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  1. I’m not sure what the original poster’s intentions were, but here are my thoughts: I agree that normally simply asking for a different burger would be ideal, but she never claimed that she didn’t get to eat, got sick, walked away hungry, etc. Her point was that if you’re going to charge $25 for a burger, the least you can do is cook it so it’s not raw. Was this a warning to others? A vent of frustration? Malicious intent? Who knows? You have to shop out of others’ pockets sometimes. $25 CAD is about $18 USD. If you bought an $18 burger outside of the park, and after the sticker shock, it came out raw, what would your reaction be? I imagine many would be baffled as to how such a big mistake could be made when charging those prices. The typical consumer doesn’t sympathize with “theme park prices.” Especially in this world where everyone is extremely price sensitive, charging a premium for a sub-part product ain’t gonna fly. I do think this was an honest mistake. I also think that her reaction was a bit knee-jerk. I also think that her being upset first rather than wanting to take it upon herself to fix it is not the reaction that many people would have. Unfortunately, articles like this a VERY damaging to the park. Not so much the, “don’t buy a burger there. They undercook them.” Reaction, but things like this:
  2. I’m going to hold a lot of my opinions for Tower Topics, but some feedback I got was that parents didn’t like how there was no seating in Beagle Scout Acres. Fortunately, that’s an easy fix.
  3. Sandusky Register: https://sanduskyregister.com/news/521647/camp-snoopy-debuts-at-cedar-fair-park/ “Looking for thrills and family fun over Memorial Day weekend? With Top Thrill 2 closed for the foreseeable future at Cedar Point, don't fret.”
  4. WLWT: Snoopy Sneak Peak: Expanded Planet Snoopy area opening at Kings Island this weekend https://www.wlwt.com/article/kings-island-cincinnati-planet-snoopy-new-area-roller-coaster/60880856?
  5. From the iTPS newsletter. If you’re going to charge these prices in a tough economy, it better be close to perfect, let alone acceptable. https://www.blogto.com/eat_drink/2024/05/video-raw-25-burger-canadas-wonderland/
  6. I think that it’s also worth noting that, at least according to Coke, this way of creating the drinks makes the taste “fresher” than they do out of a normal fountain… or even a can or bottle. Can you taste the difference? I feel like I can. I’m a big Coke Zero guy. Out of a normal fountain it’s drinkable, but out of a freestyle it’s delicious.
  7. Although true, I’d bet they had a big cost/benefit conversation about this one since he’s a public figure.
  8. https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/before-the-thrills-kings-islands-coasters-get-layers-of-inspections-including-a-daily-walk-through?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR3sSnsPbFCyuaaBaizlAhhHD4vukWZ9lhwKo3eOXcIz2vqV2yk-OhIONoA_aem_AavYC69QaB_HjenuIsBXyl6i1_gUNG8TFLp_fsQyg9lZsi-vp5Y4ouQlmzp4f0ZGVGo-2qkvHDCpeAkwXce-ex-s
  9. I’m kinda glad they do this. I’d be soooo tempted to spoil it for myself.
  10. Since they announced TG closing and the event just a few hours later, I almost wonder if they feared that speculation was getting out of hand and pulled the trigger on it a little early
  11. I can think of one person who will exclaim that this one is the best
  12. Maybe on here, but the average public wouldn’t bat an eye at it being closed. Hence, this is essentially an announcement of an announcement for all intents and purposes. Im not sure if this is a great example of transparency, given the context.
  13. No, I’m saying that it would be absurd to think that someone would do that and/or make that argument. So, for example, if they were going to close Orion for some reason, it would constitute a post like this, but TG isn’t exactly an attraction that sells tickets. That’s why I’m pretty certain that this is intentional as a teaser for something rather than an FYI. Sorry if I wasn’t clear with my post.
  14. Someone else suggested the ACE event being part of it, but I think that would be a level of foolish that event this current comms team couldn’t accomplish. You gonna Tweet out to hundreds of thousands of people about an event where 750 are invited? Do you think they’re going to get a long line at guest services of people demanding refunds because they drove three hours to check out Tower Gardens? Tower Gardens closes for a big part of the summer for Haunt and Winterfest prep. Do you see messaging like this for that? This post was intended to stir up speculation and interest. What’s delivered remains to be seen.
  15. More anniversary products that look AWESOME. Unfortunately I only had the foresight to take a picture of one item.
  16. https://www.wvxu.org/media/2024-05-02/evan-millward-jasmine-styles-leaving-wcpo-tv-tvkiese? I’m not saying that he would make a really good PR guy for KI, but….
  17. Don and I discussed what this may mean to KI on the latest Tower Topics: https://linktr.ee/towertopics
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