is better, the ride for SSBR is probably marginal win. They are very similar rides to me, but the hump on the end spike is great and seals the deal for me.

    Yeah, that’s kind of how I felt. I think SBR is the better ride, but the overall experience with Good Gravy! is miles ahead.

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  13. 11 hours ago, Tr0y said:

    Have you ridden TT2?

    Nope, and it doesn’t sound like I’ll have the opportunity to anytime soon.:D

    TT2 is really the only reason why I’m keeping the door open for the APP. Loved TTD, so I imagine I’ll really enjoy this. The temptation is there, but as of this writing, no plans to go. 

    To further clarify, I’m not saying CF is a sub-par experience. I enjoy doing all aspects of parks when I visit… rides, shows, food, etc. If things aren’t going to be open all day, theaters are dark a lot of the year, etc etc etc, it just seems like this isn’t the year. 

    With that being said, there are some aspects of this season at KI that are particularly buoyant. “Under The Stars” and “Country Crossroads” are both amazing! 

    The reason why I mentioned Dollywood in the original post was because, if I chose to travel, I would have to decide between visiting a chain that is going through a rough transition - often at the expense of the experience - vs a park that is firing on all cylinders more than ever. 

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  14. 4 hours ago, BeeastFarmer said:

    I'm curious too.  @BoddaH1994, if I remember correctly, you said in the podcast that you were going to buy your pass at another cedar park.

    So, if you buy your pass at, say Carowinds (either in person or online) but you go only to ki and CP with this pass, do you get zero pass perks?  Are pass perks tied to the park you purchased from?  Or would you get pass perks at ki and or CP?

    No, I bought mine from KI. I don’t even have the APP. Might add it if I decide to go to CP or something, this summer, but no plans now. Not terribly tempted to go to other CF parks for a mid-level experience when I have Dollywood four hours down the road. 

  15. 14 hours ago, Tr0y said:

    I'm curious if some of these pass perks are park specific or chain wide? Any non-KI passholder can chime in on this?

    King's Island seems busier this season than last.

    That, I’m not sure. Another red flag is that they went from marketing the Gold Pass to the Silver Pass, which is their contingency plan for failing pass sales. On top of that, they’ve extended the “sale” an unprecedented amount of times. 

    Granted, I could be wrong about attendance struggles; however, I think no matter where they stand now compared to last year, they desperately need a lot more people through those turnstiles for one reason or another. 


  16. 4 hours ago, brenthodge said:

    Night lighting package looks nice for BSAcres. Subtle shifts that look like a sunset. Franklin is placed too close to the edge in his tower. There are three lights installed seemingly just to illuminate him and he’s so far in front of them they do nothing but create a strong backlight that makes him hard to see. How hard is this stuff? Entry along log ride really dark. Wish they hadn’t taken out the footers from the old signs, but used them to mount posts for string lights, and use added and existing lighting from Winterfest to project “light through the trees” to make that darker entry feel more immersive. Even if the overhead string lights twinkled like fireflies. Purple metal wall had nothing done to it. Would’ve been easy to repaint and add false “dorm doors” with lights above them with characters names on them as “campers” again… not a super expensive way to bring more to the area.  

    I saw the “sunset” effect. I was also told that at 10:00, the lights go to blue to reflect “lights out/night time.” Very cool!!

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